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    so actually Chris' answer should have been "with all due respect, ok boomer"
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    My package from my Secret Santa @iamsue arrived last Friday and here are the pictures finally! She is so awesome! She had Santa ask my favorite colors and my wrist size (lol first time I've ever been asked that!). Sue made me 2 bracelets and a Christmas tree! She's so sweet! One has all the colors from the albums! SO COOL! Thanks Sue!!
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    How ironic would it be if they did a Daft Punk collab for the next album just because of that hoax !
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    The day of the concert Finally, Monday arrived. The previous evening I had written a paper sign that said "Looking for 1 Coldplay ticket". I woke up early that day, got breakfast, got into the Tube and arrived at the Natural History Museum at around 10.30 am, I believe. I went in very briefly and asked if there was already a queue forming (they must have thought me crazy, but hey, I was used to stadium queues :D). The museum staff said there wasn't and that they will close first at 6 pm and reopen for the concert. One of the ladies there was very nice, I told her my situation and asked if it would be okay to stand or sit somewhere around the entrance and hold up my sign and she kindly pointed me towards the benches, and said she can tell I'm a big fan and she hopes I'll get a ticket. I sat down on one of the benches and held up my sign. Hundreds of visitors passed by, a lot of them looked at the sign :D Some threw me strange glances, some others stopped and wished me good luck or asked where Coldplay is performing. I met up with @DJK from Norway at the bench and found out he had been here even much, much earlier than me on that day ! We talked a bit, he then went back to check out the museum and I met another fan who I'm not sure is on here called Suzana who had come from Slovakia. We held up the sign in turns and attracted the attention of a few other Coldplay fans without tickets who had flown in all the way from countries like Brazil, Argentina and the Middle East :O An American fan who would later get a ticket somehow (we don't know how or where) stayed with us for a while, and eventually @HannahMarie joined us after she could get off from work. I kept checking my phone because I was posting a lot on Twitter etc looking for tickets. It was around that time that I got a DM from the lovely and wonderful and amazing @Captain Crieff who I feel now owns one of my kidneys on Twitter, saying she thinks someone is selling a ticket on Coldplaying. I immediately followed that up and she gave me the number of the person, @SpinningPlates. Talked to him and he had a spare ticket because his accompanying person couldn't make it due to a very unfortunate incident, and he was willing to part with it at face value !!!!! Not gonna lie, I somehow could not believe it at first. Then again he did sound genuine. He had to come down from Nottingham so we arranged for a meeting at 3 pm. I was both incredibly happy and wary at the same time cause I just couldn't believe my luck !! But since that call I felt more relaxed. Part of me really wanted to believe that I have a ticket !!! There was a merry-go-round and an ice rink on the museum premises were we stood, and I said I'd love to go on it and DJK joined me and we bought tickets and ACTUALLY went on that merry-go-round while the others took pictures :D :D :D That was so much fun. Two grown-ups without kids on a merry-go-round... After a while we got sent off the premises by a security guard who did not approve of our signs about looking for Coldplay tickets...we regrouped just outside the entrance. DJK kindly gave out Love Buttons and I gave out Oatmeal Raisin Cookies :D We were joined by more fans from the UK (Haz) and Italy (Fabio, who eventually made it in at the last minute and went on the meet the band at Maida Vale two days later, and Stefania). We took turns to grab food and coffee. Sometimes it was raining a little bit, but fortunately most of the time it wasn't and London also wasn't too cold these days. Later in the afternoon we were joined by @BuckinParadise from Germany, @Coeurli and Claire (Gluten Tag) from France. It was so nice to meet Coeurli from Coldplaying for the first time in real life ! It was generally awesome to meet all those people. Several times we spotted roadies go in by the main entrance. One of them being Miller aka R42, who briefly looked up and smiled when I said "Mr Miller hello !" but then rushed off. I completely understand the roadies rushing past us, by the way. They have a job to do and they know they can't help any of the disappointed fans out there with tickets. This is totally random, but one of the Italian fans apparently ran into Brian May from Queen when she popped out to get some food :D Around 3 pm my ticket hero @SpinningPlates came and he was for real and he said I needn't pay before we go inside together, so I knew it was all genuine and I was SO HAPPPPPPPYYYYYY !!!! My new friends were happy for me as well, but it was tough because none of them had gotten a ticket and I knew exactly how they must feel, and there was nothing I could do for them but to keep checking if anyone would sell a ticket (nobody did). And I did feel very guilty about having such seemingly undeserved luck, and not even being from the UK. Still, I was incredibly delighted and relieved of course ! About an hour or an hour and a half before the museum closed, we went inside and checked out the venue with the big whale skeleton hung on the ceiling of the main hall. There I saw Coldplayben and some others from Twitter who had tickets, and some others who didn't. My heart skipped a beat when I suddenly saw an old friend from the AHFOD Tour there, @Nie. We hadn't been talking for months and I was under the false impression she didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore. I think she was shocked to see me too :D I felt so awkward I think I just mumbled a few sentences and went away. I went off and helped Haz locate where the roadies are sitting, because she wanted to give a message to the band (MattMcGinn took it). From afar I spotted Matt, Hoppy, Bash, and some other familiar roadies from the AHFOD Tour. At ten to six the museum closed to the public and we had to leave. (In case you wanna know: yes, I eventually worked up enough courage to go and talk to @Nie :D) There was zero information on where the queue and entrance would be. I hung out with the others a bit but finally we heard it was the main gate (which turned out to be incorrect and the queue was later moved). Stood in that queue for about 3,5 hours. My fellow Coldplay ticket-searchers from this morning kept searching until the very end, but to no avail. At some point a taxi stopped next to the crowd and Phil got out !!!! He took a few pics with fans, then addressed the crowd, saying he is very sorry and hates seeing people disappointed, but this is the most impossible concert to get into and not all of his family got in. He then left inside. We waited some more, I got into a bit of trouble with that tough security lady because my ticket holder was not there and I could thus not prove I have a ticket and she wanted to send me away from the queue ! Fortunately I could call up @SpinningPlates and he came and showed them the tickets and ID and I could stay :D Near the time of entrance, they apparently told everyone with no tickets to queue on the other side of the gate for any last minute chances. Some of my friends were stuck that queue. It was heartbreaking to see their faces and have to wave goodbye to them as I went throught the gates. When we went inside, I got barrier on Jonny's side. The instruments were so close. I was SO ELATED to have made it in and see the band songs off their new album this close !! Thank you so much @Captain Crieff and @SpinningPlates, without you I wouldn't have been anywhere !!! To be continued...
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    Yeah I found the interview interesting as well. Felt like the interviewer was a friend and maybe why Chris was comfortable with being that open. We hardly got any deflective jokes we always get. That said, the interview could have been more structured and more in depth. Could have been a lot better. But happy to get this insight.
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    So I was messing around with some stuff and since the original instrumental is literaly, well, just that!, I readded the choir layer without Chris'es vocal take. I have his voice isolated too and it's sooo sooo sweet! I'll share everything I got once I get my new computer, but get ready to be excited! I'm posting this here for the moment just for fun! https://mega.nz/file/FCRBAADQ#rYo-lYE2J-Axsq79U4ohhYpWXtngxD4hRIsKmMbcZP4
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    I tried to do it these last few days. [MEDIA=googledrive]1cQ3ETz6lts19nxR5-Yg6BQxse8ngOh14[/MEDIA] View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cQ3ETz6lts19nxR5-Yg6BQxse8ngOh14/view?usp=drivesdk I think this was reasonably decent, it was the best I could do with the recordings I could make.
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    I was able to get tickets. Also, Cumulus radio just called me and I won that contest for flights, hotel, tickets and M&G to the "secret show". They won't tell me where or when the show is, except that it's in California between the 18th and 21st. that leaves the 19th and 20th and its gotta be in LA somewhere. It's supposed to be announced on Monday.
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    Exacrly like Dave Holmes said in the interview at the end of the AHFOD Tour. The boys really have planned all of this far ahead !
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    Perhaps the licence plate code is not a date, or simply the year 2024... Like, a reference to the future ? On Twiter, I Ran Away guessed "Fast Forward to Future" Also I anticipate a retro-futuristic style for that era, especially given the font and the ancient inspiration...
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    here is my rip and its link! hopefully a loseless version will come out soon... SETLIST Politk God Put A Smile Upon Your Face Trouble My Happiness (cover) / Don't Panic Everything's Not Lost Yellow The Scientist Clocks In My Place Amsterdam / What A Wonderful World (cover) https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NUh2253bAbCobkGH4r2HdmZumL-rVIf0?usp=sharing
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    I found this one from 2012 where Jonny recommends some places to go in London, I hope that helps!
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    And another X&Y Era gem uploaded by our very own @branchu ! For everyone who longs back to a time when Chris actually said positive thnigs about that album :D We are really being fed, aren't we ?
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    The band have unfortunately confirmed that the Daft Punk rumour was a hoax (on the French radio interview). Well done, Kirboh! The band has noticed you.
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    Although I didn't like the interviewer at all, I really enjoyed watching this interview. I understand your comments. To me the guy felt so pretentious and snarky. He cleary didn't know much about the album, and was also very scornful (if that's the right word?) about Chris' answers and "self deprecation". He came across very arrogant, I think. But I really enjoyed the way Chris openly talked about his youth. Although I had read before about his troubles as a teenager, I have never seen him adress this in an interview. And also, it just makes me happy when he talks about the fire inside him and desire to just make music for everyone who is into it.
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    I really love the retro spacey feel of that image. It's an excellent foil to the aesthetic of Everyday Life, and it lends credence to the theory of Everyday Life and LP9 being complements/opposites in some way. Everyday Life has been an amazing era so far, and I'm sad to see it coming to an end so soon, but I'm also super excited and intrigued by the LP9 concept.
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    I think with the whole alien character thing that Chris confirmed they wanna take further and his hint that they have a not yet released song called UFO, and the album booklet image, something space-themed is pretty much confirmed at this point.
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    In that live stream on Instagram Chris said some stuff: -when asked to play Us Against The World he said that they didn’t finish it back then and did now but didn’t want to promote anything at this point -when asked for UFO he said there’s another one called like that that we don’t yet know -in the very beginning he mentioned he was supposed to be with the band now but they are in different parts of the world/different countries (don’t remember what he said precisely but in that way definitely)
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    Im not sure if I’m late but Guy posted this image on his Instagram Last November. And Jonnys wife commented this I just thought it was kind of funny and cute I guess lol
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    I feel like an Army of One now xD
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    With me it's the opposite. I love Flags and Champion of the World more and more.
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    Did anyone see this? [MEDIA=instagram]B5qGJR1KjsF[/MEDIA] View: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5qGJR1KjsF/?igshid=1qjgafpqegoys
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    Wow, this is really interesting. They simply added Jonny's guitar (and Chris' piano that plays along with the melody) during the intro and after the first chorus. The vocals and everything else, sound just like the official studio version. Except for the outro (during the "hallelujah" part) where they also added Jonny's little guitar riff which sounds beautiful. The song definitely sounds better with the little guitar intro as well as the outro. I prefer this radio version, to be honest! By the way, thanks for the recording! :earmuffs:
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    Today I received a lovely package all the way from Mexico! ❤❤❤❤❤ Mariana, (@carkids )thank you so much for your kind words and wishes, if you do visit India anytime soon, let me know and I would love to take you around Bangalore. Thank you so much for the lovely card, pencil, keychain,earrings,stickers and chocolate ❤ You made my day! I haven't tasted the chocolate yet but I'll definitely do so in the evening❤ Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New year with your family and friends Have an amazing day and a wonderful year ahead! Please dm me your address please
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    Great album! :) It's not my favorite Coldplay album but very good. I love the simplicity of the lyrics and gospel influence on it. My favorite tracks are probably "Church and "Everyday Life."
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    another big piece of news direct from the band [MEDIA=twitter]1208097179132235777[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplaying/status/1208097179132235777
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    Chris sounded really good singing it last night on the Graham Norton show! And I loved how they showed him that old picture of the band. I wish they would do a full video/interview reacting to old pictures/videos of themselves:joy:
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    I got mail! My Secret Santa was my good friend @Coeurli, and she knows how much I love Paris (and chocolate) :heart_eyes: also check out those Everyday Life Christmas ornaments! too good. (the star broke in the post but I was able to glueit back together, so it is whole again). I loooove the notebook! Not sure what I'm gonna write in it really it's too pretty for ordinary notes! Merci Céline :heart:
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    Staying with the space theme, "2024" could be a reference to NASA's 2024 Apollo Moon Mission, Back to the moon. And maybe the car is an old rover (-> lunar rover)? There's also a theme of bringing old and new together in the picture generally as with regards to Music of the Spheres, I learned that this seems to relate back to old theories by scientists Pythagoras and Kepler and their work on the relationship between music, harmonics and geometry, as well as the universe. In that album booklet picture that could be represented by the celestial symbols and geometrical shapes. NASA also seem to be exploring this Music of the Spheres theory further, saying "Lunar exploration is musical" and more on their website, and they're trying to sonify data from space. Perhaps Space Symphony could be a Coldplay adaptation of it? It sounds like a great title for a song either way.
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    I really really hope they aren’t joking about reworking X&Y. Because I want that! Not because that album needs reworking but because the boys really need to show more love/attention to that album. It isn’t as shit as they think it is.
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    get in the box of shaaaaame
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    that's great! Just know if you are ever unhappy, this whole community is here for each other. I've been working on some art alongside with piano. This is one: (i took it with my macbook camera so the image is mediocre)
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    [MEDIA=twitter]1236762938783997952[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1236762938783997952 Trouble In Town is coming!
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    I like the video. Whatever happens, the singer will stay with his girlfriend in good and bad days. And this is shown by them first dancing beautifully and finally, when they are old, slowly and awkwardly, but never letting each other go. And the oldfashioned clothes reflect the costumes of the 'Everyday Life' era.
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    I wonder why they didn't market it like other albums. In certain ways it can be compared to 'Ghost Stories', also an album which they didn't tour and of which they knew it would soon be followed by another album. But 'Ghost Stories' was heavily promoted in the lead-up to ist release and so immediately became number 1 in about 70 countries. Were they really not interested in the success of EL? Btw, I don't think band music is not what people are looking for anymore. I think the success of solo singers at the moment is because there aren't many great bands around (with the exception of Coldplay, of course).
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    I'd have a hard time calling it Oldplay.... Depending on what LP9 sounds like, I might even argue that perhaps Oldplay (Parachtues - Viva) and Newplay (MX - AHFOD) might be limiting categorizations. I'd say EL has more similarities with Viva, which also explored one-off genres and felt (risky/experimental) for the band. Viva for me has always been the transition between Oldplay and Newplay -- it kept the alternative part of their roots and mixed it with new genres propelling them into Mylo Xyloto and more pop-friendly stuff. Perhaps EL will be yet another transition from Newplay to NewNewPlay ? haha If I had to categorize EL, I'd say it's a refined, acoustic version of Newplay.
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    I wish there was a time machine that would take me back to witness performances like this: Nothing Coldplay is doing now or will ever do in the future, no matter how good it is, will have the same intensity they had back in those years.
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    I received my SS gift all the way from Russia! Thank you Lisa, you outdid yourself, so many cute gifts! This was my first time participating and I’m so glad I did! Wishing you lots of love and happiness Lisa!
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    I would make it on stable but bendable paper and roll it up so it fits in your hand luggage. Or make it at your final destination, like i did with my "Jonny can I have a plectrum" sign :)
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    So they played Orphans during the show and Everyday Life afterwards, that one will be broadcast on 23 December. Then the fans in the room (bless them) bullied them into playing Champion Of The World but Will and Guy didn't feel like it hehe so Chris and Jonny played it acoustically! But it probably won't be aired unfortunately...
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    It's finally on youtube. So beautiful! :heart_eyes:
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    Everyday Life is a pure art album, definitely like A Rush of Blood to the Head and Viva La Vida . i was shoked with that performance!
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    Could this be the first LA show? [MEDIA=twitter]1201880407626715137[/MEDIA] View: https://twitter.com/coldplayxtra/status/1201880407626715137?s=21
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    I believe that is Space Symphony which might have been an earlier version of Moving to Mars. But idk, could also say Sphere!
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    Yeah, they seem to be avoiding playing this song live proper with an orchestra. A shame, because this is literally an orchestral song that would give them a chance to fully shine solo in all their beauty and glory. They shoulda even done it in Jordan as they did have an orchestra for COTW, maybe they were busy at the time or something bc I can't remember whether they were there at all for the Sunrise performance. I guess they didn't play it in the BBC Radio 1 session at all, but they totally should have played it live with that massive church/hall sound that museum provided, woulda sounded sooooo e b i p
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    And White Shadows should still be up !

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