New Coldplay “Fuzzy Man” video uploaded to YouTube – what does it mean?

It’s been a busy week already in Coldplay circles, and its only Wednesday. Already, we’ve had strange going’s on at the Bakery captured by a fan, sat talking to an old Irish fella, and then later that day new graffiti artwork revealed on Coldplay’s Twitter by fifth member, Phil Harvey.

Possibly the most revealing news about the LP5 era came yesterday in the form of a short silent video uploaded onto Coldplay’s YouTube channel, around the same time that new lyrics were posted on their Twitter account. Speculation suggests that it’s either something to do with the new album or single artwork, part of a new video or even a hint to what will be worn during the forthcoming festival tour.

What do you think this video indicates? Let us know in the messageboard. For now, here are just some of the latest comments to come out of the “Walking Man Video” thread in the Coldplay forum…

This video is very Apparatjikesque! I sense the Guy influence here. Well we have to wait & to see what it means but we have the same bright pink and blue colors in the walking man and the website. [a-chan on the Fuzzy Man]

Wow…so er…I hope they’ve had their laugh. Now where’s the music boys? [crestingwaves on the Fuzzy Man]

It’s probably just an idea for their first music video of the new album and they felt they should share it and send people crazy trying to find the hidden message. [kat_iveson on the Fuzzy Man]

The lyrics are crap but looking forward to hear more news [Lore on the Fuzzy Man]

Maybe Chria is doing a spell in the West End, as Joseph? Lol, jk. I love this…it’s strangely mesmerising. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the build up in the run up to an album release. Very exciting!! [lucyb on the Fuzzy Man]

it’s GREAT to see how news are coming out every day, maybe it will be the same during the whole week, ah? I also love how they tend to upload mysterious studiofeed-like videos, always suggesting but never actually saying anything.. they want us to go nuts! The first thing that came to my mind was that Speedman was a wanderer Chris (is it too obvious?) Whatever.. I still don’t see the point of showing those things up if nothing is going to happen until after the festivals. [pepa20 on the Fuzzy Man]

I don’t think I’m being glass half empty. I think I’m just speculating. It’s just I honestly don’t believe it’s the album artwork. Perhaps it is but if I were a betting man I’d say it isn’t. And I don’t think we’re going to see a return to any form of “old Coldplay” (first three album) with this album. Artwork, music etc. The artwork would be too much in the vain of old Coldplay artwork. Coldplay have to move on regardless of how good people thought the first few albums were in music, artwork, themes etc. Otherwise it’d just become boring. I still see the album coming out in September/October after the end of their festival dates so it would seem pretty premature to release album artwork now especially in the form of a moving video! [howyousawtheworld on the Fuzzy Man]

I’d be happy with that as the album cover. Back to nice single background, single pictures covers from before the shite that was VLV. Also those potential lyrics already sound better than the storytelling shite that was VLV. Prospekt. on the Fuzzy Man]

I guess it is multicoloured Chewbacca [cele on the Fuzzy Man]

I don’t see why they would change their Twitter display picture to the speedman unless it was an album cover, or a single cover, or some kind of artwork with the new album looming. it seems almost nonsensical for it to be their display photo for a lesser reason but I do look forward to seeing what it represents. maybe the new single will be called ‘Speedman’? haha I’m just thinking out loud. It could also be an indicator to what the guys will be wearing on stage… and that’s why it’s been posted now ahead of their festival dates, in preparation. I love how they post something so insignificant and we all go nuts about it! [Bonus_mosher on the Fuzzy Man]

I feel like a pet hamster in a cage. Everyone once in a while my master comes by and gives the cage a wiggle. And on really exciting days, he throws me a piece of carrot. [Pink on the Fuzzy Man]

Latest pictures of Chris Martin in London this week… [thanks mimixxx & Natascha]