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    I don't know what to expect to be honest but I truly think we are getting an album or a side project of re-worked and previously unreleased material. With Chris mentioning UATW and UFO along with the recent trademarks, I don't think it's too unreasonable. As stated in this thread, just because they can't tour currently, doesn't mean they won't release an album. However I don't think they will release a mainstream album and then tour it 1-3 years later. Just doesn't make sense to me. I think they are going to give us new/remastered music to tide us over until LP10 (also a nice number to start fresh with) comes in 2021/2022. They have also said that the first 7 albums are almost like a book with AHFOD being the last chapter. EL was a surprise and LP9 will be as well. I don't think they are following conventional Coldplay standards/patterns anymore, so releasing a album/project with remastered/reworked and unreleased material makes total sense. They said they would be full of surprises from now on and that definitely would be a surprise. I would never expect them to do something like that.
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    Here it is. They planned to play it on Glastonbury 2011. Also it says L.I.A.L.D. or T. K. Come. That means it could be an acoustic song and guitar richment in the song supports this theory. Another things are Car Kids after Charlie Brown and the last song. They first planned to play Moving to Mars but then decided to Up with the Birds. But then they changed their mind again and decided to play ETIAW. Also i know that they planned Moving to Mars to be the last song on the album instead of Up with the Birds. Coldplay has a thing that they play album opener as concert opener and album closer as concert closer so maybe that's why they planned Moving to Mars and Up with the Birds in this setlist.
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    Coldplay always tries to surprise us. So if we expect something i'm sure it won't happen when we expect it 😄
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    You are exactly right. Phil knew we caught on fast to the videos they were posting to their IG...
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    The trick is to not ever expect anything. Then you don't end up disappointed (and if anything ever does happen it's a nice surprise!)
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    Here is a new 5.1 breakdown i made. This one is from a portion of Magic from the SNL 2014 gigs. Really worth a listen even though it may sound novel. Sounds pretty good especially when the acoustic guitar kicks in. Something to note is that the vocal reverb track playing in the background isn't the same as what Chris actually sung and is some sort of pre-recorded backing vocals. We don't have stems for the song and I think it sounds pretty good! magic5.1.mp3
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    I hope so. I hope there’s something official 5/11/20 (November 5th) this could mean something right ?
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    Well, im not new but hello again! Been a while. hope you are all doing fine
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    lol at the ppl online hating on Coldplay for getting the nomination. if the leading arguement you bring to the table is to tear down the other side instead of building your own side, then maybe your side just aint that good son.
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    Took me some time to figure out all the lyrics, they might be not all correct.
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    Only god knows where did the Wedding Album go. Hoping that in MOTS we could hear some MX reworked songs. I would die if four of them decide to put Love In A Lethal Dose into the LP9!
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    By the way, I keep wondering if the chimy synth pad you can hear in the background of Lethal Drug is the same as the one used in Birds. It sounds like the same pad to me!
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    Impeccable taste you have there!
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    Cool images there, can't say I've seen them, but I have a few of these.
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    I agree. If they can't tour they will want an album which they don't have to tour and a rework album fits in it well.
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    Studio for sure. I tried to find the video but the actual account is gone too, they had heaps of videos with unreleased Coldplay content such as The Race and Legends snippets. But they’re all gone so maybe WMG got on to them. I regret not resharing the possible Car Kids video, maybe I didn’t think much of it at the time.
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    Its great to see proof that Charlie Brown and Car Kids are separate songs... :D Also this means LIALD has a MX version!!! Wow!
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    For some reason I hadn't got any notifications for this topic in ages, I thought it stopped being active and then I came back here today and see I've missed so many posts! 😝 Just wanted to say it's only November but I've already started listening to @I ran away's Coldplay Christmas Playlist from years ago!
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    It really is a beautiful song, I just listened to it after a long long time! I missed it!
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    Cool! There are indeed pre-recorded backing vocals that are a 3rd ABOVE what Chris sings live. There's a small handful of songs where instead of Will (or Jonny/Guy) singing in addition, there's some pre-recorded Chris. Lost is an example of this if you listen to the 2nd verse... ...and another funny minute detail - this is one of very few Lost performances where Chris sits the whole time to play the organ / piano parts (minus a handful of acoustic performances) where in most performances he's standing and dancing.
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    I wonder what was wp01_03 wp16_03 wp19_03 if you know what I mean at least I am missing them if they ever existed.
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    This is so true, and if you listen to this live version of Army of One you'll probably hear all the electric guitar lines you never know were there, including in the album version!! Another fun thing about their handful of Army of One performances - Guy plays a sample pad (like Will), and I think he's using it to trigger the bass noise but possibly also some of the synths. Will is playing drums and some of Chris's vocal samples. You can see Will adding some extra vocal layers at the quiet bit of the bridge at 2:50.
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    After installing Spotify on your laptop or computer. To check the current amount of streams of a song just look at the right side of the screen. Just hold your cursor above the little lines and it will display how many streams the song has. I made a screenshot of it, it'll look like this:
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    When did you see that video? Is it recent or old?
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    Welcome to the forum 🙂
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    I do hope that this song is on the next album, I love it.
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    This song was actually named Love In A Lethal Dose in MX era, but somehow it changed into Lethal Drug when handed to Avicii.
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    You right, this might be a new version of Ode to Deodorant for LP9 i can tell 🤔
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    Well in my theory, some MX songs eventually turned into AHFOD songs, colourful theme. Like Chirs would often do, write songs and then hide them for a couple of years. Chris do like the word Bird, Silver Bird or Up With The Birds etc. But anyway there's no strong evidence showing Birds was written in MX era.
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    Very cool! I'd totally forgotten about this. That intro is pure bliss to me. MX is Coldplay's most fascinating album imo because it has such a weird, unique, colorful undertones to each track but they made some choices to bury those instrumentals under melody driven pop music. The MX instrumentals/reprises you can find on youtube are so frigging cool. I PRAY that one day this album gets a re-release with demos and alternate versions like this one above. I think critics never realized how unique this record was.
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    Wow, looked it up and never heard it before! I don't have an original file but in the worst case you can rip it from here:
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    Even though there's still a boatload of time till both deadlines, November 29, 2020 (CET) and December 20, 2020 (CET), I've already created and come up with my own mixtape "what if we... in the future" which I'll share with you soon (Keep an eye on the introductory post!). In addition, keep in mind that this is the only one being shared for everyone until December 21 before you can finally post reviews and download links of your respective mixtapes. After November 29 you're going to receive a direct message with the name of the person who you will be supposed to make a mixtape for. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the songs which I've put together. I'm looking forward to your reviews, reactions, opinions, thoughts, guesses, comments, conclusions etc. Have fun! Once again, remember that "what if we... in the future" is the only mixtape being shared for everybody to hear, guess and review by December 20.
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    Hi all! Some days (weeks) ago, Coldplay released a new official store: https://eustore.coldplay.com/ I dont know if I am the only one, but I cant open. It allways dont work for me. Do you have the same problem? I have asked to friends (all in Spain) ans the say the same: the page doesnt work. It is a quite strange, isnt it? thanks and greetings
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    Welcome to the forum!
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    This is an idea that came to my mind spontaneously. I thought it might be fun to start a new topic with this as subject: details from a Coldplay performance, share you observations! I wanted to start a a topic where people can share their observations and (even the smallest things) things they noticed anywhere at a performance of a certain song, performance for a show or live TV, or a full Coldplay gig (perhaps were you there?). Even the smallest thing you like to share and talk about are welcome!!! Maybe if more people find your post interesting enough, there will be some kind of discussion about! You can share anything about any detail you have ever noticed and want to talk about or discuss with others here! I'm waiting! Let's talk about some interesting things (new and old) you might have noticed at a certain song performance, television performance, a full Coldplay gig, anything!
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    I'm glad that you want to take part in this event! I'll add you to the list of participants right away. Yes, you're guessing right. It will be best if you use the mp3 format.
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    Well it’s been 3 days here since the full moon and it’s November 1st so is there any official news about LP9 just yet
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    Ohhh I got it. Sorry for the exaltation. I didn't know about that. I found it curious that it appeared on the same site. Cause it's the same website where they leaked the lyrica of The Race 😅
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    Hey there! I saved a few pictures and stuff during the viva era. Hopefully these are the ones you were looking for!??? let me know all images taken from coldplay´s homepage.
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    This was such a surprise from the band! They don't know how lovely they are!!!
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    Phil said long before COVID that the band wouldn’t be touring until 2021 at the earliest, right? Personally I would love to see this happen, and would be willing to travel abroad and self isolate etc. to see them live again..
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    lmao it's "where Victorian ghosts pray/for their curses to be broken" 😄
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    here's the center vocal mix of Fix You from that gig. They also turned up Will in the choruses. Still one of my fav performances of the song especially on the choruses but maybe it's just the vocal processing... center fix you canada 2006.mp3
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    There was a time I watched this video every morning in a TV music channel of my country... it was one of the reasons why I started being a huge fan of Coldplay :)
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    Fucking In Heaven by FATBOY SLIM

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