Next Coldplay album will be titled - 'A Head Full Of Dreams'

Next Coldplay album will be titled – ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’

Next Coldplay album will be titled - 'A Head Full Of Dreams'
In a shock announcement on BBC Radio 1, Coldplay’s Chris Martin told Zane Lowe, who congratulated the band on winning his single of the year competition for Magic, that Coldplay’s seventh album, the follow up to Ghost Stories will be called A Head Full Of Dreams!

The interview on BBC Radio 1 started out with Chris Martin and Zane Lowe looking back at Magic and Ghost Stories, just like they did back in May during a more personal and emotional interview. Chris said the whole group was ‘reinvigorated’ by Ghost Stories and when the subject moved on to touring stadiums, the frontman, like previous occasions, said it wouldn’t ‘feel right’ to tour stadiums with Ghost Stories and then quickly moved onto to reveal a massive secret to us!

“Well, we’re in the studio and…ermm…well I think i’ll tell you! I haven’t told anyone this, we haven’t told anyone this but we’re making an album called ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’…and that’s what we’re working on. We’re right in the middle of it”.

Chris laughed and said he feels nervous as he didn’t get permission! The Devonshire born singer explains it will be their seventh album and “it’s like the last Harry Potter book, not to say there won’t be another thing one day but its the completion of something”. Chris mentioned this earlier on in the year while in New York. He expands this time and tells Zane :

I have to think of it as the final thing we’re doing, otherwise we wouldn’t put everything into it, you see what I mean? *Zane agrees*…then we will go on tour”

To summarize, Coldplay view the album as their last one to push themselves further and the band will be going on tour once A Head Full Of Dreams is released!

On the subject of the new material, Chris told Zane of his satisfaction when going straight from Ghost Stories, back to the recording studios and stated during the live interview on BBC Radio 1 that the band are making songs that sound different and it’s a fun time to be in the band.

Interview audio

You can listen to the full interview below on Youtube (thanks gai) or just the album title announcement on the Soundcloud player.

Magic named Zane Lowe’s single of the year!

As mentioned, Magic was victorious in Zane Lowe’s single of the year, which all of us had a say in as Coldplay’s Twitter asked us to support the first single from Ghost Stories in a bid to win and Magic ended up beating tough competition from The 1975, with single Chocolate to scoop the award! The band expressed their thanks to us :

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