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  1. I have high expectations for this album, I think Ghost stories was an album that the band had to release. Chris talks about the lyrics flowing out of him and I think this was a "breakup" album that they had to make. I don't think it was necessarily a transitional album for the band and I believe they will create a much more happy and colourful album like Mylo Xyloto this time around. I'm a bit sceptical about these new producers that brought us great songs like "what does the fox say", I really hope they don't ruin the album by over producing it and that it sounds natural and is playable with only the basic instruments when live. All I can say is that we will just have to wait and see whether the album is good or not but I still know that us coldplayers will support Coldplay in whatever they do!

  2. What was your first experience listening to and acknowledging a coldplay song.


    Since I am a teenager I listened to my first coldplay song when I was very young. I have a memory of a song that my dad used to play and since I was little I had a weird dream every time I heard the song(I know I was weird).

    I was always a light coldplay fan, I didn't know the band members names or any older songs, just a few from Mylo Xyloto and Ghost stories. I suddenly got obsessed with coldplay and worked my way down from ghost stories, which I listened to non stop for months, all the way down to Parachutes. When I came to A Rush Of Blood To The Head and listened to clocks, I had that dream again the moment I started listening. I also just discovered that Homecoming by Kanye West features Chris Martin, this was one of my favourite songs for a while but never knew that Chris sung in it?!? Recently my dad came across some of my coldplay bootlegs and started watching them, he told me that he never knew I was a coldplay fan and that he was too at a time, my mom also likes their music. I have never been to a coldplay concert and don't own any of their merchandise or albums except a Mylo Xyloto CD my mom owns but I have all their albums in flac format and I am trying to get a collection of all their singles and b-sides in flac. I have to admit, its not the same having them in digital format than having a physical copy to add to your collection, so I am trying to buy a few Coldplay vinyl's to start a collection.


    I do realise I've gone off on a rant but please tell me your first encounter with coldplay and your current status, I'd love to hear them! :)

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