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  1. Im 100% sure anchorman is teasing us


    he èosted the lyrics from ETIAW and Violet Hill, both were first singles from their respective albums


    I think we are pretty close to it


    lets see if he posts the lyrics of magic, shiver, in my place and speed of sound


    That's a good theory, lyrics from these singles might be posted every day and this might lead up to a release one of these days.

  2. Nearly 5pm BST and still nothing, I'm thinking we might get the usual teaser this friday and it'll be released sunday/monday. They have been awfully quiet on twitter the past few days, unless they decide to drop a single on us out of nowhere! Anyway I'm jumping at every tweet that comes in!


  3. Well, I think the band would release news during an awake hour for London, New York and LA. Just makes sense to do this in order to have the most amount of eyes and ears on it by accommodating to 3 of the largest cities in the world. So, I would guess that would be 9am LA time = Noon NY time = 5pm London time on Monday; 17 hours away


    Makes more sense, Lets hope!

  4. Irish fan here, I think they will announce an Irish date but im probably just gonna go to t in the park because I'd rather see other bands perform too. Also I just figured out that my junior cert interferes with a lot of the music festivals and concert dates, so I can't go to some:(

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