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  1. Hey guys! Just thought I'd pop in to say I'm super excited and two other things:


    1. Did anyone notice the new post on the Instagram account for Guy Berryman's new clothing line @ratino this morning? It has the words "Big Daddy" on it.


    2. (More important) I was listening to the radio today, and they happened to play Viva la Vida. Right after this, the DJ came on and said something along the lines of "Just a couple weeks ago, I was able to hear some new Coldplay stuff that hasn't been released yet. It was good, and what impresses me about that band is that they are always able to reinvent themselves."

    So, clearly, radio stations have already been sent a song.

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  2. While we are sorta on the topic of Aston Martins and Guy, I find it a really strange coincidence that Guy posted the other day about wanting an old DB4GT Zagato, and a few days later, Aston Martin announces they are making a special new edition of that car to celebrate Zagato's 100th anniversary.Screenshot_20190325-075110_Instagram.thumb.jpeg.f1f2e568355ee52dc437ec04fad82074.jpeg

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  3. Any other New Englanders have the slightest idea why Guy would follow Tom Brady on Instagram?
    Tom Brady is also the official "spokesperson" for the car company Aston Martin, and Guy likes Astons. He even posted yesterday how he wants to buy a DB4GT Zagato.
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