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  1. Definitely not a fan of this sample. I like listening to albums all the way through, but this sample is just too jarring to listen to on a regular basis. I like Coldplay for the sweet sounds and sad lyrics, but this sample throws both of these out and hits the listener over the head.


    Somebody made a good points about the clean version. Maybe the sample will be removed all together (and I would immediately opt to only listen to that version if it exists).


    Maybe we will get clean (without snippets) versions of the songs once the instrumentals get leaked... Sometimes those voice memos are stored with the main vocal track...

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  2. I really hope so... after all, GS Live 2014 (the DVD) came from a TV special. And here in the US, stupid NBC decided to cut songs out of the broadcast for time so we had to rely on the internet for those performances until the DVD came out. : unamused:


    I forgot Ghost Stories Live being a TV special on a french channel as well... So, we hopefully get it as a DVD or even Blu-Ray! Fingers crossed!!!

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  3. Fair question: Why is that interlude spliced in 6 parts? Which child prodigy mastered that album and let such an idea slip in? I'm removing the redbook seperators to join it as one. Unless it was not intended to be spliced that way.


    I think it's meant for the promo CD only, maybe an indicator of some sort for the radio operator or listener that the second half is about to start. I bet this interlude wont be part of the final release since both albums will already be separated in two physical CDs.


    I remember seeing radio promos that have this kind of splitted tracks, like the intro being separated from the rest of the song just as an indicator for the radio operator/host to stop talking before the actual interesting part of the song starts.

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  4. I'm a bit nervous about LP8. I was hoping the MX-AHFOD pop thing was just a phase, but maybe not? Maybe this is just who they'll be going forward. Would be a big shame if that's the case.


    Unrelated note, did a HQ version of the acoustic Lovers in Japan ever surface? It's one of my favourite recordings from the band, but the version I've got sounds like it was recorded underwater :/

    If I'm not mistaken, LiJ only existed on iTunes and whichever online stream services and was available for the ones who pre-ordered the album, so, surely, no acoutic versions because it wasn't released physically or available for some FLAC streaming services because, yeah, that was 2008, what do we want lol But that version sounds so heavenly good... Wish we had a really HQ version of it, ears would be truly blessed :heart:


    LOL Guys, that version actually got released on a charity album on iTunes Canada. I have the track on M4A straight from iTunes if you want it...

  5. Oh I had no idea, that's awesome! I can't believe I missed it being posted here.

    Do you happen to have the original video file?


    Sure! But sadly enough, its just an MP4 file, no M4V iTunes goodness there. But still it's HD! Gonna see if I find it somewhere on my drive when I get home.

  6. I still have a feeling the "experimental" LP could turn out to be a Los Unidades thing with Global Citizen (they have recorded with a Palestinian artist as per an Instagram post in summer, and Chris spent some time around African musicians, so it might be world music) and the "mainstream" one is a regular LP8 which we all thought would come out in 2020 anyway.


    Totally agree. We fans tend to forget their pet project aka Los Unidades. Maybe they've been working on something for some charity events (TIDAL Rock The Vote has some charity intentions to it). Maybe this year we are getting a new Los Unidades EP, and next year the real LP8. Either way, we are a couple weeks away from knowing what the guys have been up to these past few years, musically speaking.

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  7. No, if I remember correctly the band or any official sources from around the band never even acknowledged they are in fact Los Unidades.


    Well, they kinda acknowledged it's them by using that orange, distorted GS press photo to promote Los Unidades...

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  8. Why thank you.


    I laughed hard at this Korg reference!!! XD Loved it!


    And actually, that's a very good point there, they're millonaire guys with no big problems to complain about, that surely influences on how they see the world now and they wanna spread lots of love. Its totally fine, but their point of view changed.


    Their reaction in front of all of the injustice and sadness is like "we're here to make you feel happy now with our music" (as in Up&Up, Amazing Day, Paradise) instead of "I've felt this way before, let me tell you my story with this song" (as they did in songs like Shiver, Politik, Fix You, Violet Hill).

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  9. I don't think they have recorded anything because Guy is not at the Bakery. He is in an office working on the next issue of the Road Rat a magazine for cars and he was at a car exhibition and festival during the weekend.


    Guy can be anywhere else but they can still record some parts of the new songs, even if he's abroad, he can go to any professional recording studio and record some tunes, then send the recordings via internet to anywhere the band is... They've done that in the past.

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  10. I think it will be a little different but mostly the same. From the preview I heard, the claps for missing leading up to the chorus. So I think it's definitely tweaked a little bit.


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    I hope so!!! The demo felt kinda cluttered to be honest. A cleaner version would be so much appreciated!

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