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  1. loud


    my heart


    Tell me you love me

    come back and haunt me

    oh when I rush to the start


    Running in circles

    Chasing our tails

    Coming back


    we are


    Epic reply

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  2. By 'getting' I think he meant 'understanding'. Looks like a couple people here ask the OP although the guy himself was looking for (not having) multitracks in the first place.^^

    I sometimes have bad grammar, sorry. I meant "has anyone got the email...?", implying if anyone got any news from the OP!

  3. Wow, what are those skills ? Asking because for sure there will come a time when the campaign will be revived :)


    Playing electric/acoustic guitar and bass, editing and mixing skills, and I can sing, I can even reach the same notes as Chris does xD

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  4. I’ve always thought the Midnight synth sounds similar to the intro synth in ‘Broken Strings’ by James Morrison.

    Oh that's a really good song!!! Part of my teenage days were listening to JM too...


    Midnight was built over an unreleased track by Jon Hopkins called Amphora


    Jon Hopkins said that's not the name for the track! It seems it hadn't a proper title at the time...

    Later he said it was called The Fourth State part II, according to the Coldplay Timeline and the GS booklet...



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  5. I agree.


    I came across this: Beethoven vs Coldplay. I found it interesting. Perhaps somebody has already posted it here, it dates from 2014.



    Beautiful... Honestly, I'd love an orchestra-filled album from the band, merging this style with alt. rock/pop. That'd be awesome. I know VLV has a lot of orchestra in it, but I mean MORE!!!

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  6. I miss this forum a lot.

    And by that I mean the earlier days around 2015-2016 when it was at its most active during the time period I've witnessed. I know I didn't frequent it nearly as often as I used to in the past year or so, but I regret it. Remember when this place was full of life and a million games were running at the same time, and people were speculating about the upcoming LP7 or later talking about the tour ? I miss this SO MUCH.


    Well, we have now the chance to bring back all of that thanks to the upcoming LP8! :O

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  7. Today is the 20th birthday of the Brothers & Sisters single. [emoji322]


    And to celebrate this Fierce Panda is releasing a reissue.


    Have a look on [MEDIA=bandcamp]album_id=160551677[/MEDIA]

    Mobile Link: https://fiercepanda.bandcamp.com/album/coldplay-brothers-sisters-7-colour-vinyl-reissue



    I ordered the bundle.

    It is released on July 12th, but you already get a download link where you can download in several formats. [emoji4]



    Verstuurd vanaf mijn SM-G973F met Tapatalk


    I'd get the WAV or AIFF instead :p Congrats!


    Also, they should've chosen another colors for the vinyls, like redish orange and dark blue, as the colors of he artwork... :/

  8. This is the only reason why the lossless/wav/flac version is worth it but, it's just slightly differently programmed vocals, the rest of it is ideantical to the leak.


    Here's also my personal spin to the artwork, it's supposed to match the design language of the current era:



    I thought this was some kind of artwork leak for a moment! Looks great!!!


    Could you please PM me those versions you have? :P

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