Coldplay Oscar nomination

A ‘Miracle’ This Christmas? New Coldplay Song In Oscar Race!

A 'Miracles' This Christmas? New Coldplay song In Oscar Race
It’s been revealed that Coldplay are set to enter the race for the Best Original Song of the 2014 Oscars. The British band, who’s track, Atlas missed out on last year’s Oscar nominations for their Hunger Games : Catching Fire Soundtrack contribution (although it was nominated for the Golden Globe), will soon showcase their brand new song, Miracles, just in time for the Christmas release of the new film directed by Angelina Jolie, Unbroken.

The other Best Original Song nomination hopefuls vying to be included on the list (released at the start of December) for this year also include, Gregg Alexander (of New Radicals’), Patti Smith and John Legend. expands on Coldplay’s inclusion in stating :

“Miracles,” I’m told, begins over “Unbroken’s” post-narrative epilogue (images of the real Louis Zamperini, etc.) and continues into the credits.

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This means Coldplay’s role within the film will be limited to the credits, like Atlas but hopefully with another cracker of a tune and a potential Oscar nomination in the mix. Whether it will be as big as Atlas was for the Coldplay community or a lower key release such as Wish I Was Here is yet to be seen but with Miracles by Coldplay as one of the front runners already within a contest which included U2, Pharrell Williams and Karen O last year, something tells me we could hear something special indeed!

More news on Coldplay’s new track as soon as we have it!