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    Coldplay have today earned their second Billboard Hot 100 #1, their first since 2008, with their hit new collaboration “My Universe” with BTS. The single makes history as the first Hot 100 #1 ever by two co-billed lead groups, in addition to topping the Digital Song Sales, Hot Rock & Alternative Songs and Hot Alternative Songs charts.


    “My Universe” has also shattered records internationally, achieving the biggest first week download number in the UK this year and debuting at #1 on both the Billboard Global 200 and Global Excl. U.S. charts. The single also finished the week at #3 on the Official UK Charts and was the #1 most viewed song on YouTube last week with a total of 76.6 million combined views across uploads.


    “My Universe” is taken from Coldplay’s forthcoming album Music Of The Spheres, which arrives on October 15th.

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    • my theory is that Aurora will be on vol.2, maybe associated to an instrumental called MOTS III... my guess is that there will be new songs for the same planets but instead of the neon moons we will have this little blue planet hopefully they will break the silence soon on the volumes stuff with the album out!
    • Can someone ask Phil? What the heck is going on???
    • Something's been bothering me and i'm sure lots of us... As per the leaflet (the map of the Spheres) AND the artwork cover show, there is a 13th sphere called Aurora, the tiny blue one. (on the same line as Utra and Infinity Station) According to the leaftlet and to the cards that people have been getting from the special box set, they created a dedicated alien language for this one as for all. Based on a thorough investigation (5 minutes of squinting my eyes at this lol) it seems to translate to "Aurow1".. But the album only features 12 songs, without any hidden track. The booklet with all the credits do not mention Aurora/Aurow1 at all either. We also know that the Japanese bonus track supposedly is a version of Higher Power, not a new track. Therefore a question remains : WHERE is Aurora? Is it a song that nearly made it to the album but was eventually discarded (Car Kids 2.0 which would fit with the Mylo Xylotwo theme of this era lol) ? Is it a hint towards Vol2?? Maybe it was supposed to be on Vol1 and will be on Vol2? Is it a different project and was never an actual song? What are your theories?
    • So after two consecutive days of listening to the album, here are some of my thoughts. A lot of what has been said before also applies to how I feel about the album as a 'whole' or pieces of the puzzle (which don't fit perfectly) put together. Music of The Spheres (6/10) Good opener to build the anticipation during live shows for sure. Melds well into Higher Power. But, compared to other album openers, it doesn't come close. For me, it should've just been part of Higher Power (album version). Higher Power (8/10) - on shuffle Absolute banger of a single. For me, it's one of their better 'pop' singles. I've been enjoying it since release and I still do. This is the perfect result of a pop-rock band going into higher spheres and experimenting with modern day pop music. Humankind (8.5/10) - on repeat The first time my BF heard the song, he instantly said ''It sounds like something from Mylo Xyloto'' and yes I agree. It's an ubeat mylo-rock anthem that just works very well. It sounds like a mix of DLIBYH, ETIAW and Life Is Beautiful (thank god they didn't release that song, and hopefully never will) ✨ (no score) Should've just been part of Humankind. I really don't get why they would want to make this a separate song. To fill the gaps? Let Somebody Go (7/10) - on shuffle Had to grow on me, but after a few listens I'm totally in love with Will's harmonies, the piano sounds and the beautiful Basslines. Maybe a bit too much Everglow pt.2. I do hope Will will rediscover his acoustic drum kit, or even a cajun again. ❤️ (5/10) - to skip I like the chorus, but I'm not a fan of acapella songs, or gospel, or choirs. People of the Pride (8/10) - on repeat Definitely a banger. Coldplay going full rock and I love it. Even though the song doesn't feel that original (the riff sounds very common). But well, a moshpit at a Coldplay concert? I'm in! I love how they tried to make a real rock song and succeded, however I think I'm missing a bit of depth/Coldplay feel. So I'm afraid I might lose interest in the song sooner or later. Biutyful (3/10) - to skip This I dontt really get. Why the high pitched voice? I guess it's called experimenting, but I'm not really feeling it. And again the drum machine feels a bit cheap. The last minute is probably the best, when you can hear Chris's voice like it should (this sort of saved the song).  🌎 (no score) The same as the other instrumentals, pointless, bland. My Universe (5/10) - easy to skip but also easy to listen to Well. It's a nice song for One Direction (if they still existed). The 'dance break' part almost saved the song. ♾ (7/10) - on shuffle This is how an instrumental or interlude should be. I love that they're really trying new things. Even though I think the beat and intro is a bit too long. Coloratura (10/10) - on repeat I think most has already been said about this one. Saved the album for sure, but feels more like a stand alone song. This is Coldplay at their best   So for now, I have some mixed feelings. I do love a couple of songs, but just don't really get the way the album is shaped with all the interludes and weird stuff going on. And I feel that most of the songs are more standalone ones, they don't really work as a whole for me. In terms of ranking the albums, I think MOTS vol i will be one of my least favourite ones and kind of a let down compared to Everyday Life. Thank god for Coloratura and Humankind.
    • Will Coldplay ever Tour Again?  The world tour has been announced, so the answer is Yes, they will. Thread closed 
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