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  1. 22 hours ago, Carolina* said:

    Thank you for redesigning it! Are the photos and search engine still processing? I've noticed not as many results for old threads come up when searched, and I couldn't open Coldplaying pages directly from Google without going to the main website.

    Yes, everything is still being rebuilt and recounted. It will take a while considering the size of the forum!

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  2. 2 hours ago, MarckozZ said:

    The site looks neat!!! Really loving it!!!

    Just an idea: Is there any chance to bring "dark mode" to the site? I mean, sometimes I enter the forum late at night and a dark mode will help on those situations. Also, the thumbnails for the news that appear on top of the forum section seem to be kinda big, they could be smaller so they wont take that much space. Loving the new look Stephen!  I was missing the forum already!

    A dark mode is in the works! I’m not sure how it will work but I’ve been trying out a few ideas. I will treak the slider on the forum page to make it a bit smaller if I can.

    Glad you like it so far, thanks for the feedback!

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  3. 1 hour ago, Xyloband_99 said:

    The design is more modern and functional BUT except the new posts section. I think the new posts section should be on the very top as possible not at the side. Because we -the people who enter the forum at least once a day- are entering to see the new posts. Because we already know what is exists in the forum. I always look for only the new posts because i enter the forum up to 5 times a day. Only time i scroll down to categories is for to look for a concert file or something like that. Also combining news and forum in homepage is a good idea but there isn't any individual news page. Previous homepage wasn't containing forum and this one is nice. But we can't see older news because there isn't any news page. On the visual side with white background is very freshing but in homepage it looks so empty like windows notepad because the sections are white too. Maybe in there you can use gold details like the bands website or you can change the section colors or you can change the font with a bolder one. These are my thoughts on new website design. Instead of my thoughts it's still nice and great work. Thank you for bringing this platform for us.

    Just added an 'Older Posts' button that redirects to the news page. There are only four articles at the moment, you can view the old archived articles using the navigation menu at the very bottom of the page. Just click 'News Archive'.

    I will see what I can do with the new posts section. I believe the 'Activity' menu will show you all recent activity on the site. The search index is currently being rebuilt so not much is showing up at the moment.


    Thank you for the feedback!

  4. Also BBCode is no longer supported. It was introduced in 1998 and was becoming increasingly difficult to work with for me and had a number of limitations. The new editor is much more standardised and modern. BBCode is slowly being phased out on a lot of forums and was discontinued in this version of the sites platform. I will try clean the old code up as much as possible but I recommend creating your signature again!

  5. Hey everyone,

    As you can see, everything looks different! We moved over from an old server onto a brand new, super powerful server that will massively improve the speed of the website. During the transfer, we decided to take the plunge and change platforms. I was unhappy with the previous forum software as it was not very optimised and very difficult to develop on.

    This new platform combines the Forum and News section of the website into one streamlined experience. This will allow me to invite guest writers in to create content for Coldplaying as the experience is much easier. Before it would take hours to write a single article due to software limitations and slowdowns. It will also finally allow us to finish the gallery and downloads section of the website (although that is not the priority at the moment). More hard drive space means we can host much more content and provide streaming video at some point in the future.

    Finally I'd like to ask you guys for feedback. At the moment there is a ton of issues, mainly relating to spam and colour mismatches. This design required a heavy amount of custom development, more than any other design in Coldplaying's history so there is bound to be a few issues. I am working to solve all of them right now! Let me know in the meantime what you would like to see/what we need to change.

    Look forward to some exciting features and some features returning 😉



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  6. 2 minutes ago, I ran away said:

    Yay for being back 😄 but jeez, everywhere is full of spam 🤣

    Edit: RIP signature

    A lot of things are sort of broken right now but I’ll sort it out tomorrow. I’ve been working on this for 8 straight days and today it is finally working! There’s a bunch of issues including colour mismatches (clearly), spam, code issues and more. All will be fixed soon!

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  7. Are you looking for any rolesin particular? I guess it depends on what you want the site to be in the future, but I think you can do with a writer (for the main site articles). I feel like everyone wants to be a mod, but I dont think you need 100 of them either.


    Ive pushed for a video/podcast for a while. Is there any appetite on your end for that?


    Ive also pushed for merch, how about that?

    Yes, one or two more moderators at most and a writer would be handy to have.


    In terms of a podcast, it may happen in the future but many have tried it already and it has failed. I don't see how ours would be any different.


    Also we tried merchandise once before and we sold a few t-shirts but it would be very expensive to do again. We would have to hire a designer and make sure we do not infringe any copyright or trademarks. I'm pretty sure 'Coldplaying' would infringe on the Coldplay trademark anyway.

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  8. I saw the other day some instagram stories that you were digitising old tapes. Did you get them from EMI? And if you are going to release some of them. And my other question is how much people are behind coldplaying (social media)

    So for anyone who didn't see, I got three tapes, originally from EMI, mastered in Abbey Road on Discogs. They were 'White Shadows' and 'Til Kingdom Come' Live at Glastonbury 2005 and Speed of Sound (Behind The Scenes). The Glastonbury performances won't be uploaded because they are available in better quality on YouTube but I will hopefully upload the Speed of Sound video soon because I have yet to see it on YouTube or anywhere else. It was probably available online back in 2005 but it is impossible to find these days.


    So I don't have much to do with social media these days, it is handled by four women who do the most amazing job at keeping everyone updated (including me). I'm not sure how they do it so well but they make my life a hell of a lot easier as I am extremely busy these days!

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  9. Hi, first of all, thank you for doing this, and sending good vibes to where you are ! I hope we all stay safe and most importantly do as much as we can to protect our vulnerable fellow humans :)


    My question is a very simple one - is it possible to become a mod ? I'd be very interested. As you know this is my favourite website, I'm online a lot and often see spam etc long before it is seen and removed, so I wanted to ask if I could join the team ? :D

    Hey, thanks for the lovely message.


    To your simple question I am going to give a confusing answer hahah. So we are planning a server upgrade at the moment which is proving to be difficult. There are few websites like Coldplaying and we have very specific needs when it comes to servers that many hosting providers cannot offer. Also, these things come at a hefty price. I am waiting for the transition to a new server before I make any big changes on the site. That's why a lot of stuff like Multimedia and various issues have not been addressed in recent months. Once the transition period from the old server to the new server is complete, I will 100% drop you a message! So in short - no at the present moment - yes in the near future!

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  10. Good to see this space to talk!


    Uhm... a question: do you have some rare unreleased songs we don't know? Like demos or something? Gosh, I already feel like I need something new from Coldplay!

    No....Yes....I Can't say....but yes. I've been sent a few over the years, some you have never heard of, demo's, completed songs etc.. But out of respect for the band, I will most certainly never release any :)

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  11. Hello everyone!


    As we are going through a strange time in the world at the moment, I thought I could answer a few questions on here. Whatever you've ever wanted to know about me, the inner workings of Coldplaying or our team, I am here to answer.


    I am currently social distancing and have too much time on my hands so I would also like to ask you people a question: What would you like to see from Coldplaying? I am aware that the site has been neglected as of late - namely the speed issues - but I am focused on bettering the site as much as I can during this period of isolation. So what do I get started on first?


    Whether I get 2 questions or 20, I will try and answer each one to the best of my ability :)

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  12. These were obtained from snookermusic.io, now defunct. If you look at the archive you can find the original quality clips posted with a watermark. From what I am being told, the race has been sold which means it will possibly leak soon

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  13. Thank you very much for the detailed report. I am glad you had a great time and the organisation wasn't as bad as you could read on the internet.

    Could you please tell us something about the atmosphere, the band and the songs?

    Were the listeners into the music? I read some of them left the room before the end.

    You were close to the band. Did they enjoy themselves? Did they give their best? Was there a good interaction between them?

    Was the music live as good as on the album?

    Which song did you enjoy the most, which the least?

    Why did the members of Coldplay not speak to the invited guests at the party? That surely was disappointing, wasnt it?

    Who said that this was the last show? Chris formerly said there would be about 7 small shows.


    You neednt answer all the questions, just the ones you would like to answer.

    Thank you in advance.

    I had no problem with the atmosphere. There are many complaints that the audience was dead but that had no impact on my enjoyment, I just did not notice it. I don't think you can compare it to a stadium gig or something that many super fans would have attended. I was standing next to fans that had travelled from another country, two other fan page owners and a father and his very young son. All of us were not exactly dancing crazily but we were definitely excited. Everyone around me seemed to be filled with joy and you could definitely feel that in the room. I'm assuming there were a lot of record label employees in attendance who may have been given tickets as a sort of Christmas gift within their office. Of course, they are not going to know/like every song but they had every right to be there. It annoys me that some fans feel entitled that just because they would have been dancing and singing to every song means that they should have been there in the place of another person.


    Frankly, a lot of the songs on Everyday Life aren't exactly songs that you would be jumping up and down to. Even songs from older albums like Lovers in Japan and A Sky Full of Stars were stripped back. There were a lot of friends and family at this gig and after speaking to someone very high up at Coldplay (who I have not mentioned previously), they went to the bathroom during one of the songs because they do not think it's great. I think we have to understand that not everyone is going to be in love with every song. I did not see people leaving because my full focus was on the band. However, I don't think we should bash people for leaving either. They had every right to be at that show and may have had to leave for many reasons. The show started and ended VERY late so getting home may have been an issue for some.


    The band seemed to be very happy. Chris was making faces at the crowd and was being his usual goofy self. I have seen them during the AHFOD tour and this was far from what I experienced back in 2017. Chris was very chatty, interacting with the crowd and his band members. I was right in front of Will and Guy and they also seemed to be in a great mood. I have this lovely video of Guy with a massive smile on his face and another with Will doing something similar! Chris' voice was a bit hoarse as you may have heard in the audio clips posted earlier but I never noticed this until I listened back. It didn't have an immediate impact on my enjoyment or overall experience. Overall, the band interacted extremely well with each other and Femi Kuti's ensemble.


    The tracks from Everyday Life translated very well to a live setting. I cannot see most of these songs being played in the future but they were amazing. Everyday Life had me with my head in my hands at the end, that song gets me every time. Daddy is a track that I usually skipped over but it had me in a trance as Chris exerted raw emotion through his vocals and the piano. Sparks was out of this world, they played it just like on the album! I cannot fault any of the tracks in any way, each one succeeded in triggering a different emotional response from me and they had me hooked by the end of the show! If I had to pick a favourite and least favourite I would have to choose Everyday Life as my favourite, Arabesque, Trouble in Town and Champion of the World are close seconds! I'm not sure I can even pick a least favourite lol. Maybe Lovers in Japan or BrokEn. (I still loved them though)


    There were two bars in the hotel, one was strictly for the band and their families. I can only imagine that they were extremely tired after travelling from Jordan to London and performing all these shows. Norah said she was so tired after it all and she said that the band did so much rehearsing prior to the shows. Also, Chris has been sick as of recently and you could hear that in his voice. I don't think mingling with a bar full of people would have been good for his vocal cords! I was not upset at all. I would not change anything about that night, I met so many wonderful people and had such interesting conversations. Maybe if the band were present that would not have happened. It would have felt weird having them there to be completely honest. I'm not sure how to explain that lol.


    Chris said multiple times that this was the last show. Ian had an idea that the 7 shows included guest appearances on shows such as SNL. I still think that is true and that the LA shows have been added last minute.


    Thanks for the questions and feel free to ask me anything else. I will try to answer if I get time!

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  14. Wow ok, so they're not gonna do a few performances for EL next year though ? I thought Chris said there were gonna be 7 performances in total, so far we only had 2 public ones.

    Maybe without the guest musicians...?


    By the way, sorry for being so inactive on this thread, everyone ! I have A LOT to tell you about my Monday miracle in London but so little time...also preparing for one or two cool things to share, so hope to catch up soon !

    Chris announced a few LA shows today but before this we just assumed the Maira Vale gig, SNL and shows like that counted. From speaking to people there it sounded like they were finished. This may be a last minute decision to add more shows but I have no idea!

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