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  1. This explains a lot about the people running this site. Oh and 60844 This is fun :D
  2. This is what people do when they don't have the brains to stick up for themselves.
  3. You are actually insane. Nobody posted on how much they miss you, my post you quoted was calling you a troll and pointing out how you can't spell properly, Black Rose was mocking you as well about how City won't win anything except an exhibition cup. Those aren't posts from people who miss you, how deluded must you be.
  4. Gregcock. Sorry. I'm acting out on my resentment for missing you. :(
  5. Why is no mod responding to my simple request of enabling me to be able to tweet :bomb: And hello again :wacky:

  6. Why do you keep coming back on here when nobody wants you to.
  7. https://twitter.com/GavinJuniper/status/369566864357490688
  8. Aguero was worse for diving head first in the way of Taylor's arm which was innocently moving with momentum, he could've injured him and that's his handball arm.
  9. City could've scored 7 tonight, Krul was great, and they had a disallowed goal which was clearly onside. On top of it, as I said before, they weren't even applying that much pressure on the final third, our defence was woeful. Someone hold me.
  10. City could have had 2 goals in the first 3 minutes, but 20mins in they now have their 2. While they've set a good pace they aren't even out of 3rd gear, very worrying. THIS is why I wasn't looking forward to the start of the season.
  11. ^Sounds like a good plan if you're trying to get away from that old fascist stigma that haunts you. As crazy as it all generally is, the part that makes him sound completely bonkers is that he doesn't just throw their mobile phones out, he plans to drive out to the coast and throws them in the sea. It's probably bullshit but still, it literally sound like an idea from an insane dictator.
  12. Maybe for the reasons I wrote in the post directly before yours.
  13. I'm no Diana fan or anything but wow, how horribly put. Also the logic is fucked, so someone goes to the police with what could be further evidence in relation to a possible murder, and you want the police to go "No thanks, hehe it was kinda a long time ago"? How long is the cutoff point, like what, 5 years, and then it no longer matters. If they were murdered, then whoever conspired to organise it should not be simply free to go and do it again, I mean christ think it through. How do you come up with these bizarre crackpot jokes.
  14. So you didn't lose when you were beaten on penalties. YOU LOST :veryangry:
  15. Wow, the phrase "Don't let them breed" has somehow become a reality.
  16. Was this thread created just to make the joke in OPs post?
  17. Why the hell would you bump this. Like that's the last thing I can ever imagine doing on here.
  18. Well ok I haven't but it would be quite something if I did.
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