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  1. 2 minutes ago, merril said:

    When looking at Guy Berryman's instagram account, I realized he no longer says he is a member of Coldplay but only calls himself'Creative Director @ appliedartforms and @dawghaus curator'. Does this mean he has left Coldplay?

    I really doubt it!

    It still says on the official Coldplay account that he is the only member with his own account.

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  2. On 8/13/2020 at 2:01 AM, German Sulca said:

    Does anyone have  "Coldplay Live on Letterman (2011.09.20)" broadcasted by CBS?


    Quite a few songs are on youtube, but I’d love to see the full version again as there were some more songs. I remember watching it when I came home from school..almost 10 years ago😮 


  3. 1 hour ago, Gideon_Mx said:

    Do you have original footage of the entire Eventime Appollo show in 2013 @stephen, like this performance of Christmas Lights? Does it even exist? I would love to see more of this show in such good quality!

    Yes, me too. It’s so interesting seeing shows in between eras! Tried to get tickets but failed. It was the last show they ever used the old Yamaha piano used between ARBOTTH and MX eras. 😞

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  4. 27 minutes ago, nvdmm said:

    I've come back after a few months and the forum has changed yet again 😃 I'm struggling to figure out what's what/who's who! Can my dear lovely Oldplayers please enlighten me as to what's been going on and whether there's been another change in ownership? I've never been so inactive in my 12 years in this place and I guess most of it has to do with how social media dramatically improved the ease of sharing your thoughts and opinions with others. A huge number of older members also left and my interest in the band declined as well. I was going to create a new thread to serve as a hub for all of the coldplaying member reviews of EL along with my own detailed review of the album but for whatever bizarre reason the band decided their best album in years will have the shortest era time span, and so all momentum was lost! 

    I absolutely think it was. The strings and choir in Sunrise, When I Need A Friend and Everyday Life is trademark Coldplay. Church draws from both Parachutes and VLV. Daddy, Wotw-Potp, Old Friends and Flags sound like they ARE from Parachutes. Guns and Eko probably came from the VLV sessions. Trouble In Town's final third has AROBTTH written all over it. Jonny's guitar work and the final minute of Arabesque are basically X&Y and بنی آدم could have been on Prospekt's March. You also get the marvelous experimentation we've come to expect from the band throughout the entire record. 

    You remove Orphans and replace Champions of The World with Flags and we get a 10/10 Oldplay album. And that is something I never thought would say again.   

    I'm incredibly frustrated at how the band chose to treat what is effectively their best work since VLV. This is a record that deserved to be marketed properly, heard more and toured for longer. 


    If they had toured EL though, the whole thing would have been cancelled by COVID anyway sadly 😞

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  5. 8 hours ago, tb_abc said:

    According to Amazon, the CD-ROM contained a unique version of Shiver. Does anybody have any info on this? Is it a live version or an alternate studio take?

    I remember hearing about Chris doing loads of vocal takes for Shiver, and the band going with the version that was done in only one take, so I think it’s likely that there are more versions out there 😮

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