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  1. Also, I must explain the recent crashes. The servers hard drives filled up and of course, I wasn't going to delete anything from the forums or the archive so I have spent the past days trying to figure out what to delete. After extensive searches, I found that the servers logs had quickly been filling up, especially with all the traffic on the forums. Every interaction and visit you make to our site is logged and they quietly amounted to over 700GB over the years! They have been removed and there is much more space available now.


    Crashes are now fixed! (hopefully lol)

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  2. Edit: Snippet removed by mod



    Btw I wasn't hating on him as a person or a fan, I just personally don't like the things he did in the past few weeks. Maybe that's just my opinion. No hate !

    I keep forgetting what I’m allowed and not allowed to say. Album release times are scary because if you accidentally say something you could get a very angry text lol

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  3. To I Ran Away's point though, thats great, im happy for a fan for such an experience, but Im not getting a 'humble' vibe from him, im getting a vibe like he wants to show off to people, and that shit aint cool.

    Personally he has been a gentleman to me and has always been good to Coldplaying. If I was in his situation I would 100% show off. Also I don’t think this is showing off that much, the haircut story doesn’t give away anything. Also the other story may just be a subtle tease, who cares either way!

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  4. New music on fridays either drops at midnight in each country (the first being in New Zealand last night - but there was nothing), or worldwide at midnight EST (this is usually reserved for the big pop releases)

    So in 4 hours or so.

    I thought It would’ve been BST but maybe I’m confusing it with the ‘midnight in each country’ release

  5. Its even crazier to think the site was going to go under a few instances in the past. Imagine not being able to go through this on this forum if we did close the forum!

    Was extremely close to shutting down in 2015 days before the album was about to release. The team worked so hard to make sure it stayed up!

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  6. Maybe there are more trolls beside Kirboh on this forum and elsewhere.

    What if that poster about November 22, 1919 is fake and was made by 'fans'?

    What if the changing of the thumbnails to black and white was not made by Coldplay?

    What if nothing is really happening beside the shooting of a video clip at Malibu for some charity event?


    Anyhow the discussion on this forum was and still is intense and great fun!

    Highly unlikely that all of this is fake!

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  7. I can't believe I've been a member on here since 2003. Bonkers.

    So the moon phase has moved on on the website, it was the full moon yesterday (or Tuesday). No idea if this is new news or not.

    Just upgraded you to an 'Honourary Coldplayer'. Thanks for spending all these years on Coldplaying :)

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