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  1. Seeing all these 2017 Coldplay tour dates makes me sad. I feel like i'm waiting for something that isn't going to happen. I just wish they would see the existence of my place. I love Coldplay so much.



    I totally get you.. We are traveling half way around the globe to see them again next year.. I hope you can do it too :)

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  2. That's why I like some of his music, it's like Coldplay in the sense that the melodies are so gorgeous, and overall instrumentally so good, just in a poppier way. Which I don't mind because it feels like a good form of pop to me. At least this was back when pop music was actually good like a few years ago... Not sure about him now...

    I don't know that song but if you like it I must too so I will check it out for sure sometime! :)


    Can you hear that sound? (Coldplay. Guess what song is it :D)

    Gravity? :)


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  3. Well I was dead wrong. I have no idea what that song is or sounds like. Looks like your an actual Rihanna fan, I just know a lot of the hits and only know the less known songs from Anti.[emoji38]

    Also you know what I just realized but for some reason never did before.. RHCP... look closely.. RH and CP... Radiohead and Coldplay! Never in a million years would've I thought that a bands abbreviation would include two other related bands abbreviations only!

    Hahaha yes ive also never noticed that before :D

    Im actually a music library.. a proud one too :)


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  4. This reminded me that I wanted to ask you something guys... have you ever had problems to buy a ticket to a CP concert? Has it ever happened that you weren't able to go because tickets had sold out very quickly? This already happened to me before with other bands (Muse for example), but when I went to a CP show a friend bought my ticket so I don't know if this is a common problem or not... I'm curious about it


    Hello, I have bought my standing ticket this year at Berlin for 220 Euros instead of 87 Euros.. It becomes like a black market but it is definitely worth every penny <3

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