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  1. So far, we can guess LP8 will have at least:


    * Heavy pop influence

    * Collaborations


    I just hope Rick Simpson makes a better job this time... to this day, I think AHFOD and Kaleidoscope EP mastering sounds odd tbh! He did a great job from Viva to Ghost Stories tho... I know he can do better...

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  2. I contacted the seller and he claims it's not an actual promo that was distributed to radio stations, he said its an internal Cd. What does this mean? No clue.

    He also mentioned there's more from the band but didn't say what exactly.


    Internal CD is a disc they burn just to make someone listen to what they're working on (demos, unmastered songs, early recordings), maybe to handle it to producers, managers and so on, people that work with them as part of the team on the record label. And this seems to be the case, I can't say if that's a fake, but the audio, how the song sounds and the fact that it has the instrumental and an isolated vocal track of a version I've never heard before, make me think that at least the content on that CD is legit!

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  3. It is definitely the Coldplay song. I was joking when I mentioned about R.E.M.

    Just like the bootleg acetates/cdrs that have swamped ebay, discogs, etc. (they have slowed down since most of us stopped buying them), these professional bootleggers have a way to extract files from a track. Then they burn the files on a disc. There are certain details that collectors have to pay close attention with.

    I have been a collector for a long time now, and it gets easier to spot the fake ones from experience.

    Unfortunately, you really can’t trust acetates/cdrs now.

    But still, if it’s something that you’d enjoy, then it will be all worth it for you. And personally, that’s all that matters. [emoji1308][emoji1303]



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    Man, you don't sound surprised at all, am I wrong or is it that the lyrics are totally different from the One I Love we already know??? It even appears to have a different ending and lyrics!!! :/


    The seller says:



    A rare 4-track internal sampler of the B-side THE ONE l LOVE by COLDPLAY

    Includes a previously unreleased version of the song with:

    alternate lyrics (or extra verses), different intro (guitar solo) and an instrumental outro that was intended to connect with another track.

    Length of the demo is 5:20'' while the released version on 'In My Place' single is 4:35''

    In fact,it has alternative lyrics!!!!

  4. ^Agree with everyone above. I'd be shocked if they went full on alternative rock or experimental, but I'll be crossing my fingers.


    Like everyone's been saying, though, the ability to release EP's provides songs that Oldplayers and Newplayers can enjoy, but also the ability for them to take risks. Kaleidoscope, like Magic_2000 says so perfectly, had wide appeal and I think that's why we all generally agree that it's great. But Global Citizen EP feels like the biggest leap forward in a new sound we've ever got. It feels risky. Obviously it alienated some fans, but at least it was something refreshing, albeit imperfect. I'm just thankful to have A Rush Of Blood to the Head and E-Lo on the same playlist and say it was the same guys writing the music! How bizarre and unique is that?


    I for one will keep dreaming of a super alternative LP8, but I'll certainly expect a Global Citizen EP Vol. 2 that builds on those risks and explores new genres. And who knows, maybe they'll release some other random EP's or singles before this year is out! It feels like now more than ever is really hard to predict and have expectations.


    Agree... Years ago, we kinda had the chance to guess what was comming from the guys, I mean, from Parachutes to AROBTTH to X&Y, we kinda could expect guitars and piano all over the place. Now we dont know if LP8 will have rap artists featuring, EDM, trap sounds, latin artists... it kinda scares me and excites me at the same time, since I know the band will do their best to make a great album anyway.

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  5. What do you expect from the LP8?

    What genre would you like to hear in the band?


    I'd love to see them go back to a more clasical sound like VLV, but definitely id love to hear some more guitar on the new album, I mean, distortion, even more 'heavy' percussion, like in Lost!... DONT BRING POP BACK AGAIN!!!


    BUT I'm prepairing myself to hear some more cheap EDM sounds and collabs with a lot of artists... :(

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  6. I see he was very angry and sad. He didn't even punched the guy, just took away his camera and the guy just seemed to fall because of trying not to loose the device. I totally understand that reaction from Chris giving the fact he and Gwyneth supposedly just lost a child.

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  7. Actually, the song credits state that 'Birds' incorporates Moses Martin playing the guitar. My guess is that Moses plays that almost odd guitar part you hear on the left channel of the song. That would explain why it sounds like 'amateur playing' (no ofense to you, Moses :P )

  8. Imagine Dragons so desperately need a Brian Eno. They are immensely talented with a unique frontman with a great voice. The difference between Coldplay and Imagine Dragons is that Imagine Dragons seem content to stick with a formula that works, whereas Coldplay never wanted to repeat something they've already done, but still have their signature stamp on everything they release. There's nothing inherently wrong with I.D. sticking with a formula that works, and I have seen Imagine Dragons and they are an excellent live act, but it is starting to wear on the general masses. It feels as though they could be so much more, and it's really a shame we might never see them reach their full creative potential, like Coldplay did, imo, with VLV and MX.


    So I'm not the onlyone that thinks ID songs sound almost the same, similar percussion/drums, guitar riffs and so on...

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  9. Just sending a random greeting out to Oldplayers !


    I just got reminded in another thread how intolerant some ppl are towards negative opinions on newer songs, and that this Oldplaying thread here is and will always be a safe space :heart:


    Listen to Ode To Deodorant... That always cheers me up! XD...

    By the way, am I the only one who got excited by listening to that song in high quality on the AHFOD film? I just hope we get the real studio version some day... I wonder who had the CD with the master recording of that song to rip it and add it to the film, maybe Phil?...

  10. I love Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends so much, I sometimes need to remind myself how lucky I was to have experienced the Viva tour on September 9th, 2009. Sadly I can barely remember how amazing it must've sounded, and I wasn't such a hardcore fan yet back then... Oh what I would give for just a moment to experience that same day again.... Hearing Strawberry Swing, DAAHF, Glass Of Water, 42, Lovers in Japan, Life In Technicolor ii and the list goes on... Even though I still love their music today (I don't identify myself as a new -or oldplayer), I sometimes desperately wonder where the Coldplay of that day has gone...


    At least you experienced that magic on a given time... I actually never got the chance to go to one of their shows, because of not having enough money or because of work... I feel really bad when I think of all the times they came to my country and I never got to see them...

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