Old School Coldplay Concerts Uploaded

Old School Coldplay Concerts Uploaded

claxson on the Coldplaying multimedia forums has very kindly re-uploaded a bunch of old school Coldplay concerts (Audio recordings). The list is growing larger by the day and there are some real gems in there. Some haven’t been seen since the time of the concert and go as far back as 1999!

We’ve been listening to the old school concerts and have picked out some of the highlights, placing them on our Youtube channel. These live renditions have a different feel to them from many other performances of the same song:

29th August 1999 – Reading Festival

One of Coldplay’s very first festival performances, introduced by supportive DJ, Steve Lamacq. The band weren’t on stage for long with a set length of three songs but they capped it off superbly with a rocking performance of ‘Spies’:


18th June 2000 – Manchester University

Throughout Coldplay’s successful career so far, they’ve never forgotten their student roots and during the Parachutes-era, they put on a fine performance indeed. The small audience were vocal, with one fan constantly requesting b-side, ‘Careful Where You Stand’ (didn’t get his wish though!). Another fan was correct when saying ‘James Bond’ during a cover of ‘You Only Live Twice’. It’s the limestone rock version of the James Bond theme tune for ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ (1997)


07th October 2002 – NIA, Birmingham, UK

Contrary to the intro, this one was uploaded by Lukestar1991 (Download link here) and deserved a mention due to the special Chris and Jonny moment. Coldplay’s lead singer was in a very talkative mood on that day in Birmingham, with shout outs to his guitar tech and comparisons of himself and Jonny to different classic combinations of people. One of the duo’s he referenced was Charles and Eddie. The British rock outfit then went onto briefly cover the classic hit, ‘Would I Lie To You?’ at the end of their special song, ‘Green Eyes’:


24th March 2003 – Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

A special concert for Teenage Cancer Trust and all-round wonderful performance from Coldplay. ‘A Rush Of Blood To The Head’ was one of the special moments during the show, in which Chris makes a witty remark and an apparent reference to controversial war in Iraq at the time, with the altered lyrics: “I’m gonna buy a gun and start a meaningless war”. It’s a strangely forgotten concert and some fans may have been under the impression that their 2014 show was the first at Royal Albert Hall. Here’s the much needed refresher:


For the full concerts, you can find the download information below. Please note, you’ll probably need to be using a PC/laptop, as the files are in .shn format (lossless / very high quality) so foobar is required. The links to download foobar and any other help you require will be on forum thread.

Old School Coldplay Concert Downloads