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  1. I tend to agree that it looks legit. Fake promos of those early Eras are as far as I know as good as non-existent. I did some digging and this disc has also been mentioned in the collection of users @66 and @Major Cooper - maybe one of them knows more about it.


    How much did you buy it for ?


    I paid U$S8.00, taking into account things in my country are so overpriced... Anyway, as I said, this looks different since it's a radio promo. But everything else in the release (quality of printing, serigraphy on the CD, branding and codes below the cd) tells me this is legit.

  2. Never seen it before. I hate to burst your excitement bubble, but it’s a bootleg. Usually any picture disc CD is a fake unfortunately. Plus, the way that everything is positioned is so different from any other release. But it does look really cool!



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    Take into account this is a promo release for radio purposes (before the actual AROBTTH album came out), maybe that`s why it looks so different. Besides that, if you see the CD matrix, it has all the info that is also printed on the cover (such as catalog number and label). Plus, the CD is from the same manufacturer that made my X&Y copy (Teltron) bought on 2005 here in Argentina. If this is a bootleg, is a VERY good one! The way the CD is printed is also very high quality, just like the one found on official CD releases. The readable part of the CD has also the traditional silver color from a legit CD, not greenish as a normal CD-R... Those details and more tell me this is legit, since I have a big collection of CDs from the band to compare to (argentinian radio promos and UK singles as well).

  3. Side A is music. Instrumental to be exact. I guess the Coldplay flare that they were trying to capture and reflect in the track is the ambiance and the way piano can be heard that resembled what they did in the Yellow Alpha Mix (at the end part of the track). That is my interpretation anyway.


    Side B, I haven’t explored yet. It didn’t say Coldplay, so I wasn’t too keen about it. Lol...!




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    Could you rip the song so we can listen to it? That would be awesome!

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  4. Track says Coldplay... Bought it.

    It’s a very long, interesting one side with a lone track...

    Haven’t listened to Side B yet.

    Seller used a random protective cover, which explains the different context on the sticker.


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    Nice find!!! Is it music? Or some kind of interview?

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  5. Yeah that's the same with me. But not only is it the eras that have passed but listening to some of those old songs brings back feelings about people and places, that I miss. Which can also make it pretty hard sometimes to listen to those songs.


    That happens to me every single time I hear songs like Speed Of Sound, Animals, Spies, Bigger Stronger and so on... It's hard not to remember my years as a teen, listening to this songs later at a quiet night, remembering people that are not around anymore... I trully miss that years/eras, and thet fact they almost hate those songs/eras is a pain in the butt! Ghost Stories was such a relief, the songs reminded me to the ancient Coldplay, specially Ghost Story and Always In My Head!

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  6. For some reason I think of how ALIENS came to be. Was probably an extra song in the VLV era, could've been meant to have been on Prospekt's March with piano and typical Viva flair. Then it got shifted into the MX Era, got revamped to the more electronic sound, but got lost in the shuffle of the GS Era. Re-emerged in the HFOD era and now we're here.


    Prospekt's March came out on Nov 2008, and, as we saw on the documentary, Eno was at the studio with the band in mid 2009. It's just an MX leftover (possibly the song formerly known as "Alien Radio").


    As someone pointed out in the A L I E N S thread, back in 2009 Roadie 42 wrote a log mentioning a strange/unusual drum beat Will brought to the studio. It was possibly A L I E N S.

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  7. Guess its never really bad news for new material to be released, but whats the point of this? KEP will be released a week after....


    I guess it is to compensate all the times they changed the release date of the EP. Anyway, we only have one song left to hear the day the EP gets released!

  8. We were just about to lose our home

    This line can be found in the artwork of the EP. I didn't watch that film, but could this lyric be related to it?


    Interesting thoughts there... I'll keep this in mind!

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  9. Is this because the speakers in the xylobands never worked?


    The speakers works as a receiver inside the Xylobands!


    Also, in Android, the app doesn't require any permission to use the microphone, that means the app does not listen to the environment around the phone... So I guess you'll have to tap randomly when the song is played live since the app doesn't use any microphone on the device.!

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  10. Hmmm...I ordered 3 sets direct, when they first went on presale (1 with the set that included the bag and coffee mug?). Anyhow, just opened one for the first time, and my DP only has two tracks listed too.

    Still could've been from an additional run. Really interesting info.

    Wonder if there was a misprint using the 12"; I know that one has three tracks.

    Now I gotta hunt for the 3-track 7" misprint! :)

    Totally forgot about the 12" Don't Panic single... Nice find. Maybe they used the 12" template for the sleeve.

  11. I don't have them so I can't give you any advice, unfortunately =( I hope the quality will be sufficient and nice enough for you to listen to, have fun with it !


    Thanks a lot friend!!! I hope that too! :p


    I have them too but I don't have a record player.

    I have heard that there was a first release and later a second release.

    The records of the 2nd are the ones that could have some sound issues.


    Does anyone know how to figure out which release that I have?

    The barcode on the box = 094638832478 and on the sticker it has 388 3247.


    Discogs is not mentioning other barcodes


    Well, I assume the first pressing is the one with label pressing errors, i.e. the "Don't Panic" cardboard sleeve says the vinyl has three tracks when it has only two, and some vinyls have the same label on each side... And the second pressing must be the one without those errors...


    They will arrive in a couple of days... But I'll have to wait until I buy the turntable to figure out how they sound like... I want an Audio-Technica AT-LP60 just to start collecting vinyls...


    Also, I bought the ETIAW 7" blue and the Talk - The Remixes 12" vinyls!!!

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  12. Ohhh man! I woke up and the first thing I saw on Instagram was the announcement and the photo of the album art... Then I prepared my big headphones and turned the volume all the way up! Such a beautiful experience listening to this song!!!!!!


    It has a lot of details that remind me of other songs if you ask me, i.e: Has little pieces similar to Atlas, Amazing Day, Gravity, Everglow, Up&Up, Proof, Miracles, Moving To Mars, O, Reign Of Love, etc... It's like a mixture of good elements of other songs... Also, noticed Chris saying "Jay!!!", good one CM!!! LOL!!!



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  13. Haha very funny. Getting people's excitement up eh? Not cool



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    I just said what he told me... I'm not saying it is true, maybe he is trolling me :/ I don't have the files... If he gives me the tracks and if it is legit (maybe not) I'll post them..

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