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  1. Last chance to sign your username underneath the I Ran Away Project Video, which will be sent out to the band very soon !

    If you want to include YOUR username in the message sent to the band (asking them to play I Ran Away live during the AHFOD Tour), please message me or post your intention here !


    By the way @cp3176 - did you want to sign or not ? Not so sure :)

    Oh dear @I ran away of course you have my support as well...well what kind of a tribe we would be if we wouldn't stand for each other...have no clue what do you want me to do but just name it :D please just don't force me to sing :p

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  2. my dear coldplaying tribe, I'll be off for some time....

    and i enjoyed really being part of this tribe, and still am, but just wont be active


    oh and please DO NOT FORGET about amazing things like DONATION we do here!

    post on that thread from time to time to bring it back up!

    love and hugs until next time <3 <3 <3


    you are all amazing, don't ever forget that!!!!! :D

    I'll end it with a song i LOVE...

    personally this particular video and song helped me a lot when I was strangely and completely fucked up few years ago...or long time ago..who would remember all things in life ;)

    love his white tshirt and hairstyle here :D

    see you soon tribe!


    Mobile Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsz-EeNZBkI

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  3. i know, i'm the worst kid in kindergarten, BUT do they have a gig in Madrid this year or not?

    i can't recall it right now...

    and was just thinking..hmmm it seems nice to go to Madrid and see coldplay concert, i would say :D

    last time was paris.... now madrid...why not!?! :) :sunny::sunny::sunny:

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