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  1. Coldplay’s brand new single, Higher Power, has today been confirmed for release on Friday, May 7 via Parlophone / Atlantic. Said Coldplay on Twitter: “Higher Power is a song that arrived on a little keyboard and a bathroom sink at the start of 2020. It was produced by Max Martin who is a true wonder of the universe. It’s out on Friday 7 May. Love c, g, w & j” The announcement confirms fan rumors that have circulated since last week, when cryptic billboards around the world pointed to a mysterious website called alienradio.fm. Fans managed to deciph
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  2. It seems Coldplay are finally making a comeback as new music is teased through 'Alien Radio FM'. Coldplay are no stranger to unique album marketing methods, most notably, Everyday Life being teased through letters sent to fans and newspaper ads. However, the band's latest venture has been teased through alienradio.fm, a website resembling a radio scanner where the user moves their mouse cursor across the page to tune into different frequencies. Around 17 'stations' have been discovered so far, each playing an audio clip read in different languages. Coldplaying and ColdplayXtra d
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