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  1. 11 hours ago, AnaMarie said:

    Always wanted to ask... is a Coldplaying Appย ever on future plans?! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

    No plans at the moment. It's not financially viable to have a Coldplaying app. The mobile version of the website is pretty good though!

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  2. The word "effect" is a blacklisted word due to the amount of spam containing that word and you posted something with that word which flagged it. I've removed the more common words in the hope that this will happen less! Just don't mention Kale, Viagra, CBD or 'enlargements'ย ๐Ÿคช

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  3. 2 hours ago, Captain Crieff said:

    Massive thanks to @stephenย for recording (and uploading) a dizzying number of interviews and the ColdplayXtra and Coldplaying Twitter teams for sharing links!

    Thank you so much! You're legendary for putting this together and helping me find all these interviews!

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  4. Can I just ask, what is wrong with pop Coldplay? The band has so much content that is "rock/soft-rock" enough for you to listen to. Every single Coldplay track does not have to be a certain genre. If they want to make pop tracks, let them make pop tracks!ย 

    So far, this is my favourite Coldplay song that they've released in years.

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  5. 34 minutes ago, Gideon_Mx said:

    The previous one was my favourite Coldplaying theme of all the themes. But I like this one too.

    The current theme suits the new era much better though.

    I agree, the previous theme wasย my favourite. I think I will revert to it, offer users to switch between the ligher theme and the current 'Higher Power' theme. The other themes shouldn't even be there. They are beyond defunct at this point.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, TheBigBadBono said:

    Lmao people jumping at expectations that this is going to be AHFOD 2.0 where they sell out - that's not going to happen. Max Martin is likely a one-off producer for the hit single because he doesn't really do albums, just hits. This concept was in the works since 2009, the post-Viva era - guess which other album was in the works by then? Everyday Life. There's a chance that Jon Hopkins might be coming back, as well as Brian Eno. There's a chance that the talented Jacob Collier might be on it - if so, then we're in for a great album.ย 

    Also, this is pretty inaccurate. The band creates whatever they want to because they love creating music, bonding with people, and connecting the world - even in their most inaccessible album, the one that sold the least, they expressed that very sentiment. Stop judging that they're all about the money because they're still clearly very passionate not about the money but about the music and the fans.

    Also, it's 15 seconds. You can go ahead a judge the song when it releases on Friday but please refrain from unwarranted criticism and nitpicking until then. And please stop judging the album based on the first single.

    In addition, I'd say this is the most confident the band have felt in years. The promotion, hype, and confidence with which they're speaking tells me that this might not be just a commercially acclaimed but a critically acclaimed album as well. Just a feeling.

    I mostly agree. It's only a 15 second snippet, this song could be epic and we won't have any idea until Friday comes. Max Martin is likely the producer of this single and if an album followsย then he likely has no involvement. They could easily treat us with some epic tracks, let's not jump to conclusions yet!

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  7. Overall though, what is everyone's favourite theme? Without paying attention the the current bugs, do people prefer the new theme over the older one. I can easily make both available but which one should be the default theme?

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