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    Coldplay has been recording at the famous Hansa Studios in Berlin for perhaps as long as the last 12 days: That's very exciting news. The band all together in the same location !
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    Trouble In Town vs A Message Wanted to say that I think it's great to see that this game is still going after all these years! It seems that there are still enough people that are participating. Even though they are always the same most of the time
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    So am i crazy or does the grainy background on the website resemble the MOTS background?
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    Germany is one of the few countries that seems to have COVID under control, and you don’t have to self isolate for 2 weeks when returning to the UK. So it makes sense why they picked there.
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    Today Coldplay played a short live set on Instagram in support of Global Citizen’s ‘Every Vote Counts’ campaign. Coldplay, a band comfortable playing in front of 70,000 people in stadiums, played live to a virtual audience today on Instagram in their typical awkwardly cute ways. We were treated to Phil on camera, pointing his phone close to each band members face while they cheerily smile and laugh at each other. Phil also paused the band halfway through their set to untangle himself from the bundle of wires tethered to the phone! While troubled with a few technical issues, the band played a spectacular set live from Hansa Studios in Berlin. Despite the glitches, Coldplay proved their versatility as a band today by playing each song live and raw without their usual spectacles of fireworks, lasers and massive screens. Each track was performed beautifully by each band member accompanied only by their own instruments. It's rare that we ever get treated to such an incredible stripped back set from Coldplay but they have outdone themselves today! Everything’s Not Lost was particularly well received by fans on Twitter who haven’t heard the song played live in years. Today’s show was in support of Global Citizen’s latest campaign ‘Every Vote Counts’. During the Instagram Live, Chris pleaded with viewers to vote in the upcoming US 2020 presidential election and asked major news outlets to hold off on calling the election until every vote is counted Many states can’t start counting mail-in ballots until Election Day, and with more people than ever voting by mail due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it may take weeks to count them. Whether former Vice President Joe Biden or President Donald Trump wins could come down to a few states, and if news outlets call the results prematurely, it could have serious consequences, causing confusion, doubt in the democratic process, and even unrest.
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    Acknowledging the incredible creativity from Coldplay, my theory here is that FFTF is "Flight For The Future", and it going to be 3 releases, in sync with Nasa Artemis Mission. Artemis I, expected to launch on November 2021, Artemis II expected to launch on October 2023, and Finally Artemis III expected to launch on October 2024. I know, November 2021 is quite far away...
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    I'm not saying that they're going to release an album like "Los Unidades", in fact, Guy confirmed in an interview that they were working on a LP like Coldplay. I think that "Unsold ideas" could be a hypothetical clue.
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    I have thought about it, but I hope not tbh. I want Coldplay, not LU.
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    Guys, I've been thinking about the theory that LP9 will be about songs from other eras. And if Coldplay gave us a hint 2 years ago with "Los Unidades"? And if it´s an anagram for "Unsold ideas"? The anagram was a theory at that time, and if it really was for this LP and is it a project that they have been doing for a long time? Has anyone else thought of this?
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    Phil said long before COVID that the band wouldn’t be touring until 2021 at the earliest, right? Personally I would love to see this happen, and would be willing to travel abroad and self isolate etc. to see them live again..
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    Something's definitely brewing. They're being a little more active nowadays (in terms of making themselves visible on social media) with the iHeart performance and now the Instagram live performance. They wouldn't want to reappear in the public eye like this just to drop by and say hello. Something's definitely coming, and soon! It will be really interesting to see how they work things around the pandemic, but I'm sure they won't keep their plans on pause for much longer (besides touring of course).
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    I thought the same. In a moment he tried to say something but then he didn't
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    My interpretation of this powerful and beautiful solo. Hope you like it!☺️
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    Hi Everyone! i have been checking this forum since Coldplay started to promote Everyday Life and i am very excited what they are up to now 🙂 It took me a while to find the courage to introduce myself, but here i am now, and i am very happy to be a part of this community! Starting to listen to more and more Coldplay songs in late 2016, i just missed the A Head Full of Dreams Tour, but i really hope to see them live someday 🙂
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    I don't think they will tour Covid-free places and then catch up the rest of the world. I think they will wait until most of the world is (almost) Covid-free. They are a responsible band and they know that if they tour, say, NZ, even if they make the tickets for NZ-inhabitants only, people from all over the world will hop on a plane and fly there in the hopes of getting in (or find a way around and actually get in), thereby increasing the Covid risk in NZ again. I can still remember how many fans came to London for the EL concert at the Natural History Museum that was explicitly just for UK inhabitants* (even many fans without tickets who never got in!) from countries as far away as the US, Brazil, the Middle East... *yes, I acknowledge I was there too. But at least Germany is fairly close to the UK
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    I love A Whisper, but Trouble in Town is even better imho Trouble in Town vs Trouble
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    if you haven't had a look, a recording is available in the downloads section of this site. Here's a direct link: https://coldplaying.com/files/file/76-2020-07-13-coldplay’s-parachutes-at-20-jo-whiley-bbc-radio-2/
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    I’m sure they’ll drop about 2 singles more or less before the end of this year
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    David Holmes, their manager said that in an interview in 2017, I believe, so I actually also wonder if the whole 2021 Tour thing would be the plan all along. But for festivals, recording the album and release times, COVID definitely screwed things up I'd bet.
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    I guess it depends when they think they would be able to tour the album- like maybe late next year there could be a possibility of putting in some tour dates, in which case they could announce the album relatively soon?
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    Yes, he said that in 2003 interviews as well bc he used to get sick a lot during those early times in Germany - I think the spell has been broken now though. Many AHFOD Tour shows and Global Citizen Festival and he was well 😄
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    in the livestream it gave me a feeling that Chris wanted so badly to tell us what they were up to
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    This new logo, it has a vibe to Music of the Spheres
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    Although somewhat ironically, I remember Chris giving an interview saying that he seemed to always get ill when he visited Germany..I think it was around the time of the 2015 early AHFOD show, where he looked visibly unwell😬
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    I bought this toy squirrel in a local charity store today.
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    Some more isolated live vocal mixes. thanks to the wonderful @dvntpxnic who got hold of the 2011 Today show gigs and forwarded it to me. @I ran away Will get the Canada 2006 5.1 asap. VLV (NY2011} Vox.mp3 CB {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Instrumental.mp3 Fix You {NY2011} Vox.mp3 Paradise (NY2011) Vox.mp3
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    Prediction: Late 2020: Single/EP Early- mid 2021: Second single followed by LP9 Late 2021: Tour kicks off in COVID-19 free places (eg NZ & Australia)

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