Pilar Zeta, The Artist Behind The 'A Head Full Of Dreams' Artwork

Pilar Zeta, The Artist Behind The ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ Artwork

Pilar Zeta has been revealed as the artist working with Coldplay on the ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ theme. The band also revealed what could be the album artwork for their seventh album, following on from the poster shenanigans the other day:

AHFOD Artwork
(Click here to view the animated video from Coldplay’s Facebook page)

To give you some background information on the artist you’ll get used to hearing about over the course of the new era, Pilar Zeta is an Argentinean artist, graphic designer and fashion designer best known for her surrealist album covers. Her previous works are pictured, within the montage at the top of this page (Thanks Fer42). She is currently based in Los Angeles, where Coldplay’s lead singer also spends a large portion of his time at.

(Source: Pilar Zeta on Instagram)

You can view her website / all previous works here

The reaction of the new artwork across the Coldplay community has been mixed. The middle portion of the art (from the posters we’ve seen) has been receiving much praise. However, the expanded version is getting a mixed reaction so far. Pilar’s work in general is getting a warm reception from fans. One of the reactions from ColdplayingfromKansas on our messageboards was:

“Seems this girl has a bit of a surrealist vibe in her works. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays into the album if she is indeed the artist for it”

diogo_sg is pleased with the non-literal nature of the artwork:

“And the artwork for A HEAD Full of Dreams isn’t a head. I’m actually quite pleased it isn’t, because that would be too literal. Pilar’s work is fantastic, though. The 3rd picture is immensly gorgeous and I think Coldplay should use it, even though the last one could fit the album better.

EDIT: guess what? Pilar Zeta also designed labels for: Fool’s Gold Records!!”

While Magnolia could be onto something….

“Pilar Zeta’s wiki info says she was very much influenced by Storm Thorgerson (designed lots of album covers including Pink Floyd). I seem to recall Jonny recently commenting on a Storm Thorgerson documentary. Coincidence? Maybe not.”

Let us know what you think about Pilar Zeta’s artwork, here.