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    I don't know what to expect to be honest but I truly think we are getting an album or a side project of re-worked and previously unreleased material. With Chris mentioning UATW and UFO along with the recent trademarks, I don't think it's too unreasonable. As stated in this thread, just because they can't tour currently, doesn't mean they won't release an album. However I don't think they will release a mainstream album and then tour it 1-3 years later. Just doesn't make sense to me. I think they are going to give us new/remastered music to tide us over until LP10 (also a nice number to start fresh with) comes in 2021/2022. They have also said that the first 7 albums are almost like a book with AHFOD being the last chapter. EL was a surprise and LP9 will be as well. I don't think they are following conventional Coldplay standards/patterns anymore, so releasing a album/project with remastered/reworked and unreleased material makes total sense. They said they would be full of surprises from now on and that definitely would be a surprise. I would never expect them to do something like that.
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    A year ago that Everyday Life was launched together with this image and we still do not know exactly what it is. Let's hope to solve the mystery soon.
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    I agree. If they can't tour they will want an album which they don't have to tour and a rework album fits in it well.
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    Thank you for the easy-to-follow instruction @Gideon_Mx. Yes I live in Japan so I also see the Flag music video on their official YouTube channel 🤗 So here you go! Almost 40,000 plays on Spotify. And omg just over 6,000 on YouTube! Mind you, CDs are still huge here, so the numbers on streaming sites are immensely low. It actually made news on Bloomberg that Amazon wants us to stop buying CDs earlier this year. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-03-11/amazon-really-wants-japanese-music-fans-to-stop-buying-cds Right, hope this post helps.
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    lol at the ppl online hating on Coldplay for getting the nomination. if the leading arguement you bring to the table is to tear down the other side instead of building your own side, then maybe your side just aint that good son.
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    Actually i think we can't really trust timeline years (Unless i want something to be released before the end of year). Because Those years are not exactly true. Miracles (Unbroken) is released in 2014 and it's AHFOD era (They included it in Japanese Edition as bonus track). So Ghost Stories had to be just 2014 and AHFOD had to be 2014-2019 if we count them by first thing released from that era. So dates that eras end has to be the year that next album released. So in this case LP9 has to be released in 2020 but we don't think it will and a single release doesn't effect year in timeline regarding to Miracles example. But Miracles is a non-album single so maybe they are determining it differently. But i think they are referencing something different than album release date or they just made a mistake with ending Everyday Life in 2020. Because they updated it after pandemic so they already knew that they won't be able to release it this year. But anyway we didn't see any example like this before (-Maybe- First single release and album release in different years). So still all we can do is to wait. But i think they should at least tease something before the end of year. I think the album is almost finished. Because they worked on album even before Everyday Life released. So it means they are working on it about 1,5 years. Also they are finishing some old songs to release more than previous albums and that shortens the time i think. So album progress should be in mastering process or selection of songs which will be in the album.
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    Hi, the film "A Head Full of Dreams" shows several scenes from an interview, and i would like to listen to the rest of it. You can find the scene in the YT-Video below at 50:50 (in the video on amazon prime it is 1:19:44). Does anybody know, what interview this is and where i can find it? I would be very happy if someone could help me here! :) Also, if there is a better place for this question in this forum, please let me know :D Thanks again, here is the youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCZ7-L22VQo
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    After installing Spotify on your laptop or computer. To check the current amount of streams of a song just look at the right side of the screen. Just hold your cursor above the little lines and it will display how many streams the song has. I made a screenshot of it, it'll look like this:
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    Just read this and opened Spotify, realised I had no idea where to look for those numbers! 😆 Where are they?
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    My theory is a New Year’s Day album release!Everyday life is set to end in 2020. They haven’t announced anything and November is almost over, so I suspect an announcement in December. Album in January 😁
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    The other day I talked to @arushofjacktothehead about whether he would organize another Mixtape Exchange this year. In the end, we agreed on that I would arrange it this time. Thank you very much for your help and support, Jack! I appreciate it. -- The Coldplaying Mixtape Exchange is a fun way to discover new music while also giving you the chance to share music that you enjoy with other Coldplayers. Basically what happens is that you'll be given the name of the person who you will be making your mixtape for, and all you have to do is get together some songs that you really like, that go well together, and/or that your partner has most likely never heard before; but you must not let anyone know who you're making your mixtape for, and your partner must not know what exactly he or she is listening to - it has to be a surprise! After your partner reviews your mixtape, you will then get to reveal yourself and the tracklisting. You will of course be receiving a mixtape to review as well! How this works? 1. Sign up saying you want to participate - leave your name on the thread. 2. When the deadline for signing up is over, you'll get a PM from me giving you the name of another participant in the Exchange. You will be making a mix for this person, whoever they may be. 3. You mustn't reveal who you are making the mix for, on pain of being tickled by a thousand feathers. 4. Make your mixtape (average length is around 50 to 70 minutes) and delete the info for each song. The person must not know what songs/artists are on the mixtape. Rather than just calling the songs 'Track 1', 'Track 2' etc. you could be creative and make up fake titles. 5. Upload the mixtape to a cloud storage, preferably MEGA.nz, and send me the link and a tracklisting. I will then send it to the person assigned to you, keeping your identity a secret of course! 6. When you receive a mixtape, listen to it, write a review and post it in this thread. 7. The person who made the mixtape will then post the tracklist and the link so everybody can download it. Simple as that. Note: Please make sure before you sign up that you're actually going be able to follow through on this, or at least let me know before the deadline ends if you're going to be too busy to participate and you need your name taken off of the list. In past mixtape exchanges, several people never received mixtapes or reviews because their mixtaper/mixtapee never bothered to go through with it, and that's pretty inconsiderate to those who worked hard to make a mixtape and never got anything in return. Mixtape exchanges only happen a couple times a year so they're to be taken pretty seriously. The deadline for signing up is November 29, 2020 (CET), and you will have some time to create your mixtapes in for December 20, 2020 (CET). -- Here is a good guideline for deleting the song information: The Song Information Deletion Tutorial 1. Find the tracks you plan on putting on your mixtape, and copy-and-paste them to a new folder, away from all the other stuff. You can either right-click and find "copy" and "paste," or you can use the shortcuts (Ctrl + C for copy and Ctrl + V for paste). 2. Once you've done that, go track by track, right-click, choose "Properties," and clear everything. Remember to change track numbers if you have a specific order (and almost everyone does, so yeah…). Also, it's helpful to name your album, even if it's something as simple as "mixtape." If you want, you can fill in the blank spots with fake information to add a personal touch to the mix. Once you've done all that, click OK. You'll have to do this separately with each track. 3. Move that folder into your iTunes library/Mp3tag by clicking and dragging it into iTunes/Mp3tag when it's open, and go through the tracks one by one and double-check everything. Typically, the one thing that usually needs to be altered if anything is the album art. In that case, just select your entire mixtape (either by going under "Edit" and choosing "Select all"/"Select all files" or just typing your mixtape name and using Ctrl + A), right-click on it, choose "Get Info"/"Remove tag", and clear all of it using the options in that menu. 4. Compress your mixtape into a .zip or .rar file, upload it, and give the link to the head of the exchange. Looking forward to your involvement soon! PS If I like your post mentioning you are participating the exchange, that means you will be on the list of participants. -- The participants: Nikolette The Jordanator I ran away Riki26 -- My own mixtape "what if we... in the future" Download link: https://mega.nz/folder/xJNRUChT#53KM9LELnK2i58x0iQlcJA Tracklist and album cover:
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    Studio for sure. I tried to find the video but the actual account is gone too, they had heaps of videos with unreleased Coldplay content such as The Race and Legends snippets. But they’re all gone so maybe WMG got on to them. I regret not resharing the possible Car Kids video, maybe I didn’t think much of it at the time.
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    42 days until the end of the year. A significant number, it would have been a good day to release a teaser. 😂
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    Cool! There are indeed pre-recorded backing vocals that are a 3rd ABOVE what Chris sings live. There's a small handful of songs where instead of Will (or Jonny/Guy) singing in addition, there's some pre-recorded Chris. Lost is an example of this if you listen to the 2nd verse... ...and another funny minute detail - this is one of very few Lost performances where Chris sits the whole time to play the organ / piano parts (minus a handful of acoustic performances) where in most performances he's standing and dancing.
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    This is an idea that came to my mind spontaneously. I thought it might be fun to start a new topic with this as subject: details from a Coldplay performance, share you observations! I wanted to start a a topic where people can share their observations and (even the smallest things) things they noticed anywhere at a performance of a certain song, performance for a show or live TV, or a full Coldplay gig (perhaps were you there?). Even the smallest thing you like to share and talk about are welcome!!! Maybe if more people find your post interesting enough, there will be some kind of discussion about! You can share anything about any detail you have ever noticed and want to talk about or discuss with others here! I'm waiting! Let's talk about some interesting things (new and old) you might have noticed at a certain song performance, television performance, a full Coldplay gig, anything!
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    I hate to be the skeptic in this thread but I think we shouldn't get our hopes up for every full moon. The moon phases are an aesthetic the band has been using in the AHFOD Era, and then again after the Everyday Life Era as can be seen on their new "non-era" merch. Since summer people have speculated every single full moon and it was to no avail. At this point I'm pretty sure the band isn't gonna release LP9 this year. Three weeks ago they were still in the middle of recording in Berlin! And there is no way to mount a tour in 2021, so there is no point in rushing LP9 only to be able to tour it one year later at the earliest. If we get anything at all this year, my guess would be it being a non-album single or a minor side project or something.
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    Oops that’s what happens when you search google for the lyrics!
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    lmao it's "where Victorian ghosts pray/for their curses to be broken" 😄

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