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  1. I totally forgot about this MOTS thing, and the 4-2-20 theory... But as you guy say, the outbreak forced a lot of artists to leave their projects on hold until this ends. 

    On the other hand, a digital release of a new hint/single could happen tomorrow... At least a hint, if the theory was correct.

  2. The site looks neat!!! Really loving it!!!

    Just an idea: Is there any chance to bring "dark mode" to the site? I mean, sometimes I enter the forum late at night and a dark mode will help on those situations. Also, the thumbnails for the news that appear on top of the forum section seem to be kinda big, they could be smaller so they wont take that much space. Loving the new look Stephen!  I was missing the forum already!

  3. Hey, thanks for the lovely message.


    To your simple question I am going to give a confusing answer hahah. So we are planning a server upgrade at the moment which is proving to be difficult. There are few websites like Coldplaying and we have very specific needs when it comes to servers that many hosting providers cannot offer. Also, these things come at a hefty price. I am waiting for the transition to a new server before I make any big changes on the site. That's why a lot of stuff like Multimedia and various issues have not been addressed in recent months. Once the transition period from the old server to the new server is complete, I will 100% drop you a message! So in short - no at the present moment - yes in the near future!


    Since a bunch of us spend a lot of time here in this forum, I am also interested in helping to mod the site. So, if there's any help needed with that, you can contact me as well! :D

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  4. Updating my theory:

    FFTF2024 is the single release on April 2nd as we all know

    The 05/11/2020 will be the album release date May 11th (or possibly November 5th but I sure hope not)


    Let's take this into account: Orphans was released on Oct 24, THURSDAY


    April 2nd will be Thursday as well, BUT May 11th will be MONDAY. Isn't that a weird day to release an album? Most new album releases are made on Fridays... November 5th will be Thursday tho... :O


    Now I remember Chris said on an interview that FFTF2024 doesn't mean anything at all... at least he said something like that.

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  5. Ahhh... here we go again....


    Let's try not to post in this thread until something new about this song actually happens... Kidding! xD I almost have a nano-heart attack everytime I see this thread being replied :(

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  6. I found some Coldplay ringtones at suonerietelefono


    After 11 years, almost no one uses ringtones anymore. My phone is on silent mode 24/7 hahahaha! I used to have a lot of Coldplay ringtones, I was fascinated by a MID ringtone of Speed Of Sound that was almost as good as the real song! Also loved the Enjoy The Silence one that I used to have. Lots of nostalgia here!!!

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  7. Well, for me, the MOTS poster looks like some retro-futuristic artwork from the 60s or 70s. Imagine if they use some retro sounds (old keyboards, synthesizers and so on) to recreate and experiment with sounds! I'm begging for some old Giorgio Moroder-ish sounding songs from Coldplay! That'd be awsome!!!!

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  8. I hear a bit more than the first snippet though. At the end you can hear "heart is a volcano".


    Well, yeah, that bit is new but still... it’s not the full song so... I’m not putting my hopes too high for a full release soon. This guy is trolling us.

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  9. So I actually reached out to someone and found out that the song may actually have never sold... Not sure who to believe at this point though haha.


    And where is there a female vocal in there?


    At the beginning of the first snippet we got on the AHFOD film. At least it always sounded as a woman or some sort of voice to me.

  10. This is has been my latest can’t sleep at night ponderings:

    The Race includes a high pitched voice singing “I found you, oh...(?)” or something like that.

    Could this be the same vocal singing in Cry Cry Cry??? I’ve seen it here before maybe someone could find it again but I’m sure Chris said that this voice is a character they made which they’ll be using again...?

    In conclusion, there is a chance The Race could be on LP9


    Yeah, Chris said that on an interview., the character's called Angelina, and it's made by pitching up Chris' voice. But I always thought that voice was a woman singing! I mean the one in The Race.


    An I insist: this song has to be somewhere on the internet but saved with another filename to avoid further leaks.

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