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  1. Just noticed on Coldplay's YouTube channel they have a basic game you can play, they want folks to finish it so we can collectively repair the Alien Radio. Saw some Easter eggs already... found this on the 2nd level. It's the poster from the documentary
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  2. Coloratura is a planetary nebula, which means, in scientific terms, that it leads to new systems or even galaxies. So, Coloratura might be the gateway for new songs! (I hope).
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  3. Although X&Y is great album, songwriting is very strong throughout the album and Chris has a lot to say lyrically, I feel like there isn't much enjoyment shining through it (which was the actual case as we know). It almost feels like the ideas and the sounds were forced out and creatively doing a favour for someone else. Chris' singing on it and all band kind of starts sounding monotone very soon for me. It's very catchy, but it wears out and begs for change. It goes in a pattern of fast song->slow song->fast song... until at some point it kind of gets all samey. Luckily there is Til
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  4. That's a superb observation, thanks for mentioning it. I would've forgotten that detail. I just hope for the 2nd volume Coldplay releases whatever plans they had for the Aurora planet song or musical mofitive piece... (I'm not entirely sure).
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  5. Good conversation and definitely appreciate everyone's thoughts! It's true that basically no Coldplay album is truly conceptual except maybe Ghost Stories. MX also was more understandable after they released the comic book, but that was really only for big fans to dive into deeper. Perhaps with more Volumes and videos we'll get a bit more clarity on the themes behind MOTS. I think the issue I have overall is how MOTS was marketed so heavily as a space album. I've almost forgotten that Alien Radio had different clips from around the world, featuring really interesting ideas and themes --
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