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  1. 38 minutes ago, sa_spurs_tx said:

    Happy Friday everyone!!!  Most people on here would agree that hype and speculation is super fun, especially these days 😉

    Does anyone have any interesting ideas or reasons why the band keeps posting these old videos?  Of course, it can just be random or that the band has been showcasing or hinting that the new album will include old or recycled ideas (we all know know this) but why Violet Hill?  Is the band playing Easter Eggs we haven't noticed yet?  

    Happy Friday to you too!!!

    Me and @Koleybolen were discussing today about how one of the producers for Everyday Life posted a screenshot of him playing Violet Hill at exactly 1:36 earlier this week. Is this just a coincidence? 


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  2. Idk it just fascinates me that Mylo is getting applied for trademark, Rescue St was discovered on an acoustic guitar last year, UATW will be getting its new version released, U F O was reregistered and hinted by Chris at “not being out yet”. Pair that information with this picture and some wild theories start to form:



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  3. 7 hours ago, 42Escapist said:

    I get the feeling the album release and promotion will be similar to that of AHFOD. Start teasing in September/October, do the usual iHeartRadio Festival set, drop a single, play an in-studio set for Radio 1 or Radio 2, release the album in early December, and start the world tour around April or May of 2022. Hopefully the pandemic situation will have improved to the point where Coldplay can safely perform in front of tens of thousands of people again. 

    They already have done the iheart gig though. Which makes me think that the gig was going to be part of the MOTS promotion previously but the pandemic changed that. So it’s just the single and teasers were waiting on right now.

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