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  1. So glad you loved it so much! Sounds like you had an amazing time [emoji6]


    Thank you! I did!! I'm still excited about it! Just want another concert right now haha. I keep watching videos on youtube. Hope we get a stream for the upcoming dates in Brazil or Mexico. It would be great :)


    You had an amazing day I guess !


    And about this live version of Army Of One; in my opinion, it really fits in the X&Y era as a "calm" song. What does everyone in here think about it?


    I did! Army of One sounded great in my opinion. It is in fact a great song, just ruined by XMTS at the end. Here's a video of that day:



    Something I forgot to mention... The Kaleidoscope version they play at the concert is 1000 times better than the one on the album!

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  2. One of the most incredible moments of my life. Incredible concert, it was just perfect. Coldplay delivery was amazing, just as the crowd. Loved the setlist too :)


    Some notes:

    - AHFOD is the perfect opener for a Coldplay concert, really.

    - The remix segment at the end of Paradise is just mind blowing, one of the highlights of the show! (I have read some people here complaining about it. The song is the same, just at the end, when the song is over, they play this remix)*

    - If there was any way of improving the 2012 Xylobands, is this. Amazing how they all change to the same color in some parts of the show.

    - Chris' vocals are amazing. I was really surprised by that.

    - The Midnight intro to Charlie Brown is amazing.

    - Hymn for the Weekend sounds great with the crowd singing with Chris at the chorus, but the verses, and specially the pre chorus need some little more work.

    - Army of One sounds great live, specially in the setlist used here, just after Magic.

    - Fix You could sound a little weird for some people. I think it works fine. The yellow xylobands look beautiful along this song.

    - AOAL is incredible.

    - I love Amazing Day a lot more now thanks to this concert.

    - Up&Up is the best closer ever!


    * The video it's not mine, but this is just amazing!


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  3. I somewhat agree, but I think AHFOD could have really used one more fast song in the middle or end. Everything from Everglow to the end are relatively slow songs. Sure, AOAL, Army of One, and Up&Up are upbeat...but none are very fast. I think VLV and MX did a much better job on that front because VLV has Cemeteries of London to open, Lovers in Japan, and Viva la Vida as spaced out energetic songs. MX has HLH/Charlie Brown near the front, ETIAW in the middle, and DLIBYH in the back. AHFOD by comparison drags a little. Still love the album though but have realized I have this issue with it.


    Exactly my thoughts!! This album needs an up-tempo song just after Army of One, or even better, after Amazing Day. With that, and cutting XMTS, it would be so much better! It's still a great album :)

  4. I think you can (don't know how, though) and buy it somewhere else.

    Since it was shipped I don't know if there's something I can do.


    Can't believe they made me pay a shipment of $15 (even more than the actual album) and the order is taking more time to come that the things you buy in other sites with free shipment.

    For sure, I will never preorder or even a regular from that site again. Never.

  5. Deleted my last one. This is my new and improved tracklist, with interludes and songs put together, as well as a proper closer. For my last tracklist I put Paradise as the closer, here I put Up With the Birds. Paradise is the better song but Up With the Birds is the perfect way to close an album.


    1. A Head Full of Dreams

    2. Birds

    3. Hymn for the Weekend

    4. Charlie Brown

    5. Us Against the World

    6. M.M.I.X./Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall

    7. Everglow

    8. Adventure of a Lifetime

    9. Fun

    10. Paradise

    11. A Hopeful Transmission/Don't Let It Break Your Heart

    12. Up With the Birds


    Mine would be exactly this. Maybe I'd add MX/Hurts Like Heaven between Everglow and AOAL and that's it. Perfect !


    I have to agree. It is my favorite album closer. They just NAILED that one. It's simply perfect. There's simply no better way to close an album. The only problem I find is that in the high notes between the first part and the second part, there was no need for that REALLY high note to play right around when the guitar started. But other than that, perfect. The part of the song that plays from 3:10 on is arguably one of the most beautiful part of a song EVER created. Up With The Birds, from 3:10 on, is easily Coldplay's best work. And, it's probably one of the best, if not THE best part of ANY song EVER made in all of history. The outro makes me cry every time. The "YEAHHHHHH" than it fades into the piano outro... there's simply no piece of music that's better.


    +1000000. Best closer ever.

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