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  1. Xyloband are auctioning off some rare xylobands including 1x MK2 "Coldplay Film" Wristband- Blue Case- Yellow Strap 1x MK2 "Coldplay Film" Wristband- Pink Case- Green Strap 1x MK2 "Coldplay Film" Wristband- Blue Case- Pink Strap 1x MK2 ''Coldplay Film'' Wristband- Pink Case- Blue Strap 1x MK2 "Paralympic games London 2012" Wristband- White case White Strap http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/221837705171?
  2. and your on the graphics team. Us Irish are so great to the coldplaying community that we should get xylobands ;)
  3. I should at least get a xyloband for reopening the wiki haha. I'm from Ireland BTW!
  4. The stripped down versions are great for slower songs but for more faster songs they should be more produced :)
  5. OOOHHH I ran away is my favorite he should do a cover of that
  6. Really? Is that only a handful or is it all of them?!
  7. I'm thinking of buying the singles boxset. I was wondering how many sets were released and how rare are they?
  8. 15 years ago today, the band celebrated the release of Parachutes and their 100th gig by playing a special show at HMV in Oxford Street London. HMV broadcasted the show live to their website over dial-up so the quality isn't great ;) Notable moments include an impassioned plea for Brothers and Sisters from the crowd, which wasn’t on the setlist because (understandably) it was supposed to be all songs from Parachutes. Chris, in fairly typical style apologised profusely, before finally compromising with an impromptu Bigger Stronger. "We can do what we want, It's our album release day!" Don't
  10. I have high expectations for this album, I think Ghost stories was an album that the band had to release. Chris talks about the lyrics flowing out of him and I think this was a "breakup" album that they had to make. I don't think it was necessarily a transitional album for the band and I believe they will create a much more happy and colourful album like Mylo Xyloto this time around. I'm a bit sceptical about these new producers that brought us great songs like "what does the fox say", I really hope they don't ruin the album by over producing it and that it sounds natural and is playable with
  11. Looks like there was only a couple of hundred there, did you get invited or was it a first come first served thing?
  12. OMG were you at the , wow I've watched that so many times, Its amazing!!
  13. What was your first experience listening to and acknowledging a coldplay song. Since I am a teenager I listened to my first coldplay song when I was very young. I have a memory of a song that my dad used to play and since I was little I had a weird dream every time I heard the song(I know I was weird). I was always a light coldplay fan, I didn't know the band members names or any older songs, just a few from Mylo Xyloto and Ghost stories. I suddenly got obsessed with coldplay and worked my way down from ghost stories, which I listened to non stop for months, all the way down to Parachutes.
  14. Me: Kerry, Ireland Brothers and Sisters (specifically from the Ode To Deodorant promo) And God put a smile upon your face from Glastonbury 2011
  15. What is the bands opinion on streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes Radio, Pandora And Tidal
  16. Thank you for signing up to Coldplaying! Where to now? Check out below for some useful forum threads. Introduce Yourself Feel free to say hello to fellow Coldplayers and introduce yourself in the New Members forum. LP8 - New Album Coldplay are in the studio working on some new content! Could it be a new album? Come check out the latest news and speculate on LP8, Coldplay's upcoming album! Coldplay Games Coldplaying has an abundance of fun Coldplay-related games such as "Guess The Song" or "Song Elimination Game". Come take part and play with other fans! The Instrument Room Need
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