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  1. 35 minutes ago, lennyrott1 said:

    Remember at the end of the GS era where we thought they were teasing the themes and imagery of the next era in the ASFOS and True Love videos? We were kinda right as the album ended up being inspirational and colorful. 


    The reason I bring it up is a) Champion of the world had planets and b) the new site has a similar theme to this below: 


    The colors are reminiscent to the MX era, but it was like a little tease actually... They could be totaly teasing us with the end of COTW, which is sooo exciting!!! 

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  2. 9 minutes ago, WskCarlosG said:

    LOL hahaha... Regarding that detail... you're right! haha I was so stumped I didn't realize that. Here is the page post 2 days ago... I love this community guys I would never edit a fake to play with your emotions. ❤️ 



    Am I the only one that hates when some fanpages do that? -_- Anyway, yeah, those are common grammar errors when you translate from spanish to english using Google Translate... 

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  3. 16 hours ago, The Jordanator said:

    Again, moon phases are insignificant. They don’t point to anything new coming soon.

    As nice as it would be to get new music soon, I’m placing my bets on November for a major release.

    That's what I've been saying... It's just a widget, a nice addition to the website. They should remove it to avoid confussion :P Anyway, why would they add the widget of the moon to the image they used as a banner on social media?

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  4. Or they can easily leave 2020 as the ending of EL era and bring a new one at 2021. I know the previous years were arranged like that (an era finishing and instantly starting a new one in the timeline), but maybe this time they'll bring a new one in 2021, who knows. I'd keep my expectations low so, as Chris said on the interview at the BBC when they played VLV songs, "everything else that comes, is a bonus".

  5. 2 hours ago, michal91d said:

    It exists. I remember the thread about it on Coldplaying (however now this thread is removed). Some guy long time ago had it on his Vimeo page.


    We are talking about "The Race", however have anybody listened to the snippet "Heart on Fire"?

    Damn, I know it's so offtopic but I need that video in my life now... Thanks for letting me know this exists!

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  6. 2 hours ago, michal91d said:

    Are we talking about "Heart on Fire"? Somebody posted a 10-sec snippet of it on one of the facebook pages more than a month ago.

    Btw I'm still wondering if the video for "Cemeteries of London" that was available on one of the director's page will see the light of the day. 🤣 😄

    Cemeteries Of London? Where can I watch that video? :O 

  7. 3 hours ago, The Jordanator said:

    From this post....

    1. Who has a forced field telescope they can set to f2.024 (surely this must be what FFTF2024 means!)

    2. Music Of the Spheres is exactly 4 months away!

    3. This is a fake account mocking fans longing for new material from the band... I wouldn't put that much attention to it...

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  8. 1 hour ago, Koleybolen said:

    Hello everyone the picture I post below has Chris wearing a new shirt. I’ve made several observations. If you notice that there’s a rip on the neck just like the every day life era shirt. Also there’s a permanent “LOVE” word stitched in. As well as “24” which correspond ls to “music of the spheres”. My theory is that this a new look for the new album. Notice its also colorful.


    You're reaching too far here... It's just a t-shirt! XD

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  9. 11 hours ago, I ran away said:

    Relax. Have you never heard of bootlegs ? The band is aware they exist. They wouldn't encourage them but they also don't sue people for recording their concerts. It's been done for decades.

    I think this user is talking about the demos this person supposedly has! See under the Unreleased section of the website.

  10. 17 minutes ago, M Marks The Spot said:

    I know that you run "Planeta Coldplay" so you must have a plenty of experience as an administrator! Moreover, do we really need to clean this place from the spam posts? Why don't we just upcycle them? 😂

    Whoa! I'm looking forward to your new work.

    Yeah, I know a thing or two about running a fan account... :P

    BTW, go give this a listen! 😉


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  11. 21 minutes ago, M Marks The Spot said:

    Well, for me Coldplaying is another common room where I can hang out, thus, I'm here so often! But I'm convinced that there are other users who would be more responsible and conscientious as moderators than me. Personally, I would nominate @I ran away and @MarckozZ!

    Thanks for mentioning me... Well, I have to say I'd love to be a mod. I've been seeing a lot of spam lately... I'd love to help clean this place from said garbage posts, 


    BTW: New stuff coming! I'm posting a new remix now!

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  12. 7 hours ago, The Jordanator said:

    Holy hell this came outta nowhere! 
    Chris reaching those high notes again! Is this a piece of the chorus perhaps? I would’ve thought the chorus would have been repetitions of that opening verse (whatever it takes). 
    The beat I notice is very consistent and appears in all the segments of The Race that’s we’ve heard too.

    Edit: On second listen, This is actually the next piece of the song from the segment we heard with that annoying audio watermark (www. whatever). It’s awesome flow from the verse to the chorus and I also noticed it had the riff that we heard from the AHFOD film underneath Chris’s “I won’t fall” lyric.

    This would’ve been so powerful on Ghost Stories just sayin

    I hate to tell you this, guys, but this is certainly fake. Seems that someone just pasted the old AHFOD film snippet on top of another old snippet of The Race that had that part of the lyrics and this is the result of such "prank". You can tell by how the sound seems like a whole mess when the battery kicks in, there's no cohesion to it. Plus I can clearly remember the snippet that had the "I won't fall" part, 

    I just hate it when some people play with the hopes of our community, laughing at us by throwing false demos/snippets or flexing about having them. 

    I also hope Phil keeps his word on releasing The Race someday... Anyway guys, this snippet seems BS to me by said reasons...

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