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  1. Why is no mod responding to my simple request of enabling me to be able to tweet :bomb: And hello again :wacky:

  2. And what happened to you Batass :evil:

  3. Added to my list of to-do-listening :surprised:

  4. Thankles :wacky:

  5. Hahahaha oh my god that girl

  6. After all that, THIS is the VM I get to see :veryangry:

  7. I deleted skype because it constantly asked me for updates, with the intention of re-installing it, but I didn't really notice it was gone so still haven't, like half the time lately I only realise skype was open in the first place when I go to shut my laptop down.

  8. I like how the eagle looked subtley focussed on getting away, he's not panicking but he's also not fucking about slowly. GOD I HATE FUCKABOUTS :bomb:

  9. I feel fantastic

  10. <Troxley> Man. I was just playing minecraft. I officially need a life.

  11. Yes he killed himself :( Although it's harsh to find this funny but this woman who knew him well said (Not direct quote) "He wasn't just a tiger, he was a female tiger, so he not only explored the species line but the boundaries of the gender and species lines together" like all of my what hahahaha

  12. Catman made me think of this [IMG] RIP Cat Man :(

  13. That's the one I grew up watching :cheesy: But he looks like a fat plumber or something not a billionaire in real life like Bruce Wayne :(

  14. Batmans face looks kinda like he's fat and has stubble where he hasn't shaved decently.

  15. OMG HOLY SHIT OMG OMG OMG Im changing my username to Twisted Mind

  16. I loooove eehhhht :cheesy:

  17. Where's my friggen kitteh :veryangry:

  18. Green and blue or bluey green or greeny blue

  19. I want a pudgey kitty.

  20. I need a new avatar because this ones outdated but I'm too late to join the evil cat crew :(

  21. Go here now. http: * //www. * ustream.tv/channel/chris-antics Remove the * in the link

  22. But I said song composition, the way it transitions into different parts and how they build around each other, besides "technicality" actually means how good bands are at playing their instruments, I know what you meant though I just want to make you feel like a dum kid. :evil: The album was released in 2005, there isn't much that's truly innovative and original in the last few decades unless it's completely off-the-wall, it is indeed pop music and most of the songs are in a standard form, I think everything comes together brilliantly. And just to make you hurt, for me it's not just one of the best albums of the 00's, it's one of the best albums EVAR :evil: (Well like, definitely top 50, maybe top 20 if I really did take the time to make a list but I'm not that lame). I wonder if they were told before that it's a really unpopular album how many entry-level alts would crap themselves over the album as much as they do now. wat

  23. "Go listen to some shitty generic indie rock which is nothing more than a caricature of the same unevolved music style of the past 20 years and is no more revolutionary or interesting than a Maroon 5 or OneRepublic song" Is that meant to be for Funeral?! :o Suburbs I can understand, Neon Bible somewhat, but Funeral?!?! :o You have no clue about song composition and think 99% of music is "boring", go listen to something with real meaning about drinking coffee and watching fucking television. :veryangry: And apology accepted. :wacky:

  24. Go listen to some shitty britrock about boys who love girls who are boys and on holiday or something who gives a fuck.

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