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    Just catching up now, and generally, same old Coldplay fan (over) reactions. To put my own opinions out there though, no I dont like this song, and I dont like this direction. But that's fine because a) its not even listed as 'Coldplay' b) its for charity, so who tf cares, as long as someone else likes it and will buy the music for charity. But again, its typical at this point. It's like we've made up our minds whether we like something or not BEFORE even hearing it or without trying to reason with ourselves and realize, hey, this isn't even actually Coldplay. I did read the whole thread quickly, but something I want to repeat (because it was a good point), why do ppl still think this pop direction is purely Chris's fault? I would imagine if you watched the documentary it would be clear that it is not. I get when you're upset, you try to justify what you're feeling. But at least justify it by realizing it isn't Chris who changed, they all changed. The band you loved before might not be the same band today. It's unfortunate, and I get why it sucks. I still prefer the pre-pop stylings myself. But blaming Chris is not the right answer. Listen, if this was LP8, totally different story, but its clearly not, so lets chill and hope it does well for charity.
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    I wanted to write about this so people have an idea of what the experience is like! I was so honoured to do the intro video for the first show in Toronto, and receive a tour of the b-stage from Ben before the show. Here's how it happened. It's been my absolute dream to do the intro video on this tour so I wanted to try my best to be chosen for this show. I work about 2 minutes away from the Rogers Centre and got off at about 12:30. Then I decked out into my Chris Martin outfit and headed for the Rogers Centre. It was HOT - so hot I didn't think I would be able to wait for so long in the heat. I went by the tour buses/trucks but there were no other fans waiting there, so I decided to walk around the stadium a couple times. There were a few fans but most of them were just there to buy merch early - not many were there to actually wait for the show. On my second or third round I got talking to a couple fans from Newfoundland who said they liked my outfit. When all of a sudden - I saw Ben. At first I wasn't sure if it was him as I could only see from behind. He was looking for fans but found no one, and was walking back to the tour buses. I tried to catch up with him and yelled "hey Ben!" but he didn't hear and crossed the road. He went behind the fence and got on his golf cart to go backstage, when I crossed the road and suddenly made eye contact with him. He did a double-take and I started to walk away so it didn't look like I was trying to get his attention (I was). Then out of the corner of my eye, I see him u-turn the golf cart and get off. It was at this point that I knew my dream was about to come true. He comes and shakes my hand. He's a very tall man and also smells very good. The conversation went something like this: Ben: Hey man, what's your name where are you from? Me: I'm Rhys and I'm from Toronto! Ben: Big Coldplay fan? Me: Yeah, tonight is my fourth time seeing them and tomorrow my fifth. Ben: .....do you know about the intro video? Me: Oh my god yes I would be so honoured. He then tells me to meet him in an hour by the tour buses. He said to me that he didn't see many fans around the stadium, and wanted to see if he could find anyone in an hour. So then he leaves me to go backstage and I'm sitting there like omg this is happening. About a half hour later I walked over to the aquarium to use the toilet, and on the way back I see Ben chilling by a gate. He comes and walks with me back to the tour buses and we just have a normal conversation like we're friends. We talked about where we're from and what his role is in the band etc. You know just casually walking around with someone that works for my favourite band. Then when we get back to the buses we see someone else waiting who was a big fan and Ben enlisted him for the video as well (his name was Jeremy really nice guy). He gives us both backstage wristbands and all of a sudden we're on a golf cart heading underneath the Rogers Centre. We zoom past all the backstage rooms until we're in the actual empty stadium. All the roadies are sitting down watching the solar eclipse being broadcast on the jumbotron, us and Ben casually chat to them which was so weird, they didn’t welcome us or anything but instead they were just treating us like normal people that they knew. Ben then says to us, “would you like to come on the b-stage?” He unlocks the barrier and I walk up the stairs to the b-stage. Ben shows us the markings where the piano and equipment go, and then takes pics of us standing on the runway. This moment was just too unreal for me and I couldn’t believe it was happening. He showed us a few secret parts of the setup - did you know that the floor on the runway has springs underneath that help Chris jump? We then hop back on the golf cart and head for the friends and family room. When Ben walked us into the room he said, “The Friends and Family room, because we’re all friends and family” :blush: We go in and see the backdrop already set up, and Ben and another roadie work out the lighting. Then Ben showed us two previous intro videos on his laptop as an example (Cleveland and New York, well done). Then we had to come up with what we had to say for the video. This was the really awkward part. We had to come up with two Coldplay puns to use and we ended up using “we’re here under a sky full of stars” and “under the sun and it’s eclipse” (from SJLT, as it was the day of the solar eclipse). We filmed the video in four takes and Ben was super patient with us which was great. Then we filmed the “sending love” video to the next city which at the time was Houston, but that show was cancelled after. Our video was still used at the Miami show with my voice changed to sound like I was saying “sending love to Miami”. :laughing: Ben looked over the video there although we didn’t get to see it until the actual show. Then we returned in the golf cart to where we started, shook hands with Ben and got pictures with him. As he left I told him it was a dream come true and he smiled. It was indeed a dream come true and likely the best experience of my life. When the video played in the concert everyone around me was cheering and screaming "that's him!" I even had people that I hadn't talked to in years message me saying they noticed me in the video! This band honestly makes dreams come true and for that I'm so grateful.
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    ok, finally my outfit is finished!! first, here's what i started off with: and here's the end result: (i ended up not doing anything with the tank top :P)
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    Why does everyone think Chris is the only one who likes pop? Clearly poppy songs were approved by Will and Guy with AHFOD. They all love multiple genres. They will likely never go back to 2000 alternative rock bc it is not 2000 anymore. And the level of upset on this thread is a bit much IMO. They are doing this for a good cause and hyped it to get it attention so it would get the recognition it needs for a good cause. C'mon now.
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    Guys. Guys. I just noticed something big. I think Kaleidescioscodpe is just backing track... It sounds the same every time. And Amazing Grace? The same every time, as well. I would even go as far as to suggest that Barack Obama isn't even there singing it at every concert. Truly shocking :( And to think I thought I trusted the Cold Play.
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    I have the 1080p version of the concert with both stereo and 5.1 (thanks to Enrique) audio tracks. I'll upload it to google drive tonight. Anyone interested? PM me!
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    Hi everyone, I din't see a thread for this already, so I figured I would start one. I made a few videos to celebrate today, and I will update this post as they go live throughout the day. Also, I figured if anyone wanted to share some of their favorite memories, they could do so here as well! Here is my first video, Coldplay's top 20 best selling singles... so far: Second video, Yellow played through every era: Third video, a short retrospective set to "Famous Old Painters":
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    So I want to share my experience of my first concert ever. I was kind of worried at first that I arrived a bit late (around 5pm) because of the traffic and having school in the morning, but it turned out all right, we got spots almost at the front of our category. Sadly the FOS2 left was anything but at the front of the stage (idk about FOS2 right...?), which disappointed me a little, especially since the price seemed to be the same as FOS1... I couldn't see the B- and C-Stage, but the view at the main stage was actually rather good, so it was alright. I had actually hoped to be a little closer to the guys, it was so awesome to actually see them in real life after spending all this time just watching videos, it overwhelmed me a little at the beginning[emoji12] With the addition of Lovers in Japan the setlist was perfect imo. They played songs that made you want to dance, but also a few older songs on the C-Stage (Don't Panic, In My Place, See You Soon), all in all I appreciate so much that they're trying to make it great for everyone, playing their hits, newer more dancey songs and also a few songs that are older and just about the music, not the show. I was also quite happy with In My Place for the request. One of my highlights defenitly was when they played Lovers in Japan, I even thought of requesting this song before I decided for Gravity. I was kind if surprised that I seemed to be one of the only ones who screamed when Chris announced Lovers in Japan. The audience generally sometimes seemed a bit boring, of course they were singing and screaming and also dancing at some points, but I hardly saw people jumping, or really freaking out... however, that didn't stop me from singing, dancing, screaming and jumping like a crazy person haha[emoji23] Lol I was sweating a lot, especially since I wore the CP shirt I bought on top of my other shirt! I kind of would have liked to be covered in confetti lol, but not so much of it reached me (nor the balloons)... I love how they make everyone feel like a part of the show with the xylobands or Chris asking to turn the lights on so he can see us. Singing the viva chant together with the rest of the audience was such an awesome feeling... There was also a little buckin every now and then I just kind of hoped Chris would try to describe the band members in German, like he did in Spanish, that would have been funny af[emoji23] I loved how Chris announced Jonny would be singing during Don't Panic, he's so cute... Even though it was over pretty quickly, I still had the feeling like they were playing many songs, the 2 hours they did were perfect imo. I think Up&Up is the perfect closer, it's so beautiful that the last thing they giving us on our way is their ultimate message, BELIEVE IN LOVE! And it was also really beautiful that they played the awesome video in the background... All in all, as I already said, it was one of the best (probably the best) experience in my life! I hope I get to see them again soon! Even though I'm kind of sad it's over now I feel like Coldplay left this little spark in me[emoji4] (Sorry for spamming this thread with this long post about my experience haha[emoji12] )
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    Hey folks! For the last few months I've been working away at a little Coldplay fan project I've decided to call Famous Old Painters. The goal was to build a nice looking resource for fans to learn about the writing and recording history of Coldplay's album songs. It's been a blast to make; hope you enjoy taking a look :) http://famousoldpainters.com
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    For that lyric, I interpreted it as saying that all these really trivial matters (like what the Kardashians are doing, what some dumb politician said without thinking, Justin Bieber getting a girlfriend, etc. etc.) are the ones that are being reported on. Meanwhile, events that really matter like the refugee crisis are sort of glossed over and forgotten. So, all the bright and shiny "pop culture" diamonds are reported on endlessly, cannibalizing the airspace and leaving no room for anything else. *shrugs* Maybe you guys interpret it differently, but I quite like it as a lyric!
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    To all of you! I just turned 66, yep I'm just an old fat guy with music in his heart that he can't seem to get out to his exterior. I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU all to every one of you for your music! It gives a cynical old geezer hope for the world. I realize you will never see this but I needed to get it out of my heart and in to the vast either that is the world today. Thank you very much for giving me hope to the future and I personally hope to see one of your live performances before I cash in my chips. Please don't let the world disturb the brilliant synergy you all have as it takes all of you to create the BRILLIANT music that you do! This is from the heart and fiber of my soul. THANK YOU!
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    Well, this was all about promo. They had to get all the journalists and important folks in so they can talk about it. But let me be clear that SUCKS a ton for all the fans watching instagram videos and seeing more than half the crowd just standing there as if they don't give a shit. It's extra frustrating because we know this album won't get a tour and most of us won't ever hear these songs live anyway, SAME FUCKING BLOOD
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    I'll write a complete review after its official release but this is the Coldplay who reminds you to be a good person. This is the Coldplay who allows you to be an adult with a child's soul. This is the Coldplay we all love because they don't divide, they don't condemn. This is the same Chris Martin who told us 20 years ago that we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do. Thank you.
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    Ok, all of my vids are on the cping fb page now :) Best atmosphere I've ever heard at a concert (as expected I think at the Maracana). Never seen the support acts get such a reaction from the crowd too. The place exploded during AHFOD. The whole stadium was jumping! Fans were giving out yellow balloons in the queue and believe in love banners. Made Yellow look even more amazing! It was a strange experience compared to other concert because I think I lost about 10 litres worth of sweat lmao (and probably everyone else too). It was so so hot. Compared with UK concerts, it felt like I'd being jumping for a whole concert after just 2 songs haha! I was surprised they played Parachutes, Shiver and A Message. Really amazing combination! Charlie Brown and AOAL were insane and everyone sang along to every word for the whole gig. There was a stage invader at the end of Up&Up. A guy who just wanted to hug Chris Martin haha. Security chased him off and Chris wanted them to be cool about it. Chris also noticed the believe in love banners and said they were great.
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    Chris Martin interview: the Coldplay singer on Everyday Life and why God is the answer The biggest band in the world are back with a new album, and their singer has vital things to say — even if he can’t actually speak. By Jonathan Dean link
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    A L I E N S. I S. F U C K I N G. A M A Z I N G. In all honesty, I've never been more suprised of Coldplay in this day and age. This song is where the band should be right here and right now. Its like a combo of Major Minus, the spacerock vibes from X&Y, and the art rock and strings of Viva. Any doubt of Coldplay from the older fans should be blown away. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chris took my phone during Always In My Head!!!!!
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    If you have not watched Sam’s awesome video yet then go watch it now above! I was lucky enough to interview the creator of “My Life in Technicolor”, Sam Reid, who not only took a photo everyday from February 23, 2011-April 19, 2016 but moved his mouth in each photo to mimic Coldplay’s Life in Technicolor ii. Take a look at some of the questions below where I ask how he made the video, why he chose a Coldplay song and more. It is definitely a good read! Q: Hey Sam, congrats on your graduation! How does it feel to finally release the “My Life in Technicolor” video after 5 years in the making? A: It’s pretty surreal. Over the course of five years, taking a picture every night had become a routine, and while I always new I’d finish at some point, it actually felt like the finish line snuck up on me! I’m very proud of how the final product turned out. Q: What made you want to create a five year timeline of your life? A: A few years before I started, there were some popular videos on YouTube where people had done something similar (Noah Kalina being the most notable example). I had always been fascinated with those projects, but I wanted to put my own twist on it, and so I decided to add singing into the mix. Q: Did you find it difficult to keep it up for five years? A: Yes! While I never saw myself quitting, there were stretches of time where it was difficult to be consistent with the picture-taking. Traveling and going to bed later than my roommate also presented challenges! Q: How old were you when you took the first photo on February 23, 2011? A: I was 17 years old and was in the middle of my junior year of high school. Q: How did you calculate exactly when to open your mouth for the singing? A: I’ve seen several theories about this posted in comments online. It’s actually much simpler than people think: I started the iMovie project as soon as I started taking pictures, and would add a picture to the project as soon as I took it. By watching what I’d done so far, I was able to anticipate what shape I needed to make with my mouth for the next day’s picture. Q: How long did it take to edit? A: Because I added each picture immediately after I took it, the only editing I needed to do was exporting the video when I was finished! Q: Why did you choose a Coldplay song and specifically Life in Technicolor to sing along to? A: I actually started making the video with an instrumental song called “Everyday” by Carly Comando. A couple months in, however, I decided to pick a song I could sing along to, and luckily, I hadn’t reached the point where the lyrics started yet. I chose Life in Technicolor ii because I was listening to a lot of Coldplay at the time and it felt like an appropriate soundtrack to my life. I don’t know if this crossed my mind at the time, but looking back, I think the verse that starts “Time came a’creepin’…” fits the project surprisingly well. Q: How many photos in total did you capture for this video and which one is your favourite? A: There are close to 1,200 picture in the video (1,163 to be exact), each lasting .2 seconds. I really like the pictures when I grew my hair out, but I’d have to say that my favorite is one around the 3:48 mark where I tried out a really nasty-looking mustache and sideburns. I only had it for a couple hours before I decided to shave it off, but I made sure to get a picture before I did. Q: How on earth did you manage to keep your head in exactly the same position for each photo?! A: Since I used PhotoBooth on my MacBook, I would just try to position my head in the same position as the previous photo, and then flip back and forth between the two to make sure it looked good. As you might expect, I rarely got it exactly right on the first try and took several attempts each night. Q: Finally, what would you say to Coldplay if they were to see this video and interview? A: About 30 minutes before this interview, Coldplay’s twitter account posted the video, so I hope some of the band has gotten to see it! I would thank them for making such beautiful music! [MEDIA=twitter]729405156891238401[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://twitter.com/coldplay/status/729405156891238401 Article by Stephen ORIGINAL ARTICLE
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    God you people have completely missed the point of this. Its not Coldplay. Its just not. The members are involved, but its just for Chris to do something cool for his charity, dont get all high and mighty saying its shit cus it aint Coldplay. Personally I think its a bop, but like dw new Coldplay 2019/20 is still coming :)
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    Did a graphite drawing of Guy which I finished this week. I hadn't done any art for over a year and since I finally had some good photos of my own of Coldplay I decided to draw one. I've always struggled with human faces but I've been steadily improving on my last few efforts and I'm really proud of this one. Hopefully I'll do a drawing of each of the other three as well but not sure when, I've got a lot on my plate right now!
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    The original version of Coldplaying was started by Ian during Christmas 2000. You used to be able to find it archived on google but I've not seen it recenty I forget when I got sucked in but it would have been in 2002. I spent 10 years of my life attached to Coldplaying.com and it still feels weird to watch them live on tv or go to a concert and not have to run back and try to catch up on what happened on twitter and try to keep Wiki updated with all the amazing reviews that Coldplayers write. There were plenty of dramas over the years but also so many good memories. February 2009 - when I first met Coldplayers in real life queueing in the freezing, frosty, cold for the War Child gig. September 2009 - more real life Coldpayers in the queue; a gig whilst 7 months pregnant; and a picnic in the park with Coldplayers from all over the world. December 2010 - Chris and Mich came to visit us on their way to freeze in the Exeter snow!! They brought BabyBeeBurns his card from Coldplay (still think it's awesome that you guys and Debs secretly sorted that out for us) and the very generous present his Coldplaying Aunties & Uncles sent.
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    I have something for you to think about! When I was in Wembley I took this picture of Chris: Now when you have a closer look on his pants (and I have turned the picture): Could these lyrics belong to a song that is on the Kaleidoscope EP? [emoji2]
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    I redid my door drawing to make it bigger and a different color....I added some in-progress shots, too!
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    This was broadcasted on German TV channel NDR and I translated the bits from Chris, since the interviewer himself is generally praising the concert, and just talking about general stuff like the band's history and how pretty the confetti was and stuff like that. Click on the link below for the video! [parsehtml]<video controls><source src="http://media.ndr.de/progressive/2016/0702/TV-20160702-2010-0100.hq.mp4" type="video/mp4"></video>[/parsehtml]Here are the translated snippets: 1) "When we came to Hamburg the first time, we played in a strip club. Playing in a stadium is like a rush. It's surprising that so many people want to listen to us, it's the best feeling in the world." 2) "We are like the third or forth generation of bands, so you've seen all these movies about drug problems and such, that's a cliché if you behave like that. So of course, we are five adults and of course we had drug problems, divorces and so on, so everything you want to see in a movie about rock stars, but we don't talk about it, because it has been done before." 3) I really don't feel like that (an international sex symbol) at all! It's funny though, last night I found a photo of myself on a music website from Glastonbury festival, where I look so crazy! It said, "Look at this ugly picture" And they are right, so I only really ever listen when people are saying terrible things. (laughs) 4) Interviewer complains about the fact that Coldplay weren't there for the Everglow music video shoot, Chris says: "Actually it's my fault. We were playing in Berlin the night before, and I woke up at noon next day. I'm really sorry! Please forgive me!" Source link: http://www.ndr.de/unterhaltung/events/Coldplay-live-in-Hamburg,coldplay632.html
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    Finally here's my "review", which is more like how I managed to get an okay look from the main-stage and a pretty good one from the b and c stages on one night. Please take into account that most of this was written after being awake 23 hours. First things first. Until Saturday I was still bitter about the cancelled 2013 Latin American tour; it may sound a bit stupid but it's true. However, in my eyes, they have completely redeemed themselves and gave me even more than that. On to the "review": I went with two of my friends who like Coldplay a lot but aren't willing to line up super early and that stuff (ditched them after the b-stage and it was the best thing I could've done, but more of that later). So we got there around 4.30, doors opened at 5 but since we were sooooo far behind on the queue we entered the venue around 6. Of course the front part was full-ish and the whole thing up to the b-stage had like 4 rows of people at least. We positioned ourselves next to the b-stage and the waiting game began. (Little parenthesis: Lianne is awesome! Well done Coldplay on choosing her!) Just before the show began a group of what seemed the tallest guys in the venue got in front of me. I was not happy but I told myself they would eventually move (they didn't). So I spent the first part of the show not being able to see ANYTHING, not even the screens. I told myself to resist until the b stage happened and then I'd see what I was going to do. B-stage came around and it was cool! They played Ink! I was the only person singing around all the lyrics but I didn't care (more on that later). However my vision was still being partially blocked by phones and tall people :( So I started to walk away from the stage until I saw a group of very short girls so I told myself: "If they can see, I can see as well" :lol: and they did have a pretty good view, plus it wasn't packed and you could jump and dance freely. When it was time for the c-stage I looked back and was right in my line of view. "Nice!" I though. Then I saw people running towards the stage and I realised almost no one was there. So I ran as well and got a pretty good spot to watch the c-stage. AROBTTH! O.M.G. Since Friday's setlist had it but they didn't play it I was secretly hoping we'd see it on Saturday. And we did! I sang my lungs out and the guy on my left joined me as well, I felt like I got some pretty weird looks but whatever. Then Don't Panic and I screamed so hard "JONNYYYYY" and when he started singing as well and I got even more weird looks :lol: When the Amazing Day intro started I made my way back to my previous place since a lot of people had moved to see the c-stage. And enjoyed the rest of the show! It was incredible! I'm still in awe and I can't believe I got to experience hearing live Ink, AROBTTH and Don't Panic (plus Jonny singing :awesome:) on one night. Plus the other songs which are so fun and amazing as well. I finally got to experience the xylobands and I was in awe. Now I just want to see the show once again but not from the pit to be able to see all the visuals and everything :P The 6-year wait was definitely worth it. But I don't want to wait so much again! Here's a picture of the three views I had that night: [MEDIA=instagram]BETgcKzymYW[/MEDIA]
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    Half the OP was personal history and the other half was somewhat of an argument against Coldplay. If we're acting like the amount of time you've been a fan legitimizes your points (hint: it doesn't), then let me say ive been here for over 10 years. So let me try and get through to you as an equal. Sellouts: My own view is that when you become such a large, international band like Coldplay, you're gonna have opportunities come to you to make money. I don't see the problem with this. There are millions of indie bands (like Coldplay once was) who would LOVE to be them right now. For better or for worse, money is a large part of how the world runs; its just reality. I can't believe I have to spell this out, but people need money to survive, and generally when anyone is offered a chance for some, they take that chance. I don't fault Coldplay for this because 99% of us would do the same if given the same chance. What 99% of us would NOT do is donate a large portion of this money (they gained through being 'sellouts'). I would feel differently if Coldplay were to do a Nike commercial one day and blow it on a private jet the next. But they aren't doing this. They're donating it to MakeTradeFair, Global Citizen and other causes. So, if they're being sellouts and making money to donate to charity, I wouldn't want to stop that. Thats really your only argument. Your other statement said they don't play any instruments since Viva. If you can't see or hear any instruments on this newest album, I can't show it to you any clearer. Reading between the lines, I think what you're getting at, and what most of the 'older' fans are saying, is that they don't like their new sound anymore. In which case there's really nothing anyone can say to change your tastes and it'd be a waste of everyone's time. I'd direct you the oldplayers flock, seems like you'd like it there, but it seems like their head honcho has already done so. Best of luck there, but its a shame that you feel like you've lost the band even though I feel they're really still there, just in a slightly different costume.
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    Why do people think they are entitled to the exact sort of Coldplay record they want. If everybody thought this way, then we would not have Radiohead's Kid A or U2's Achtung Baby. Believe me when I say that Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman and Will Champion know what they are doing, you don't get to be the worlds biggest band without being smart. Let em get on with it, and they will come back huge soon. First lets just enjoy "Live in..." next week.
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    The more I watch the film, the more I love Ghost Stories. That part was so well done by Mat and it really shows how Chris was a mess back then. And the feeling put into that album turns it into the best Coldplay album in terms of pureness because it came straightaway and not because some record company pushed them to make one, like in X&Y. And I'm a oldplayer, so I reckon, musically, X&Y is much better than GS, but GS holds a place in my heart that X&Y might never get because I can find situations in my life much more relatable to GS where it works like a healer to be honest. Well done Chris.
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    Miracles do happen !!! On 19 June 2016 I dropped this package in the mailbox at The Bakery: And today I found this in my mailbox: Strange thing is that I was thinking about making a new letter for the band to drop in their mailbox when I visit London in a couple of weeks... must be telepathy. :D
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    It's been years since I've been on forums but recently I've started to read a few...and this site has the most positive, fun group of people I've ever had the pleasure of reading. So many message boards just have mean, bitter, and awful people on them. This site has awesome, positive, and supportive types from what I've seen so far (newbie but been looking around the past few months). Congratulations to you!
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    So excited because my Secret Santa package arrived today from Isabel in Mexico! She sent a lovely card, a beautiful ornament which is going on my tree right now, a sweet little bear (which my cat has tried to take away from me), and yummy candy! Muchas gracias, Isabel! Feliz Navidad, and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Coldplayers!
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    Today I received a package all the way from Canada! It was stuffed with real Coldplay confetti (from the concerts of Buffalo 2016 and Toronto 2017 I learned from the card) That must have been amazing, I wish I'd been there! So nice to receive a part of it on the other side of the ocean. Also, If you never had real Canadian maple syrup, I suggest you try it. Already tried it on my pancakes today and it was delicious! Thank you so much BiggerStronger, you totally made my day!!!
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    I still can't believe this all happened. I've been shaking since it happened because I'm still so extremely happy. Chris said a lot to me while he wasn't singing! He would say things like "f***ing beautiful" or "it's so badass that you're doing this" among other really kind and heartfelt comments. It was the best thing in the world. I love Chris so much I don't even know where to begin! This night was the best night of my life! As Julie (my friend who I took with me) and I were walking into the field after the doors opened, we were approached by Ben, the lead designer of the tour (I can't remember his official title, my apologies) He came up to us and asked about our posters and where we were from and if we've been before, etc... then he asked us if we've heard about the fan introduction videos, and I told him that I thought that they were absolutely amazing and would be awesome to be in one! Then he asked us "Well, do you guys want to do the video?" So we both just looked at each other in shock and instantly said "yes!" He then took us backstage into a production room where we rehearsed the intro video and as we finished, we walked back out to the floor. From that point, we walked to go get some merchandise, because, of course why not? As Alina Baraz and Tove Lo were performing, we got super excited as the anticipation just kept building up and up (pun intended) then our intro video came on and everyone around us was freaking out as we were on the screen! Coldplay came out to the stage and it was just pure magic the whole time. Julie and I headed over to the C-Stage a few songs before the band came over and to the left of us was a few teenagers who were freaking out as they saw us and were like "oh my gosh it's them guys, it's the people from the intro!" And then... just pure... I don't even know how to describe it! The band came up the C-Stage and I held my signs up high (Guy Berryman came up first and smiled at Julie's and my signs!) and then Chris walked up and read my sign and waved but mouthed "let me think about it" and so I was like "oh that's totally fine!" I would have been okay if I didn't go on stage, but... fate had it I would in a moment! It was funny too because I felt so bad because a guy behind me yelled at me to put down my signs. (He comes into play later) So I put them down and the band start playing "In My Place" and end it with a tribute of "Free Falling" then Chris Martin goes to Will Champion (the drummer) and starts having a chat with him. They're nodding to each other and everything and then Chris announces that Will will be singing the next song! (Which was "Don't Panic") and Will almost never takes lead vocals! Then after the song changed... the sheer excitement kicked in so hard. Chris announced to the crowd "we've got this young man here with a beautifully written sign who would like to play a song for us" and the rest is all explained in the videos. He said a lot more before he actually introduced me but it was so crazy. The dude who yelled at me about the signs ended up apologizing. Sweet guy. In the end, none of this was planned. It was all sheer luck and just the best thing ever. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thought I might as well share this here: All I Can Think About Is You is probably one of my favourite Coldplay songs of all time, and I really love the music video. So I decided to contribute a little drawing. (Don't try to draw a colour gradient around dozens and dozens of little bubbles, jellyfish etc... it took me ages xD) I flickr I insta I
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    Well, at this point I didn't expect to receive anything. It's already been over a month since I sent out my present, and everyone else too. But yesterday morning I got a very nice surprise at the door - a package from Germany! I was so eager to open it as soon as I found out it was a gift from my Secret Santa. A pretty-looking package; so neatly wrapped, wow! The top part contained a CD of Coldplay live at the Casino de Paris in 2014! It also had the setlist written down in pretty, decorative handwriting (there's a little typo that dates it at 2016 haha) - not to mention the Christmas napkin / serviette it was wrapped in :) Of course it was a really good concert that I just had to upload it to YouTube :p Next, as I was opening the box, I noticed a very interesting smell. It was very perfume-y, soap-y, and bath-y type of smell. Also a bunch of glittery stars came flying out from everything - I actually had to control myself when unpackaging haha. Next was some delicious-looking vegan chocolate omg. I haven't tried it yet, but I'll get back to you on this one! That's not all! There was a miniature fuzzy reindeer, a yellow XYLOBAND from Wembley, an orange LOVE button (one of my favorite colors!), some star confetti, not one but three(!) cards with sweet notes in the back. AND there was A GORGEOUS PICTURE OF GUY :cool:. Wow! There was one other thing, a "Bath Bomb" which was giving off the smell. My match says that I need to put it in my bathtub and I will see a "Coldception" :D It is also vegan and not tested on animals! :) I didn't want to take it out of the package for the picture because it's a little powdery, but I will have to try it in the bathtub one of these days and I'll get back to you! So what is my reaction to all of this? Thank you so much, @BuckinParadise! I was really only expecting a single card but you spoiled me with many, many things! And all the gifts were exactly perfect for me, I couldn't have asked for anything better. This is just one of those rare time where I am entirely 100% satisfied with absolutely everything and even though I was a bit stressed out that day, it really made my day! "You make me feel like I'm alive again!" :D I wanted everyone to see all these gifts because I want them to know what a wonderful, thoughtful, and amazing person you are. I think it's really cool that you've been a Coldplay fan since 2002 and I feel so honored to have you as my Secret Santa match. I hope you Had Yourself a Merry Little Christmas and I wish you an amazing New Year ahead! :heart:
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    [uSER=100956]@Stephen[/uSER] Just reading your post now, so many thoughts running through my head. I still can't believe you have only been hear a year or so, it seems you have been working your tail off here forever. It is true, the Board is very different now than it was when I first came here 10 years ago. The internet and forums were fairly new to me and the world. I had been on Nettie's Coldplay site (RIP) and I think another one but nothing like the home found here. I always kept coming back, finding friends, (actually in my area!) who loved the band as much as I did. We would have meet ups and go to show together and travel!! Oh the places you will go! I would have not seen a lot of this country with out my Cping friends. This was the only place you could really have a conversation with about the band , albums , songs and yes, fan-girl. I was is HEAVEN! Yes, there was some drama over the years but what do you expect with over I think, 60,000 members at the time, from all over the world, all ages, all demographics, all with passionate opinions. Ian and Jen started this site as a family and with love for the band and did an amazing job. The friendships and relationships they created over the years is a wonder. Some of my closest friends ever are from this site. But, that was then. The world and the internet is totally different now. We did not have the Social Media input as much then. So ppl communicate differently now and that's great, but this will always be my home. People still meet new friends here and have great experiences,and meet ups, that is the glory of this site. I love going to my favorite threads and seeing the new ones to find out what's going on. I do not know what what we would do without it. How lucky are we?? I am very grateful for our Social Media team. They do an amazing job. Mind you, I had so much fun handling Twitter and once a while Facebook and without much skill before they came on but it was a thrill! got very silly a few times but all that know me, know me and didn't we have fun? The world is changing and we have to change with it. Coldplay the band is ever changing, so will Coldplaying. Stephen is doing an incredible job here and I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort he and the volunteer staff and Mods who have been here over the years. Coldplaying is and will always be the best site for Coldplay info and news, hands down.
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    Today I went to the post office to collect my package. It was send from Norway. Hi Karoline (Berryfan), thanks for your lovely ornaments, sweets and the hand colored card! Here is a little story of me unwrapping the presents: I took a picture of every step. When I saw the arrows on the box it already made me smile because they reminded me of Up&Up. After I opened it and saw all the newspaper I took them out and put them on a pile. I had a lot of fun with that too. Took a picture. And after that I opened the round box and saw your yellow post-it note. :) The unpacking continued. The Christmas balls are lovely, they somehow make me think of the wings of Ghost Stories. They will get a special place amongst my Christmas decorations. I wish you a peaceful and happy Christmas too. Nie
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    Santa himself and Secret Santas: may I suggest all of us take a pic of our cards, candy, crafts, goodies, etc. before we ship? That way, if there is any "Lost!" mail, we can at least share the picture and description of the items we had carefully and lovingly prepared for our partner coldplayers. Would like to hear what you think.
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    Hi I don't post much on here but I thought I'd share my AHFODress that I made for my first Coldplay show at the Gillette Stadium. [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [ATTACH]5215[/ATTACH] My Adventure of a Lifetime 2016 ( 7 concerts- 7 albums- 7 colours in the colourspectrum) OH I THINK I LANDED WHERE THERE ARE MIRACLES AT WORK WHEN YOU GOT ME OPEN HANDED WHEN YOU GOT ME LOST FOR WORDS ! [MEDIA=instagram]BHh6GH0gLno[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHh6GH0gLno/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel Concert #1 Gelsenkirchen June 1st 2016 I was the 1st in queue for Front of Stage, was a rainy day. and a bit of thunderstorm..so we were glad in the end that the roof was closed... Now I can say you can’t compare it with the Wembley shows., where people were pushing so hard at the gates…we got smoothly on through the tunnels... We had so much space at the front row, I would never have expected that. We have been so many from our German Facebook goup “ Coldplay Freunde Deutschland ( Admin Frank Schriever ) ) at the B stage . Was just a miracle!! . And we had an amazing camera man , called Mike . He put us so often on the big screens with our flags and shirts and lauhing and dancing ! So during Yellow , me at Fix You with my shirt which I took later with me to every show :) My first AHFOD concert flashed me completely. You didn’t know where to look first..the stage ...so many colours..the thrills during Charlie Chaplin speech , just before the concert starts and all the xylobands lightning up …and then the boys coming on stage starting with A Head Full of Dreams ...GOOSEBUMPS !!!! [MEDIA=instagram]BGsnbTAgbG7[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGsnbTAgbG7/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel They played LOVERS IN JAPAN in such an amazing acoustic version on Bstage !!!! Best thing he (Mike ) filmed was my tattoo dedicated to the best song ( imo) of AHFOD , Up & Up . [MEDIA=instagram]BDYkxySAbHH[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDYkxySAbHH/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXxgyb6OjuE Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXxgyb6OjuE It was on the big screen during Jonny’s guitar solo. WOW !! And he handed me a setlist without me asking for that ! Just because we have been such a good crowd. Which he told me later via Twitter ( have to say he wrote his Instagram User name on the setlist ;-) ) After the show we got interviewed by local radio station and the next day the played what I said : they asked what we liked the most at the concert and I said best song for me was Up & Up and that I have a tattoo dedicated to it and the last lines of the lyrics :) So that’s were the miracles start to happen. I thought you can’t top that.... [MEDIA=instagram]BGIhaFqgbAW[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGIhaFqgbAW/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGIdisSAbJd[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGIdisSAbJd/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGMDwJVgbCc[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMDwJVgbCc/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGMD0-7AbCm[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMD0-7AbCm/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGMEGPmAbDI[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMEGPmAbDI/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGMEf_mgbEG[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMEf_mgbEG/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGMEkXzAbEO[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMEkXzAbEO/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGO9GwDAbKX[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGO9GwDAbKX/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGMxA1ugbE2[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGMxA1ugbE2/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel Concert#2 Wembley London June 15th [MEDIA=instagram]BFhGGr4gbJt[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BFhGGr4gbJt/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel Firstly I have to say that I luckily won the competiton on Coldplaying for 2 tickets for the opening night of the AHFOS exhibition on June 14th including a meet up with the artist Pilar Zeta and Phil. Pilar is so talented and very nice person ! She signed me postcards and my AHFOD CD and took a selfie with me. [MEDIA=instagram]BGps6miAbB0[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGps6miAbB0/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGptQMKAbCn[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGptQMKAbCn/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGptceSAbDD[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGptceSAbDD/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGptx0AAbDy[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGptx0AAbDy/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGpuAQOgbEN[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGpuAQOgbEN/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel [MEDIA=instagram]BGpuNN6gbEo[/MEDIA] Mobile Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGpuNN6gbEo/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel https://www.instagram.com/p/BGqbPTfgbBo/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel I was over the moon. Dancing & handshaking !! BTW thx again for it :) I never won anything Coldplay related before :) In Gelsenkirchen I already had gifts for the boys with me, although I didn’t know if I would be able to meet them..anyway NOW I really saw THE chance to give them to Phil. Unfortunately he couldn’t come..too much busy planning the Wembley shows. But Fraser Scott, the art director of A Gallery was so kind to record a video message and sent it to Phil and he promised to hand him the gifts.Because he would be there for the Saturday show :) have to add before the exhibition I made a visit at the studios. I stayed 10 minutes away . And I bumped into Rik Simpson and Dan Green on my way to the Bakery : They made a selfie with me and we had a nice little chat :) So, Wembley 1st show I met lovely Coldplayers , including Ian & Sam from Atlas Project ( Twitter @Coldplayatlas [uSER=103287]@SamazingDay /USER] ) while queuing all day long even it was rainy and cold. You also could walk round the stadium to say Hello to friends waiting at other gates .And shops were around to get you some food and rain coats at a camping shop ^^. They might did their business of a year these 4 days ^^- Made it to the runway , took a selfie with Mike the camera man and on this day Chris came down on the runway during AOAL and sang to me with his crazy eyes ^^. I was wearing a smiley hat from a friend :) And got a guitar plectrum from Matt MC Ginn.<3 Concert#3 Wembley London June 16th Was amazing cause I met up with some German friends and we stood toghether at Bstage , left side . BUT ...OMG , I was first at my turnstiles and then the Collector ticket didn't work !!! And the lady beyond the turnstiles told me seriously I had to go to the ticket office and I was like " NO WAY" tunred around and to the next one..luckily the most fans stood at ONE gate and the other on we were told to wait at was empty so I made it again to one of the first to get down the stairs...this time the stewards hold signs which said in tall letter " GO !! ". The day before ot was chaos..people pushing so hard. We danced and jumped like crazy !! Although again..rain..during the support acts, but just in the moment when Coldplay came on stage sky was clearing up . Like a miracle !! Got another setlist this evening and Mike put my tattoo on the big screen again . Me and my friend also convinced a roadie after the concert to give my freind, who is a drummer and just got married , to hand him one of Wills drumsticks which were in the small drumkit used at Bstage.He was sooo happy .Best wedding gift :D And I asked Mike to hand him a setlist as well . :) Day Off June 17th I had to pick up my ticket for Sunday on the other side of London that day and in the afternoon there was a international Coldplayer meet up at the studios. That was so beautiful, because you knew each other online from Facebook or Twitter ( some I have met before ) but this was a great thing !! Italian, German, Japanese, UK, Dutch, French Coldplayers like one big family <3 On this day when I expected it at least, my dream came true ...I met one half of BUCKIN ---> JONNY ! :dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::dazzled::bliss: I couldn’t believe my eyes and started crying because I was sooooo overwhelmed. I wished to meet the band over years !! Had been to London 3times in the past, but no luck, or small luck..last year I met MattMc Ginn who handed me some signed stuff and 3 drumsticks, God bless him . But he ( J ) was so sweet, laughing/ smiling all the time and came to me “ Hey how are you doing ? “ and I said “ OMG I can’t believe it..I love you so much …can I hug you please ? “ and I did it 3 – 5 times !! And I was not able to speak firstly , he was patient saying “ its okay” while smiling the cutest smile I have ever seen . I felt very comfy with him and we talked about 5 minutes ( there was no other Coldplayer around at that moment ) after I found back to my awords.. told him he is the best guitarist in the world, and that the music means so much to me and that I love when he is doing Buckin with Chris and showed him my arm fom last nights concert ..I wrote Buckin Girl on it ^^. and told him I am doing 7 concerts and showed my tattoo to him . Then we , no HE took the selfie wih MY smartphone ( will never clean it anymore , I remember I apologized because when I unlocked the screen only Chris was my background and then he laughed even harder :D --ahh I have no words for him - I AM SO IN LOVE :dazzled: and he signed me a postcard which I bought at the AHFOD exhibition . And he did also an audio message to a friend of mine . She is a great Jonny Fan as well. She asked me , before I went to London, if I would meet him to ask him to wear his famous green trousers at her only concert at Hamburg...she was over the moon when I sent her the audio message on Whats App :blush: then he really apologized that he had to move on. What a sweetheart !! And I said " see you tomorrow ! " He is like sunshine !! And he smells soo good. I only have to apologize for my teardrops on his T shirt ... I was like OMG !!!! you can imagine ? One of your favourite band members..Finally. I front of you. And so cute. !! AMAZING DAY !!!! Concert#4 Wembley Saturday June 18th Made it to the front row again , this time A Stage , Jonny s side . Getting in was a bit a crazy run, because doors opened differnetly I had a placard for him and he saw it and recognized me :crown: , gave me a sweet smile :bow: Before the show I ( and some other nice Coldplayers ) had the chance thx to Mike Vinnicombe from Chris Martin Campaign to be recorded for sth very special. I was feeling really honoured !!! The film will be have its premiere this year in London / Prag and is called “ Wings for Coldplay "..only Mila, Mike and COLDPLAY have seen it before…..and we were interviewed ..about what we like on Ghost Stories artwork, what Coldplay means to us..I thought I completely messed it up cause tears streamed down my face ( explain into a camera what Coldplay means to you ..getting too emotional) and my English left me…^^ But Peter Hirjak the regisseur later emailed me back that I did it really well and I am looking forward to the movie :) Concert #5 Wembley June 19th Made it to Bstage again ...the run from the gate to stage I did with one shoe and one foot on socks because s.o, stepped back on my shoe whilst pushing . Proud of myself I just took it off..otherwise it would have been lost, I guess ^^ Around me nice girls from Coldplaying ( Hello Batman :) ) which I met whilst queuing . sun in the morning but now it seems to be a rainy concert. But we didn’t mind. I got surprised by Atlas Project ! Got a Atlas T shirt with AHFOD style , like Chris and Jonny have on their T shirts :) The best rainy concert ever !! They played Always in my Head on Bstage and I was close to tears again because Jonny saw my placard and me again and smiled. During "Fix You "Chris saw my tshirt which says “ If you never try you will never know” and he gave me a sign he has seen it :) AND THEN.. They made their walk from Bstage to cstage during Kaleidoscope ( " be grateful for whoever comes " got a whole new meaning !!! ) and I got HIGH FIVE from Jonny, a sweet smile from Guy and I could touch all the boys on their shoulders. WHAT A MOMENT !! The other day , on my way back home to Germany, I got an email from Fraser, that he handed the gifts to Phil. !! They got it !! I was so happy !!! I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS TOUR !! IT’s LIKE ALL MY DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE !! I AM FEELING DRUNK AND HIGH ALL THE TIME !! To be continued in #ColdplayBerlin and #ColdplayHamburg And I am really excited what is going to happen next.. https://www.instagram.com/p/BG9mXvOAbO0/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel Well…on June 30th..there will be a recording for a video ( secret ) in Hannover, Germany,at the Eisstadion am Pferdeturm and they searched for background actors..and..I AM IN . .OMG. The adreanalin rush never stopps since June 1st. Concert #6 Berlin, Olympiastadion June 29th 2016 Arrived already June 28th and could do a sightseeing tour through a warm & sunny Berlin . Intuitive I started at the venue..I arrived and doors to the stadium were closed..but on my way from the underground to the stadium I saw a stage truck driving past by…my heart was going boboom again ...I asked a security guy about the early entrance for the next day and if it was possible to get in …he told me that in 10 minutes there would be a visitor tour, so I did it. AND … I was IN !! and I could see the stage build up LIVE . WOW !! For the little boy, who was in my group , a football fan , it was boring I think, especially we couldn’t see the team quarters because they already had changed into Coldplay Dressing room !! I asked if I could get a little view...but it was impossible-- https://www.instagram.com/p/BHMTgH_AquC/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel And I met a guy outside who is working for the Spidercam. Was a goosebump atmosphere…I took a lot of pics and video which posted on Instagram..I saw merchandise building up at a lot of stage trucks !! Next day as we had Early Entry ticktes which we should collect from 2pm on we arrived at half past 1. We got in about 5 minutes earlier than the rest with FOS / standing tickets. The stadium is really beautiful, it is open in the back, what was wonderful for the fireworks <3 https://www.instagram.com/p/BHQ3cN6Arc8/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel I had such nice people around me and ended up at my beloved place at B stage. Chris spotted my T shirt again during Fix You which says in black letters on whit background “ If you never try you will never know” and he got up, in my direction and said “ SHOW ME THAT T-SHIRT “…OMG. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHRhQvrj2_lk9M6JUrvrlvvtvfHK36_ZBjkbZE0/?taken-by=frarichetti Jonny spotted my German Flag and read it during one of my fav songs they perform on Bstage..it says. “ THERE’s A LIGHT THAT YOU GIVE ME WHEN I’m IN SHADOWS- COLDPLAY YOU ARE MY EVERGLOW “ and the other one who is for JONNY <3 BEST GUITARIST IN THE WORLD- JONNY YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEAD, EAR AND HEART. He nod his head into my direction and smiled..and when they walked from Bstage to C stage I got his hand again <3. https://www.instagram.com/p/BHQ3svEAkWx/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel I really think he recognized me .. I had dyed my hair very red with lilac for the tour…wanted to have rainbow colours but it was impossible..anyway I am lightning like a traffic sign..friends who where on different places in the stadium always recognized me ..^^ https://www.instagram.com/p/BHZ0tKoAyMZ/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel In that night I slept less than 45 minutes..because..I was one of 1200 lucky fans who got the option to be part of a video- shooting in Hannover, Eisstadion am Pferdeturm…Friday June 24th it was announced in newspapers and online…they got 10 000 applications and the server was going down … Hannover was on the way to Hamburg and we should be there 7am… So we arrived tired, hungry and it was very cold inside….a lot of press interviewing and filming us …..from 8 am to next 1pm it was our job to be a background actor and light up sparklers. We got exclusive T shirts which says in rainbow colours ( AHFOD style ) EVERGLOW..so we got the confirmation that it isa new video for the beautiful song EVERGLOW . Which makes me cry every time.. And also we got purple Love Buttons. The band was not there…I would have loved to see Chris Martin <3. But he said in an interview with NDR 2 later, they had the show in Berlin yesterday and he was so sorry , he had overslept ^^ ( and we didn’t sleep either although we have been to Berlin and were our way to Hamburg^^) But such a sweet excuse…you can’t be angry with him anyway..and I am so excited how the video will look like…like a winter landscape with ice scaters and the male one will be Chris later because the guy wore a green suit. http://rtlnord.de/nachrichten/neuer-videoclip-von-coldplay-entsteht-in-hannover.html Than on the way to Hamburg my bus was delayed and I was a bit exhausted, still cold and tired and feeling a bit alone cause I had to say Goodbye to so many friends who came extra for the video shoot ….arrived very late at my hostel…luckily in my room there was a girl, who had a standing ticket for the next day and to make it even better, she comes from a city nearby to my hometown... Magic !! Concert #7 Hamburg, Volksparkstadion July1st 2016 Arrived 6:50 am and had to figure out my gate by myself..because I had a collectors ticket and it didn’t say like te Wembley tickets which gate to queue. Stress !! Luckily we later got told by the security guy that there would be only ONE staircase and all the other fans would have much a longer way to get inside the stadium !! It was a bit cold and rainy the entire day …but when we got in…suddenly half an hour before Coldplay was on stage, blue sky came out ..and rain stopped ..Coldpay Karma..:loveshower: And I really thought you couldn’t top the London experience..BUT..again I ended up at Bstage in the best position!! With my Jonny fangirl #2 ..for who Jonny did the Whats App audio message in London when I met him…he promised to wear the green trousers for my friend Lea..AND HE DID IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! and he also wore this blue AHFOD shirt. It looks sooo good at him !!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BHaZMa5hqS8/?taken-by=42nd_coldplayer_ Lea and me were on cloud number 9 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE SAW OUR BALLONS WITH A THANK YOU MESSAGE AND I THINK HE UNDERSTOOD BECAUSE HE SMILED AT US AND WE BOTH GOT HIGH FIVE AGAIN on their walk from Bstage to C stage ! for me the 3rd Jonny High Five in a row <3 AND CHRIS…again during Fix You he saw my shirt again ( 3rd time in a row ) and Lea was wearing hers and he pointed his finger at us !! Mike the sweet camera man put us on big screen again with my shirt... https://www.instagram.com/p/BHfwwv7gkHq/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel My friend standing behind me recorded this very special moment !! And Chris stopped for 2 seconds at me on their way from B to C stage and I could touch him….But my heart was about to go like boboboboomn or to stop completely !!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BHVbOOHAYmd/?taken-by=aneleele https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkURHE0h8_Y ( FIX YOU ) We were soooooo HAPPY you can imagine!! https://www.instagram.com/p/BHVpwCmgcnQ/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel https://www.instagram.com/p/BHZ0nBCArxR/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel https://www.instagram.com/p/BHaCKL7gHfE/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel Back at home now its hard to go back to reality….this entire June month was so magical… And my xyloband started glowing July 2nd afternoon ..and still does!! I sleep with it on my writ every night because I am feeling a bit closer to the boys then... https://www.instagram.com/p/BHffVTAAvMJ/?taken-by=such_a_precious_jewel WOW, I am so grateful..happy and sad at the same time for this my Adventure of a Lifetime..! 7 concerts front row. And my 9th Coldplay concert so far..I hope they announce more European tourdates for 2017 !! There is so much love between the Coldplayers <3. Its so wonderful <3. I met a lot of old friends and got to know new amazing Coldplayers ! I really hope they will come back to Europe / Germany…Chris promised it in Hamburg..he said he loves playing I Germany and he is welcome anytime BEST BAND IN THE WORLD- THEY MADE MY MONTH - MY YEAR . THEY ARE MY LIFE , THEY MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH . <3. THEY ARE MY EVERGLOW :love: Friends of me say “ are you already working for them “ ? because I became like friends with Mike the camareman and his assistant Grant ( he recognized me every concert and put us on the screens , shaked hands ) and with the roadies..in Berlin we tried to meet the band at the hotel but only crew was staying there..I waited with my friend and a roadie came and we talked and he really thought we were crew members cause I was looking like someone from the catering and my friend would have looked like someone from Global Citizen . We should have hopped off into the tourbus !! :D I really would like to work for the best band in the world..but how to get this job ????? If anyone has an idea , please let me know.. so last week I wrote an email to Coldplay.com with a thank you message, because I was going through a very crazy and rough time the months before the shows..started in November 2015 til April 2016---.including that I was not sure if I could do all the concerts..I had trouble in my job and my self esteem was going low ...I never had an easy life as well, there was much illness and struggling with different things . Coldplay always was my light in all that darkness and will be forever. I am fan since 2002 but wasn't able to go to any concerts in the past because I was too weak ..first shows have been during Ghost Stories era ... And this year I made my dream come true with 7 shows :) So I wanted to let them know that each of the 2 hours concerts ( 14 hours at all ) I could forget all my sorrows and everything what hurts . They made me the happiest girl on earth in one month . I got an reply via e mail a few days later from Debs , with a signed pic in attechment . BEST BAND IN THE WORLD !!![/uSER]
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    I've been waiting at The Bakery for a while, together with an Italian and a Dutch fan. There was some activity inside. After a while 2 young women came out. So didn't see anyone of the crew or band members. (They probably were already at Wembley. [emoji4] Package is delivered in the postal box. [ATTACH=full]4817[/ATTACH]
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    It was my first Coldplay concert, my favourite band since i'm 17 and i'm 22 now, so this was a very very special night to me. And i was just in front of the stage, so i saw the entire band just in front of my eyes. It is such a strange feeling ... It's like i saw so many videos and interviews of them that i've almost forgot they really exist haha ... I didn't cry ( well some tears for Fix You ), but i've screamed for 2 hours and now i can't speak. What striked me is the positive energy the band and especially Chris give us. The atmosphere of AHFOD tour is very zen, calm ... And even if we were tired of all the travel, they gave us a very peaceful and incredible atmosphere. It's like they took out all the anger and the hatred and told us " We haven't got time for that, let's party together and be happy whatever people say " And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the true definition of music. Music is a party. And Coldplay unites us all for that party.
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    "Hello Chris Martin please don't crush my house! "Alright lmao" "Uhm correction, please don't crush my city" "Yah okay!" "Uuuh.. could you please nOT STEP ON MY COUNTRY KTHXBYE" "what? I didn't catch tha-oh sHIT SORRY!" "BRO YOU JUST STEPPED ON EUROPE"
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    The day of the concert Finally, Monday arrived. The previous evening I had written a paper sign that said "Looking for 1 Coldplay ticket". I woke up early that day, got breakfast, got into the Tube and arrived at the Natural History Museum at around 10.30 am, I believe. I went in very briefly and asked if there was already a queue forming (they must have thought me crazy, but hey, I was used to stadium queues :D). The museum staff said there wasn't and that they will close first at 6 pm and reopen for the concert. One of the ladies there was very nice, I told her my situation and asked if it would be okay to stand or sit somewhere around the entrance and hold up my sign and she kindly pointed me towards the benches, and said she can tell I'm a big fan and she hopes I'll get a ticket. I sat down on one of the benches and held up my sign. Hundreds of visitors passed by, a lot of them looked at the sign :D Some threw me strange glances, some others stopped and wished me good luck or asked where Coldplay is performing. I met up with @DJK from Norway at the bench and found out he had been here even much, much earlier than me on that day ! We talked a bit, he then went back to check out the museum and I met another fan who I'm not sure is on here called Suzana who had come from Slovakia. We held up the sign in turns and attracted the attention of a few other Coldplay fans without tickets who had flown in all the way from countries like Brazil, Argentina and the Middle East :O An American fan who would later get a ticket somehow (we don't know how or where) stayed with us for a while, and eventually @HannahMarie joined us after she could get off from work. I kept checking my phone because I was posting a lot on Twitter etc looking for tickets. It was around that time that I got a DM from the lovely and wonderful and amazing @Captain Crieff who I feel now owns one of my kidneys on Twitter, saying she thinks someone is selling a ticket on Coldplaying. I immediately followed that up and she gave me the number of the person, @SpinningPlates. Talked to him and he had a spare ticket because his accompanying person couldn't make it due to a very unfortunate incident, and he was willing to part with it at face value !!!!! Not gonna lie, I somehow could not believe it at first. Then again he did sound genuine. He had to come down from Nottingham so we arranged for a meeting at 3 pm. I was both incredibly happy and wary at the same time cause I just couldn't believe my luck !! But since that call I felt more relaxed. Part of me really wanted to believe that I have a ticket !!! There was a merry-go-round and an ice rink on the museum premises were we stood, and I said I'd love to go on it and DJK joined me and we bought tickets and ACTUALLY went on that merry-go-round while the others took pictures :D :D :D That was so much fun. Two grown-ups without kids on a merry-go-round... After a while we got sent off the premises by a security guard who did not approve of our signs about looking for Coldplay tickets...we regrouped just outside the entrance. DJK kindly gave out Love Buttons and I gave out Oatmeal Raisin Cookies :D We were joined by more fans from the UK (Haz) and Italy (Fabio, who eventually made it in at the last minute and went on the meet the band at Maida Vale two days later, and Stefania). We took turns to grab food and coffee. Sometimes it was raining a little bit, but fortunately most of the time it wasn't and London also wasn't too cold these days. Later in the afternoon we were joined by @BuckinParadise from Germany, @Coeurli and Claire (Gluten Tag) from France. It was so nice to meet Coeurli from Coldplaying for the first time in real life ! It was generally awesome to meet all those people. Several times we spotted roadies go in by the main entrance. One of them being Miller aka R42, who briefly looked up and smiled when I said "Mr Miller hello !" but then rushed off. I completely understand the roadies rushing past us, by the way. They have a job to do and they know they can't help any of the disappointed fans out there with tickets. This is totally random, but one of the Italian fans apparently ran into Brian May from Queen when she popped out to get some food :D Around 3 pm my ticket hero @SpinningPlates came and he was for real and he said I needn't pay before we go inside together, so I knew it was all genuine and I was SO HAPPPPPPPYYYYYY !!!! My new friends were happy for me as well, but it was tough because none of them had gotten a ticket and I knew exactly how they must feel, and there was nothing I could do for them but to keep checking if anyone would sell a ticket (nobody did). And I did feel very guilty about having such seemingly undeserved luck, and not even being from the UK. Still, I was incredibly delighted and relieved of course ! About an hour or an hour and a half before the museum closed, we went inside and checked out the venue with the big whale skeleton hung on the ceiling of the main hall. There I saw Coldplayben and some others from Twitter who had tickets, and some others who didn't. My heart skipped a beat when I suddenly saw an old friend from the AHFOD Tour there, @Nie. We hadn't been talking for months and I was under the false impression she didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore. I think she was shocked to see me too :D I felt so awkward I think I just mumbled a few sentences and went away. I went off and helped Haz locate where the roadies are sitting, because she wanted to give a message to the band (MattMcGinn took it). From afar I spotted Matt, Hoppy, Bash, and some other familiar roadies from the AHFOD Tour. At ten to six the museum closed to the public and we had to leave. (In case you wanna know: yes, I eventually worked up enough courage to go and talk to @Nie :D) There was zero information on where the queue and entrance would be. I hung out with the others a bit but finally we heard it was the main gate (which turned out to be incorrect and the queue was later moved). Stood in that queue for about 3,5 hours. My fellow Coldplay ticket-searchers from this morning kept searching until the very end, but to no avail. At some point a taxi stopped next to the crowd and Phil got out !!!! He took a few pics with fans, then addressed the crowd, saying he is very sorry and hates seeing people disappointed, but this is the most impossible concert to get into and not all of his family got in. He then left inside. We waited some more, I got into a bit of trouble with that tough security lady because my ticket holder was not there and I could thus not prove I have a ticket and she wanted to send me away from the queue ! Fortunately I could call up @SpinningPlates and he came and showed them the tickets and ID and I could stay :D Near the time of entrance, they apparently told everyone with no tickets to queue on the other side of the gate for any last minute chances. Some of my friends were stuck that queue. It was heartbreaking to see their faces and have to wave goodbye to them as I went throught the gates. When we went inside, I got barrier on Jonny's side. The instruments were so close. I was SO ELATED to have made it in and see the band songs off their new album this close !! Thank you so much @Captain Crieff and @SpinningPlates, without you I wouldn't have been anywhere !!! To be continued...
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    Hi everyone, Not sure where to post this, but just wanted to let any other Coldplayers in the Boston area know about this. The Planetarium at the Museum of Science in Boston has a Coldplay Experience. I went last night and it was pretty cool. They had images displayed in the planetarium while playing 45 minutes of Coldplay. I had no idea it was a thing until one of my Dad's coworkers told him. So I figured I would let anyone else who is in the area know about it. Personally I thought it could have been a little more synced up with the music, but for what it was I thought it was worth seeing and definitely a cool experience. You can read more about it and buy tickets here: https://www.mos.org/planetarium/the-coldplay-experience They also have a few other ones such as Beyonce and Justin Timberlake.
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    Finally, after 18 years, Jazz!Jonny ( ) finally shines in this song! :joy::p
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    So guys, how is 2018 going for you artistically so far? Any new stuff to share? I was busy with university mostly, but I couldn't resist to make a new drawing of Jon ; ) Hope you enjoy : )
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