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  1. 6 hours ago, Shiver98 said:

    A year ago that Everyday Life was launched together with this image and we still do not know exactly what it is. Let's hope to solve the mystery soon. 



    My theory is a New Year’s Day album release!Everyday life is set to end in 2020. They haven’t announced anything and November is almost over, so I suspect an announcement in December. Album in January 😁

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  2. Okay everyone here’s my theory. If you guys remember during the “AHFOD” era the boys played their first show since ghost stories at the 2015 I heart radio music festival on September 18th , 2015. They wore the new eras clothes but no new songs were played. Then the next concert they played was the “2015 Global Citizen Festival” on September 26th , 2015 they debut “Amazing Day” and also wear the new clothes but then they released “Adventure Of A Lifetime” on November 6th 2015. And also announced the new album. I have a feeling they might follow that same formula this time around as well. 

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  3. Hello everyone the picture I post below has Chris wearing a new shirt. I’ve made several observations. If you notice that there’s a rip on the neck just like the every day life era shirt. Also there’s a permanent “LOVE” word stitched in. As well as “24” which correspond ls to “music of the spheres”. My theory is that this a new look for the new album. Notice its also colorful.


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