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  1. Just now, Koleybolen said:

    Hey! If you refresh the website. It always changes.

    I looked into this and the javascript code looks to just be a random generator so that the dots change randomly. Don't quote me on that though because I am by no means an expert!

    I changed my system time to the 21st April and used the wayback machine to see the website on that same date and there was still 4 dots filled.

  2. 34 minutes ago, Miha said:

    The new era is surely here. I am assuming album will be out in a couple of months, but more likely a month after the first single (if the clues are correct the album is again 42 mins long so it wouldn't make sense to give that clue if it hadn't been finished). Glasto appearance is the best opportunity for them to premiere a couple of new songs. 

    But I would again really say that I think the album will be ALL new material. I just don't see getting old (released) songs redone and put out again. I know what Chris had said but it could be interpreted differently. 


    It will be interesting to see whether it'll all be new material. There's a few things that point to it being some old songs redone but I guess that happens every album. Arabesque was an old song right? A L I E N S was from the Viva era.

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  3. 6 minutes ago, #AnotherColdplayFan said:

    Hey guys, just want to let you know that the gdoc has made a lot of progress with the data and I don't want you guys to make an effort on something that's already found, so you can see what we have so far here -


    I'm bad with notifications on this forum, so if you want to add something, please feel free to request edit access. ūüôā

    Thanks for linking to Coldplaying ūüôā

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  4. 1 hour ago, Pepperfish said:

    Quietly hoping that Alien Radio is a slightly different thing from Music of the Spheres. Full version of Legends appeared this morning on You Tube as part of Alien Radio. Possibly a different track released in this format everyday in the run up to the release of new album. This would involve songs we already know or have heard of and be an updated version or as in the case of Legends and Adventure of a Lifetime the songs sound in it's infancy. We already know about us against the world and u.f.o. and they also registered ode to deodorant on  ASCAP recently, so tomorrow might be interesting and to see if Alien Radio puts out something else...?

    Let me debunk this. The Legends leak had nothing to do with Alien Radio. Legends has been around for over a year now and was only widely leaked today. Ode to Deodorant was registered because it featured in the AHFOD documentary a few years back. 

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  5. 1 hour ago, Coeurli said:

    :awesome: hi

    So this has been wild!

    Stephen thanks so much for the playlist!

    I'm still wondering what exactly is the point of the Alien Radio, the theme of the era seems to be numbers radio but in the context of space so the most logical explanation is : they're going to drop some teasers and actual song bits of the new album in those frequencies. I feel like we're going to have to check for them every day :laugh3:

    Also could they may be update the lyric at the top of the page? I feel like we should pay attention.

    Oh and I assume that there are posters everywhere already, they may post a couple more pics in the coming days but i think that the point was to tell us to go look for them ourselves lol

    Anyway this is exciting :dance:


    I'm hoping that this is just the beginning of an extravagant release. I want my album dropped from space thanks :daisy:

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  6. 11 minutes ago, stephen said:

    Found this today! 


    Here's the code in case they delete it!


             <div class="overlay content-wrapper js-overlay">
        <div class="overlay__inner content-inner">
            <div class="overlay__close-btn-wrapper">
                <button class="overlay__close-btn js-overlay-close">
                    <span class="visually-hidden">Close</span>
            <div class="overlay__content overlay__box">
                <div class="overlay__info">
                    <img src="https://alienradio.fm/wp-content/themes/arfm/static/build/images/_.svg" class="overlay__info-image" alt="___">
                    <div class="overlay__text"><span class="js-media-filename-overlay"></span> / <span class="js-media-filesize-overlay"></span></div>
                <div class="overlay__media">
                    <img src="#" class="overlay__media-image js-overlay-image" alt="___">                
                    <div class="overlay__media-video js-overlay-video">
                        <div class="overlay__media-video-inner">
                            <div class="overlay__media-video-wrapper">
                                <video class="overlay__media-video-player js-overlay-video-player" playsinline="">
                                    <source src="" type="video/mp4">
                                    <p>Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video.</p>
                            <div class="overlay__media-contols">
                                <button type="button" class="overlay__media-video-play js-play-pause-video">Play</button>
                                <input type="range" class="js-seek-bar" value="0">


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  8. Tickets are on sale now from¬†worthyfarm.live¬†priced at¬†¬£20, ‚ā¨23, $27.50 & AUD$35, with a number of timed streams available to accommodate audiences globally.

    Accessible only to ticket buyers, the online event will be broadcast in full across four separate time zones, with staggered livestreams for the UK,

    Europe, Africa & the Middle East, East Coast North America & Central / South America, West Coast North America, and Australia, New Zealand & Asia.
    Livestream #1 ‚Äď UK, EUROPE, AFRICA & MIDDLE EAST: 19.00 BST / 20.00 CEST & SAST / 21.00 MSK & EEST / 22.00 GST
    Livestream #2 ‚Äď NORTH AMERICA (EAST COAST) and CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA: 18.00 CDT / 19.00 EDT / 20.00 ART & BRT
    Livestream #3 ‚Äď NORTH AMERICA (WEST COAST): 19.00 PDT
    Livestream #4 ‚Äď AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & ASIA (on Sunday 23rd May): 16.00 ICT / 17.00 HKT & PHST / 18.00 JST & KST/ 19.00 AEST / 21.00 NZST

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