Download Tonight’s Concert in Manchester!


Coldplay performed a wonderful set tonight kicking off their UK shows! Here’s the setlist along with the download link:



O mio babbino caro (Maria Callas song) (Not Broadcasted)
01. A Head Full of Dreams (extended intro with Charlie Chaplin speech)
02. Yellow
03. Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall
04. The Scientist
05. Birds (with “Oceans” excerpt in intro)
06. Paradise (with Tiësto remix outro)


07. Everglow (preceded by Muhammad Ali tribute video)
08. Lovers In Japan (restarted; preceded by band introductions)
09. Magic (with “Army Of One” excerpt in outro)


10. Clocks
11. Midnight (partial)
12. Charlie Brown
13. Hymn For The Weekend
14. Fix You (with “Midnight” excerpt in intro)
15. “Heroes” (David Bowie cover)
16. Viva La Vida
17. Adventure of a Lifetime


18. Kaleidoscope (played from tape) (extended)
19. Trouble (audience request song; acoustic)
20. See You Soon (with snippet of “Live Forever” by Oasis)


21. Amazing Day (extended intro)
22. A Sky Full of Stars (with stage invader at the end)
23. Up&Up
O (Reprise) (concert credits on screen) (Not Broadcasted)

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Tonight’s Concert in Manchester will be streamed live through Radio X in the UK! Details below:

Listen Live

If you happen to live in the UK then you can listen on Radio X.

For anyone who lives outside of the UK you can generate a postcode here or alternatively listen on TuneIn below!

When is the Show?

You will be able to listen live today (June 4th) at these times:


Join us as we listen and discuss the show together on our forums!

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