Chris Martin music video magic

‘Magic’ music video is a hit with Coldplay fans. View the gallery now! (including a surprise appearance!)

It has been a few days since Coldplay released the official music video for ‘Magic’ and we have received an overwhelming positive response. over 60% of our forum users have voted the video 10/10 while another 27% have voted either 8 or 9 out of 10! The perfect figure is even higher on our website poll.

Have something to say about the music video? Do you rank it high up with other Coldplay videos like Paradise, Fix You and Scientist or are you disappointed in the approach of the video?

Here is the spectacular gallery for the video with all the best snaps!

(Thanks to the escapist, jonny and the cake, coldplay respect! and febrian)

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Here are some more photos, this time from behind the set of the ‘Magic’

(Thanks febrian)

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And a special treat….

This edited photo was found on tumbler with shows our own Jonny Buckland making a special appearance!