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  1. Sparky please do something about this. This is not a forum for political discussion. There js no right or wrong, or black or white when it comes to politics which is why i stay out of them. I come here for Coldplay and only Coldplay so can everyone kindly stop discussing this garbage and get back to the fact that one of the biggest bands is releasing an album in less than a month?


    Thank you! :mad:


    I don't know who to thank that I'm not an "Oldplayer". Complaining about everything, wishing this to be the last album of Coldplay, etc etc ncncnccncn :rolleyes:

    Thank God I'm a Goldplayer. Every song is as good as the other one and I'm still excited for everything Coldplay puts out. :viva: goldplayers


    I'm so happy to read comments like this. Can't agree more with you :)

  2. MX was more of an actual story. It was actually supposed to be the soundtrack to an animated film called Mylo Xyloto. Instead, they condensed the film into the comic books. AHFOD is the continuation or rather the yin to Ghost Stories' yang. Ghost Stories was essentially a pop album but much more toned down. 85% of the album was about going through a large trial in life but when Oceans hits, Chris finally accepts what happens and expresses pure joy in ASFOS and acceptance in O. A Head Full of Dreams is about being able to dream and havung those dreams come true. In a way, Ghost Stories and AHFOD are really just one extended album that gradually crescendos in ways of musical style and happiness.


    Amazing interpretation ! :)

  3. which twitter feed are u looking at? most of the tweets ive seen are very much positive and most of the comments in forums on the internet (ATRL.net, reddit, kanyetothe, etc.,) are extremely positive.


    Same here. Most of the comments I've seen on twitter are very positive about the song. And I'm really happy to see that reaction.


    Wish most of the fans here were happy with what this band does. They just try to do different things with every album cycle. I'd say we are fortunate enough to say that from our band. Lot of bands do the same over and over until you can bored of them.


    But these guys try to explore new things and make every album feel special. Why would you like another AROBTTH, if you already have it? Enjoy that album for what it is, make it feel special.


    It's really sad to read things like "this band is artistically dead"... I mean, seriously? You can dislike the new songs, but that's an epic overreaction just because they are not giving you what you want. Just go and listen the old albums over and over..and over...


    I'm really happy with the song. Is fun and full of happiness. I'm glad they decided to make an album like this. Show they can also make happy songs and put the people on a good mood :)

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