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    Well, this was all about promo. They had to get all the journalists and important folks in so they can talk about it. But let me be clear that SUCKS a ton for all the fans watching instagram videos and seeing more than half the crowd just standing there as if they don't give a shit. It's extra frustrating because we know this album won't get a tour and most of us won't ever hear these songs live anyway, SAME FUCKING BLOOD
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    I'll write a complete review after its official release but this is the Coldplay who reminds you to be a good person. This is the Coldplay who allows you to be an adult with a child's soul. This is the Coldplay we all love because they don't divide, they don't condemn. This is the same Chris Martin who told us 20 years ago that we live in a beautiful world, yeah we do, yeah we do. Thank you.
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    Chris Martin interview: the Coldplay singer on Everyday Life and why God is the answer The biggest band in the world are back with a new album, and their singer has vital things to say — even if he can’t actually speak. By Jonathan Dean link
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    TiT is a very unfortunate abbreviation.
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    Arabesque came when Brian Eno kicked out Chris from the studio! Brian Eno is fucking genius!
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    I wanted to write about the album Everyday Life and depression. First off, I need to tell you that I'm suffering from clinical depression. I may have alluded to it before but a couple of weeks ago I decided to truly talk about it openly on Twitter and now I'm coming out with it on Coldplaying too. Because mental health is so important and it needs to get more awareness and understanding in the general public, and I'm trying to do my bit. Almost exactly one year ago, I was at an absolute low point. I missed watching AHFODFilm in the cinema because I was hospitalized on the morning of that very day. One year on, I'm much more stable but there are times when I'm still feeling very depressed despite ongoing therapy. This illness has cost me a lot. I think it has even cost me a friendship that was very dear to me. Just as a quick explanation, depression is NOT the same as sadness. It's very hard/impossible to understand if you have never felt it. The difference is (for example), when I'm "only" sad, I can listen to Coldplay (an album like X&Y or AROBTTH maybe) and be sure the songs will lift me up. When I'm truly depressed, I can listen to X&Y and it won't speak to me anymore because I'm in a dark, emotionally unreachable place where I question my existence and life and everything. That said, music may not lift me up but depressing music can make it worse. So now Everyday Life came out (or rather, it leaked) and from the first minute of listening to it, I felt this would be an emotional, dark and heavy album. Don't get me wrong, I love it and think it's a masterpiece and musically I've been waiting for Coldplay to return to darker and heavy music for a long time. But I can't help wonder if listening to it that often is doing me any good right now. I'll list some songs I have issues with: Sunrise is such a sad, sad track that ends with a glimmer of hope, but for most of it feels like a funeral march to me. Those strings really tug at your heart. Trouble in Town is my favourite track tied with Champion of the World, but it is so dark and bleak and hopeless at times. When that piano comes in at "And I get no shelter..." and when the instrumental explodes and the chords change... Daddy is such an emotional song and a tear jerker/heart breaker under any circumstance. But on Monday I was listening to Daddy when I found out that someone I thought of as a dear friend had blocked me on Twitter. It was just too much. I had to stop listening to the album when that happened. Arabesque is not sad but very heavy and the truth is it makes me feel nervous and a bit overwhelmed at times When I Need A Friend is on the melancholic spectrum or at least certainly feels like that to me. Eko sounds very wistful/longing and sad in tone. Old Friends is not sad per se but reminds me of the fact I have almost no friends and that people who are your friends today might have left you by tomorrow. The piano in Bani Adam is so goddamn sad, sad, SAD. I really don't know where the band plucked all that sadness from suddenly. The second part with guitar and drums is not exactly happy either. Everyday Life has such beautiful strings but they tug at my heart too. Tl;dr I feel like listening to this album can potentially make you even more depressed. I was wondering how you cope with what music does to your feelings, and if anybody has similar feelings about Everyday Life or sees it differently.
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    My package from my Secret Santa @iamsue arrived last Friday and here are the pictures finally! She is so awesome! She had Santa ask my favorite colors and my wrist size (lol first time I've ever been asked that!). Sue made me 2 bracelets and a Christmas tree! She's so sweet! One has all the colors from the albums! SO COOL! Thanks Sue!!
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    The day of the concert Finally, Monday arrived. The previous evening I had written a paper sign that said "Looking for 1 Coldplay ticket". I woke up early that day, got breakfast, got into the Tube and arrived at the Natural History Museum at around 10.30 am, I believe. I went in very briefly and asked if there was already a queue forming (they must have thought me crazy, but hey, I was used to stadium queues :D). The museum staff said there wasn't and that they will close first at 6 pm and reopen for the concert. One of the ladies there was very nice, I told her my situation and asked if it would be okay to stand or sit somewhere around the entrance and hold up my sign and she kindly pointed me towards the benches, and said she can tell I'm a big fan and she hopes I'll get a ticket. I sat down on one of the benches and held up my sign. Hundreds of visitors passed by, a lot of them looked at the sign :D Some threw me strange glances, some others stopped and wished me good luck or asked where Coldplay is performing. I met up with @DJK from Norway at the bench and found out he had been here even much, much earlier than me on that day ! We talked a bit, he then went back to check out the museum and I met another fan who I'm not sure is on here called Suzana who had come from Slovakia. We held up the sign in turns and attracted the attention of a few other Coldplay fans without tickets who had flown in all the way from countries like Brazil, Argentina and the Middle East :O An American fan who would later get a ticket somehow (we don't know how or where) stayed with us for a while, and eventually @HannahMarie joined us after she could get off from work. I kept checking my phone because I was posting a lot on Twitter etc looking for tickets. It was around that time that I got a DM from the lovely and wonderful and amazing @Captain Crieff who I feel now owns one of my kidneys on Twitter, saying she thinks someone is selling a ticket on Coldplaying. I immediately followed that up and she gave me the number of the person, @SpinningPlates. Talked to him and he had a spare ticket because his accompanying person couldn't make it due to a very unfortunate incident, and he was willing to part with it at face value !!!!! Not gonna lie, I somehow could not believe it at first. Then again he did sound genuine. He had to come down from Nottingham so we arranged for a meeting at 3 pm. I was both incredibly happy and wary at the same time cause I just couldn't believe my luck !! But since that call I felt more relaxed. Part of me really wanted to believe that I have a ticket !!! There was a merry-go-round and an ice rink on the museum premises were we stood, and I said I'd love to go on it and DJK joined me and we bought tickets and ACTUALLY went on that merry-go-round while the others took pictures :D :D :D That was so much fun. Two grown-ups without kids on a merry-go-round... After a while we got sent off the premises by a security guard who did not approve of our signs about looking for Coldplay tickets...we regrouped just outside the entrance. DJK kindly gave out Love Buttons and I gave out Oatmeal Raisin Cookies :D We were joined by more fans from the UK (Haz) and Italy (Fabio, who eventually made it in at the last minute and went on the meet the band at Maida Vale two days later, and Stefania). We took turns to grab food and coffee. Sometimes it was raining a little bit, but fortunately most of the time it wasn't and London also wasn't too cold these days. Later in the afternoon we were joined by @BuckinParadise from Germany, @Coeurli and Claire (Gluten Tag) from France. It was so nice to meet Coeurli from Coldplaying for the first time in real life ! It was generally awesome to meet all those people. Several times we spotted roadies go in by the main entrance. One of them being Miller aka R42, who briefly looked up and smiled when I said "Mr Miller hello !" but then rushed off. I completely understand the roadies rushing past us, by the way. They have a job to do and they know they can't help any of the disappointed fans out there with tickets. This is totally random, but one of the Italian fans apparently ran into Brian May from Queen when she popped out to get some food :D Around 3 pm my ticket hero @SpinningPlates came and he was for real and he said I needn't pay before we go inside together, so I knew it was all genuine and I was SO HAPPPPPPPYYYYYY !!!! My new friends were happy for me as well, but it was tough because none of them had gotten a ticket and I knew exactly how they must feel, and there was nothing I could do for them but to keep checking if anyone would sell a ticket (nobody did). And I did feel very guilty about having such seemingly undeserved luck, and not even being from the UK. Still, I was incredibly delighted and relieved of course ! About an hour or an hour and a half before the museum closed, we went inside and checked out the venue with the big whale skeleton hung on the ceiling of the main hall. There I saw Coldplayben and some others from Twitter who had tickets, and some others who didn't. My heart skipped a beat when I suddenly saw an old friend from the AHFOD Tour there, @Nie. We hadn't been talking for months and I was under the false impression she didn't want to have anything to do with me anymore. I think she was shocked to see me too :D I felt so awkward I think I just mumbled a few sentences and went away. I went off and helped Haz locate where the roadies are sitting, because she wanted to give a message to the band (MattMcGinn took it). From afar I spotted Matt, Hoppy, Bash, and some other familiar roadies from the AHFOD Tour. At ten to six the museum closed to the public and we had to leave. (In case you wanna know: yes, I eventually worked up enough courage to go and talk to @Nie :D) There was zero information on where the queue and entrance would be. I hung out with the others a bit but finally we heard it was the main gate (which turned out to be incorrect and the queue was later moved). Stood in that queue for about 3,5 hours. My fellow Coldplay ticket-searchers from this morning kept searching until the very end, but to no avail. At some point a taxi stopped next to the crowd and Phil got out !!!! He took a few pics with fans, then addressed the crowd, saying he is very sorry and hates seeing people disappointed, but this is the most impossible concert to get into and not all of his family got in. He then left inside. We waited some more, I got into a bit of trouble with that tough security lady because my ticket holder was not there and I could thus not prove I have a ticket and she wanted to send me away from the queue ! Fortunately I could call up @SpinningPlates and he came and showed them the tickets and ID and I could stay :D Near the time of entrance, they apparently told everyone with no tickets to queue on the other side of the gate for any last minute chances. Some of my friends were stuck that queue. It was heartbreaking to see their faces and have to wave goodbye to them as I went throught the gates. When we went inside, I got barrier on Jonny's side. The instruments were so close. I was SO ELATED to have made it in and see the band songs off their new album this close !! Thank you so much @Captain Crieff and @SpinningPlates, without you I wouldn't have been anywhere !!! To be continued...
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    My ranking right now: 1. Parachutes / VLVODAAHF 2. AROBTTH 3. X&Y 4. EL / MX 5. GS 12. AHFOD
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    This album legit sounds like the "Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends"-2.0 I was hoping for WOOOOH
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    Some of you are complaining about several new songs being only 2m but don't panic some of the best songs by Coldplay are that long. see what i did there
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    Finally, after 18 years, Jazz!Jonny ( ) finally shines in this song! :joy::p
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    Arabesque is the Coldplay we wanted Coldplay to be since MX. Orphans is the Coldplay we always expect Coldplay to be but didn’t want it to be.
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    Maaaan, I can't believe we learned that Coldplay are likely coming back with a politically themed double album with a historical cover and a narrative concept and the mood in this thread is disappointed. This is a (heh) amazing day! I'm much more intrigued for this album than I was for their last two.
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    Just on "The Spheres" thing. In a Geological sense, 'the spheres' are the 4 spheres that make up the Earth. Biosphere - all living things Lithosphere - The Earth's crust and all non-living things (mountains, rock, ground etc) Atmosphere - The gases surrounding the planet (in their many layers) Hydrosphere - All of the water on the Earth's surface. Seeing as Coldplay like to celebrate life and our planet, wouldn't surprise me if this was the theme. Never thought my real life job might be relevant to a potential Coldplay album! haha.
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    The judgment of this court is: We need more GUTS
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    Btw, what do you guys think he meant by "you'll see it in the video" when he was talking about Orphans coming last minute? He mentions it here in the video. Is there going to be a making of the album video? :O https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVgIDJSVV3U:150
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    When I saw Arabesque I had a hunch and I just looked it up, it's true. Arabesque is an unreleased song from the Mylo Xyloto era! :)
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    Two pages ago it was "it better not be reworked old songs." Now that there is a track listing and what appears to be official album art it's "this isn't right either." All i hear is Chris's wry song on AHFOD movie, "with their f***ing opinions." I think it's fair to hear the music before completely skewering the band? No? All that being said there are rumors that this is fake. Can anyone verify?
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    I tried to do it these last few days. [MEDIA=googledrive]1cQ3ETz6lts19nxR5-Yg6BQxse8ngOh14[/MEDIA] View: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cQ3ETz6lts19nxR5-Yg6BQxse8ngOh14/view?usp=drivesdk I think this was reasonably decent, it was the best I could do with the recordings I could make.
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    So... sustainable touring. If we want the band back out on the road again, we can only hope they'll figure out a way to tour with less of an environmental impact. Maybe we should give them some ideas and send them to Phil Harvey or something. :cool: What would YOU do if you were Coldplay and: A) You want to decrease your environmental impact B) Ensure your fans still get a chance of seeing you C) Keep making the same amount of money as before? Some things from the top of my head: - A smaller production. I know the impact of the production is rather small compared to the people traveling to the gig but still... . You have to start somewhere and I know Radiohead scaled down their screens and stuff and used different lights to achieve this. And 5 trucks instead of 20 is still a big difference. - Chose venues more carefully so that they are easily reachable with public transport. - Enforce the venue to contact public transport and make arrangements to ensure people can actually get home after the gig. Public transport often does not run late enough. They are big enough and draw huge crowds. They have the power to do this. Other bands have done this. If it's not possible, just start earlier! - Give people a discount, a refund or a gift if they can submit a validated public transport ticket. I know this works differently in every country, but still... . It's not impossible. - Make sure every venue has a parking lot for bicycles. Give everyone who came by bicycle a ticket which can also be used for the discount, gift or whatever. - Work together with other bands that draw crowds of a similar size and use each other's infrastructure and production. E.g. team up with Foo Fighters and Metallica. Travel together from city to city with (mostly) the same crew, stage, screens, etc. . Have a different band play each day and then move together to a different city. Probably not easy to pull off, but by joining forces, some of the other ideas could be more easily enforced. - Don't skip festivals! The ecological footprint of one sustainable festival is smaller than that of individual gigs of all bands combined. Also you're Coldplay, you have a certain degree of influence over festival organisations. If Morrissey can ban meat at festivals, I'm sure Coldplay could (and should) ask for way more. - Combine festivals (where a huge amount of people can see you) with smaller gigs that have a smaller impact. Intuitively, I think the mid-sized arena and stadium gigs have the biggest footprint (relative to the amount of people attending). Other ideas?
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    I guess it's difficult to find a balance between promoting your album to "important people" and engaging with fans. There weren't many people outside but to those few it would have meant the most to attend, and their excitement/posts on social are free promotion for the band too. I accept there were limited tickets but hope they improve the organisation side of things for future events.
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    Currently having a great afternoon with @HannahMarie ! :D
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    Stereogum's not-a-real-review Premature Evaluation: Coldplay Everyday Life Chris DeVille 2 hours ago When was the last time Coldplay released a truly great album? Those for whom the question incites finger-pointing and maniacal laughter can close their browser tabs now. As for everyone else: Surely your pick is not 2015’s color-splattered pop move A Head Full Of Dreams, which stands as this band’s creative nadir. At the time I personally stumped for 2014’s dark, dreary divorce album Ghost Stories, though in hindsight much of my admiration hung on “Magic,” one the most impeccable singles in their catalog. There are those who’ll go to the mat for the 2011 rock opera Mylo Xyloto, which is a reasonable take, but that one doesn’t blow me away like 2008’s also-grandiose costumed Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends. Or maybe you’re the type of person who believes Chris Martin’s crew have never been as good as on that initial three-album run when they grabbed the baton from U2 that Radiohead had refused and became the biggest band in the world. No matter where you stand on Coldplay, if you’ve ever liked them at all, Everyday Life has something for you. Although its 53-minute runtime does not necessitate two discs, in spirit it justifies the double-album conceit. Like the White Album or even Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (whose disc titles “Dawn To Dusk” and “Twilight To Starlight” preceded Coldplay’s use of “Sunrise” and “Sunset”), this set finds its creators hopping from style to style, sometimes experimenting, sometimes returning to their wheelhouse. More often than not, it works. Coldplay have spent the second half of this decade pointedly capping off their first era. Last year they released a career-spanning documentary, which probably would have been accompanied by a greatest hits album if artists besides Spoon still released such comps. And Martin famously compared A Head Full Of Dreams, his band’s seventh LP, to Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, the seventh and final book in J.K. Rowling’s series. Although both are massively popular franchises centered on dorky English boys with supernatural abilities, Coldplay’s offensively bright and gravitas-free LP7 bears little aesthetic similarity to Harry Potter’s grim finale. And anyhow, that makes Everyday Life, what, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them? Maybe the comparison is actually not so awful. After all, Fantastic Beasts is a prequel, and Everyday Life often finds the guys who made “The Scientist” going back, not just back to the start, but to somewhere well before they began. A large chunk of the album explores musical traditions that predate Coldplay, but always with the keen awareness that they’re writing these traditions into Coldplay’s story. Sometimes this means minimalist takes on foundational American genres: the gospel praise song “BrokEn,” the folksy acoustic protest “Guns,” the soul lullaby “Cry Cry Cry.” Other times it means delving into truly ancient stylings: the achingly beautiful symphonic instrumental “Sunrise,” the baroque piano excurcion “Bani Adam,” the cathedral-ready choral arrangement “When I Need A Friend.” This sounds like the kind of exercise that could send you to the emergency room from slapping your own forehead too much, and yet the gambit is successful. The songs are good. So are the more modern tracks. Many sound like classic Coldplay, whatever that means to you, be it arena-ready anthems (the gracefully gliding “Church” and the triumphantly floating “Champion Of The World”), sparse folk-rockers that hearken back to their earliest material (“Eko,” “Old Friends,” “Wonder Of The World / Power Of The People”), or ballads that get away with laying it on a little thick (“Everyday Life” and “Daddy,” one of the prettiest songs they’ve ever released). Lead single “Orphans,” with its liquid bass and yearning children’s choir and shameless Bono hero worship, originally struck me as a continuation of their insipid A Head Full Of Dreams sound, but examining it from different angles has revealed its sparkle. And when they get loud, as on the gloomy “Trouble In Town” and the heavily grooving funk-jazz parade “Arabesque,” it hits as hard as they intend. To assemble this sonic scrapbook, they’ve pulled from a wide range of sources, many of them via sampling, interpolation, or some other vaguely defined inspiration meriting a writing credit: late Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison, Persian poet Saadi, jazz legend Alice Coltrane, second-generation Afrobeat star Femi Kuti, the Durutti Column’s John Metcalfe, “Piece Of My Heart” songwriters Bertrand Berns and Jerry Ragovoy, Belgian rapper Stromae, Scandinavian pop production maestros Max Martin and Stargate, Pakistani qawwali singer Amjad Farid Sabri, Italian violinist Davide Rossi. In the lead-up to Everyday Life, Martin supposedly spent a lot of time traveling the world, meeting people and gathering experiences in disparate cultures. According to drummer Will Champion, Coldplay recorded in brief, intensive stints in locales ranging from a wintry Italian hilltop, the California beachfront, the English countryside, and their old studio in North London. The globetrotting ethos has continued into the album rollout, with a pair of livestreamed release shows from Jordan beginning tonight. If all this maneuvering hadn’t already made Coldplay’s intentions plain, they spell out their call to empathy in the title track’s chorus: “Cause everyone hurts/ Everyone cries/ Everyone tells each other all kinds of lies/ Everyone falls/ Everybody dreams and doubts/ Got to keep dancing when the lights go out.” It’s the sort of come-together messaging you’d expect from a band like Coldplay, bleeding-heart optimists who deal in grand gestures and have been more successful than most at bringing together wide swaths of people. It’s also one of the weakest songs on the album, partially because it insists on tying a bow on the messy realities Coldplay have explored leading up to it. None of the positions Coldplay stake out while cataloguing the world’s ills will surprise anyone, but they at least tend to be more nuanced than “Why can’t we all just get along?” Audio of disgraced Philly cop Philip Nace terrorizing minorities during a traffic stop kicks in just before the thunderous climax of “Trouble In Town,” while “Guns” finds one of history’s most earnest rock stars successfully pulling off sarcasm via the refrain, “The judgement of this court is: We need more guns.” On “Orphans,” Martin frames the plight of displaced Syrian refugees in terms anyone could understand: “I wanna know when I can go back and get drunk with my friends.” And when he ends “Arabesque” by repeatedly snarling “Same fucking blood!” it becomes easier to buy into the song’s assertion that “music is the weapon of the future,” if only until the end of the track. Elsewhere Martin trades the global focus for the personal. On “Church,” a giddy love song presumably addressed to new flame Dakota Johnson, he sings, “What can I tell you/ When I’m with you I’m walking on air,” and he sounds like it. Other times he leaves you guessing about whether the character sketches are autobiographical. In particular, it’s possible to hear “Daddy” as his regretful reflection on spending so much of his kids’ childhoods on the road, a thought that lends crushing weight to its gently arching chorus: “You’re so far away.” Everyday Life overflows with gorgeous moments like that. If this is the beginning of a new era for this band, they’re getting off on the right foot, with songs that showcase them at their best. It’s not going to change the world, and it may not even change anyone’s mind about Coldplay, but it resoundingly succeeds in updating the answer to that question up top. When was the last time Coldplay released a truly great album? Right now. https://www.stereogum.com/2064318/coldplay-everyday-life-review/franchises/premature-evaluation/
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    Well I have a confession to make: it is sometimes a guilty pleasure of mine to read negative/hate comments on Coldplay and laugh about how wrong/uninformed they are. And recently on Twitter I even took it up a notch and responded to some (in a funny, non-offensive way obviously) :joy:
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    The first part, the piano part of Bani Adam was played in 2010. Chris plays it at the very end of Trouble in the video below. I always loved the little snippet of it and wondered if we would ever hear it again
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    LP9 indirectly confirmed by Chris! :):):)Life is beautiful
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    If this song is even 1/4 of the song Violet Hill is I will be extremely pleased. When Coldplay go historic/Political they produce some of their best material (Violet Hill, Politik, Arabesque, VLV) The more I hear from this album, the more it’s shaping up to be the dream album I’ve been asking for a long time. It’s rockier, indie, better produced, darker and has more attitude. The wait is killing me.
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    the new track is very meh. it just doesn’t go anywhere or do much of anything, and the message and “hook“ are very on the nose. however i think it’s gonna make way more sense in context since it’s the last track of the record. i’m suspecting the second to last track is bombastic and all that was expected to happen at the end of everyday life and then everyday life closes out the album in a short/sweet and refreshing way. don’t know why they released this as a single though.
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    They could do what U2 did with Songs of Innocence and Songs of Expirience where on certain songs off of Songs of Expirience would quote a couple lines directly from Songs of Innocence. For example: the song 13 on Expirience had some of the same lyrics as Song for Someone did off the Innocence album. And American Soul did the same with the song Volcano off the Innocence album. This would explain the b/w thumbnails.
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    I was able to get tickets. Also, Cumulus radio just called me and I won that contest for flights, hotel, tickets and M&G to the "secret show". They won't tell me where or when the show is, except that it's in California between the 18th and 21st. that leaves the 19th and 20th and its gotta be in LA somewhere. It's supposed to be announced on Monday.
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    Perhaps the licence plate code is not a date, or simply the year 2024... Like, a reference to the future ? On Twiter, I Ran Away guessed "Fast Forward to Future" Also I anticipate a retro-futuristic style for that era, especially given the font and the ancient inspiration...
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    Music of the Spheres... Spacey retro vibes... Now we're talking, that's the Coldplay I've been waiting for since Viva. But who knows what this really means. I don't even want to picture 2024 right now, way way wayyyyyy too far away.
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    With the recent leak of the lengths of each 'Everyday Life' track, I would like to share my thoughts on how this album will work. First of all, I don't think this is really the first time they've done a double album; instead, I would give this label to 'X&Y'. It's a symmetrical album with 6 songs on each side, being the 'X' side the more pessimistic and the 'Y' side the more optimistic. Everyday Life use this same format structure with 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset', with the only difference that now each side has a total of 8 songs. Next we have 'Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends', which is an album that has 9 full songs and 4 short songs (3 of them as hidden tracks) , all of them under the same musical concept. Here Everyday Life takes the melodic structure as a reference, having a total of 8-9 full songs and a large number of 7-8 short songs, with the only difference that all of them are direct tracks instead of some being hidden. TL;DR: Everyday Life takes the format structure of X&Y and combine it with the melodic structure of VLVODAAHF under the concept of political and social problems. I just love these two albums in terms of concept and fluidity, and I'm sure I will like Everyday Life on the same way.
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    When I see hate comments about Coldplay I just feel sorry for those miserable people. It must be tough to go through life with such hatred in your heart. Grown ass adults acting like school bullies over a difference in musical taste. Just sad.
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    Haven't written a long post in a while but felt like I really needed to reply to this, What I love about Coldplay songs is that for me, even the saddest songs have a glimmer of hope in them.... If I am in a really bad mood and I decide to make myself even worse by listening to sad songs I let myself do just that... Because I end up crying and it helps me let it all out. If I am feeling numb though and that everything is pointless I go to Coldplay... Their songs make me feel like I am understood and I get this weird feeling like they are giving me a long hug... This beautiful comfort... I still feel sad but it's like Coldplay/ their songs/ the music is telling me that it will pass. I don't really know how to explain it. I just end up feeling more hopeful... I was actually in a dark place when I first started listening to Coldplay and their music really helped me. Now for Everyday Life, it is darker than most of their other albums so I can see why you feel that way. I can barely hold back tears when I listen to Daddy, and Trouble in Town's line " and I get no shelter" really tugs at my heart too. I get chills with a lot of songs from this album and get a lot of melancholic vibes from it as well. But I still get this comforting feeling that I get with their other songs and that's the magic of Coldplay for me :blush: Eko makes me melancholic but also has this calming effect. Same with When I Need A Friend. Even the darkest songs in this album feel like a way to vent for me, I really like their intensity. Maybe they would affect me in a different way if it wasn't Coldplay, Now for how I cope with what music does to my feelings. When I am sad, I don't avoid listening to sad songs anymore. I accept the feeling but I've made a deal with myself not to let it overwhelm me and drown me. So I allow myself to listen to sad songs on repeat for as long as I need it but I am careful not to wallow in my sadness too much and try to be aware of my feelings and how they are affecting me and the way I act. And then I slowly try to lift myself up... start taking care of myself even when I don't want to, forcing myself to go out with friends because I know I will have fun and being alone will make it worse. It's all a process. But it gets better in time. Now in no way do I say that I know how you feel. I haven't actually gone to a therapist and haven't been diagnosed with depression although I've been fighting with these feelings for many years and I have many relatives that have clinical depression so I've seen it first hand what it can do to a person. What I've learned though is that every situation is different and not every person acts and feels the same. I just wanted to share with you my feelings because your post made me feel some kind of way. If you feel like listening to EL makes you feel worse and that it doesn't help with your situation you should take care of yourself! It's okay if you feel like you can't listen to the new songs that much, you will have all the time in the world to listen to them when you feel better. Taking care of yourself should be your priority. I wish you all the best and hope you will feel much better soon :blush:
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    So now we’ve all heard the album I still have a few unanswered questions. What relation does the old-timey cover art, references to 1919 come from? There’s no music like that on the album really Why were the thumbnails of those songs turned black and white, what relation do they have to the album? Why was it put into two halves? To me you could interchange any of the songs on either sunrise/sunset and it wouldn’t really drastically change anything.
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    For the Oldplayers, did this album satisfy you??
  42. 7 points
    I like music for both purposes, personally. Coldplay's music has always had some slight "political" undertones, so to have one album really dig into their feelings and frustrations sounds good to me! So long as the music also slaps :) And something that might be politicized doesn't mean Coldplay shouldn't make art about it. At the end of the day, the world is really really frustrating, scary and confusing. Especially in 2019, I think people rising up and resisting a lot of the crap going down (violence, climate change, inequity, racism) is a good thing, and if Coldplay can contribute to that movement then go for it! Use your platform!
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    A few positive and negative thoughts Pros -Orphans is really catchy, I quite like it. Great energy live too. Even Guy was visibly into it- a rare occurrence these days. -This title track is one of the few occasions I think the studio version is better than the live performance, but maybe they'll bring the full on strings/everything else for the Jordan performance of it. -I like Chris' shirt and the whole aesthetic of the era. Curious to see if they'll wear the tux/bowtie thing for concerts, or the more casual style like the SNL performance. Cons -The title track is beautiful, but I think it's missing a huge opportunity for one of those trademark bending, drawn-out-note solos from Jonny, like the style of Moving to Mars or True Love. The live performance lacked so many of the good parts that are in the studio version. -I think Coldplay blew a huge opportunity to play Arabesque and blow the mainstream away. The title track, upon first listen (which for me, was the SNL performance), felt like it was easy for critics to validate how insipid some Coldplay songs are. They could've played Orphans, which satisfies the mainstream pop category, and then Arabesque as something to make people think "wow, this band truly does have something special and different". I can picture people sitting there after hearing Everyday Life and going "meh, that was boring". But of course, us Coldplayers find the "boring" stuff to be beautiful emotional masterpieces. -Although Chris' voice sounds much better than the end of the AHFOD tour, unfortunately, he is really slowly starting to show his age in his voice. You can hear it strain and crack a lot more than it used to, and he clearly tries to avoid his upper register in Orphans for the "I wanna know, when I can go..."
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    Do you think they will ever do this live ? To me its a really difficult one to do, so many things coming together. Though, i'm praying they will. The ending is gonna be massive in a packed stadium.
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    This is bordering beatles level of experimentalism, I don't mind more tracks like this
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    I wonder if this album was built off all of the scrapped material around the Viva/Mylo eras? For those who don't know, Coldplay was working on a follow up (LP5) to Viva that was originally super acoustic and indie sounding (see original Charlie Brown in AHFOD Film), but they decided they'd rather do something bigger, louder, and more colorful. This is potentially where Car Kids, ALIENS, Arabesque, Drunks and Guns, and other tracks were scrapped. You also have amazing demos like , / l, . It's possible they knew they were going to keep those demos and put them into a big package eventually since they didn't fit into the more mainstream album cycles. And maybe here we are??? Then again, it could all be new material and those demos above could have been incorporated into releases already (wedding bells and U.F.O or Atlas?). EDIT: And maybe that'd make sense for the "last 100 years or therabouts" because from Chris' perspective these songs have existed for a super long time but just haven't had a home? Or maybe the album will be time-travelly and each song will be inspired by a different decade of music.
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    I've never quite understood this idea that people don't think something is "very Coldplay". We're talking about a band that has consistently re-invented themselves and continues to strive to release something new. And in reference to "Daddy"... I can see this one being somewhat of a lullaby. And Ode to his children... Almost like a song from their perspective. Which i'm all for.
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    Trouble in town where they pan around all the boys then Jonny goes into his solo !! Man I can’t stop watching this !!
  49. 6 points
    HOLY SH*T!!!! Arabesque is AMAZIIIIIING!!! What the... :heart: I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE WHOLE ALBUM!!
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    countdown countding down to Thursday, so that'll be the single probably??

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