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  1. Btw I still hope the original CD master of the 'Ode To Deodorant'/'Brothers+Sisters' demo will come up sometime.

    Maybe as part of a rare tracks collection the band was speaking of lately?


    That's what I'm hoping for... I really need a higher quality version of Ode. I man, we have the cassette riped version and Bathmath's version, which is mono, sadly enough. I wonder where did he got that version, it's so much cleaner than the original rip.

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  2. It's out there but very expensive these days. As only about 200 CDs were pressed.

    I wish they would re-release it (for wider public), and also press it on vinyl together with the '98 demo tape 'Ode To Deodorant' / 'Brothers + Sisters'.

    Actually, I wonder if there's more recordings from that time. They sounded a bit different even long before the Blue Room EP.

    The earliest band recording might be the Panic EP, when they were called Big Fat Noises...


    I'd love a vinyl ersion of Safety EP and Ode/B+S. I was listening to The Blue Room the other night and the sound was so different back then, I mean, the quality of recordings and how they were mixed. It adds some mysticism to them. I can imagine those studios recording everything into tape and then converting that to digital, right?

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  3. Just picked this guy up today! Was just curious though is this their first album that isn't in a hard CD case? I guess it's good to reduce the plastic which is used for a hardcase


    Yes, it is!


    Actually, no. Their first studio album that came in a cardboard sleeve was Viva La Vida on some countries (like Australia), and then the Prospekt's March dual disc followed up.

  4. I'm proud that Coldplay really are taking a stand with this and hope it will be a powerful video ! just hope they don't re-enact the speech sample in a literal way, because that would imho take away from the eeriness and impact of the original


    That's true... Maybe they'll just scrap the audio snippet entirely?

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