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  1. Hey, guys!


    Well, I'd like to ask you a huge favor. My sister and I are thinking of opening a hostal in our city and we need to make some sort of a research first. We elaborated a questionnaire to help us understad the demands of the enterprise and, since we need it to be answered by the greatest amount of people possible, I thought I should come by and ask those who have a little free time to help us. There are 28 questions, but most of them are quite simple, needs only a yes or no answer. If there is any of them that you don't feel comfortable to answer, just feel free to ignore it. It should take something around 5 minutes. If you could pleeease help us, I'd be the most grateful! :)


    There we go:




    1. Age

    2. Gender

    3. Family income (estimate)

    4. Scholarity

    5. City/country




    6. Do you travel often?

    7. If yes, how often? (once a year, twice, every 2 years...)

    8. What's the reason for traveling usually?

    9. What are the national and international destinations of your greatest interest?

    10. On a leisure trip, do you usually travel by yourself or with companies? If it is with company, is it usually friends and/or family?

    11. What type of accomodation do you usually stay on these trips?


    ( ) hotel

    ( ) apart-hotel

    ( ) inn

    ( ) pension

    ( ) hostel

    ( ) rented apartment

    ( ) Relative houses

    ( ) Others ___________________________________


    12. What does make your prefer the type of accomodation selected above?

    13. What are the key features that an accomodation must have?

    14. And what an accomodation should not have?

    15. How do you get to know about accomodations?


    ( ) Traveling websites

    ( ) Indication of people you know

    ( ) Tourist guides

    ( ) Social network

    ( ) Others ___________________________________


    16. Do you like quieter or agitated environments? Why?

    17. On a leisure trip, is it preferable to stay near tourist spots or in a place far away, but with easy transport?




    18. What is the ideal period of time to get to know a city?

    19. What does usually attract you in a city?

    20. Have you already heard of Belo Horizonte?

    21. If yes, what have you heard?

    22. Have you ever visited the city?

    23. If not, would you like to visit it?




    24. Have you already heard of hostels?

    25. If yes, would you stay in one?

    26. Have you ever stayed in one in Brazil? What about outside Brazil?

    27. If yes, where? Tell us a little bit about your experience.

    28. What let you to choose this type of accomodation?




    THANK YOU VERY MUCH! :nice: :daisy: :nice:

  2. OH MY GOSH!


    Ian, this is a fantastic story! Thank you a lot for sharing it with us! Chris is a gentleman, such a humble guy! Stories like these make us love them even more.


    I cannot even imagine how you felt after this. It may have been the most surreal feeling ever! Congrats on your achievement!!!

  3. guys, do you if there will be people selling tickets at the day of the concert? And have any of you ever been to a concert at the IZOD center before? Those seats behing the stage are way too horrible? It's the only option I have at the moment :/ At the Madrid Unstage, the people behind seemed to have a good view of what was going on, but I don't know if it will be the same, that stage seemed special or something

  4. Yeah, the floor seats are usually the first to go. A lot of these concerts have sold out already :(


    This is the sadest thing! :bigcry: I didn't know I would be at NY by that time, that's the reason I didn't buy it earlier. I would never be so negligent with Coldplay :cry: Now the only seat they offer me is a behind the stage one, with a poor view.


    Do you guys know if, at the concert day, people sell tickets at the entrance of the venue? Here in Brazil it happens all the time, but I have no idea if stuff like that happen to occur in the US as well...

  5. I have a question: guys, what do I have to do to get the very front seats? They would be the floor seating ones, right? I mean, I've tried to understand that "best available" thing, but I didn't do it that well... I always get a "sorry no exact matches were found" message and this is driving me crazy! Shouldn't I just select any price and "floor seating"? I dunno what I'm doing wrong, it it because maybe there are no more tickets available? :uhoh:

  6. Hmm... When I think about it, it's just like buying a video game on release date so it's not that bad since I haven't bought games for ages... Do you know of anywhere to get it cheaper than the Coldplay site?


    Hmmm, I have no idea actually. But I've checked amazong right now and they have some new ones for something around 84 dollars, what could be better depending on the currency value of the day. And some people are selling used ones as well for 71 dollars, what shouldn't be that bad since the pop up came out only one month ago.


    You can take a look here: [ame=http://www.amazon.com/Mylo-Xyloto-Special-Coldplay/dp/B00692ASTQ/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1327765337&sr=8-2]Amazon.com: Mylo Xyloto (Special Edition): Coldplay: Music[/ame]

  7. I think this video here [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLCU6lhvNg0]Mylo Xyloto Pop-up Edition Unboxing! - YouTube[/ame] can help you a bit.


    I bought one. I should say that I was expecting more, before they released the official video about it. I thought I would get a little notebook with a very cool artwork, a reproduction of their own diary and it didn't happen, the diary is shown inside the pop-up itself, it's not a separate piece. Also, I thought we would get the album and the vinyl separately, in proper boxes, not only the cd and the vinyl itself. Anyway, when I got home and saw it I got very, very, very excited, despite all that I've imagined. I think it's very cool, if you have it you sure won't be disappointed.

  8. we will be near each other. im row K seat 113. :) i'll be going alone tho.


    Wow, cool! Let's be friends then :D Did you have to choose between any section? I don't know if we are going to be in the middle, right or left... :\


    For those who haven't got tickets yet, just keep trying, guys. I got something around 10 errors messages before I got my first one and, before those error messages, it kept saying that the option I wanted was already gone. Good luck to you all!

  9. I can't understand why i so lucky but I'm gonna be in LA that day and I am definitely trying to get tickets. I tried to register in one of the 3 websites indicated by Anchorman to be able to participate of the presale tomorrow but it seems I can't. Do you guys know if only americans can register? It seems so, it says that the zipcode entered is not valid. I kinda checked on the terms and conditions but couldn't find anything. I can't participate of the contest though, I should be a resident. Also, since I'm from another country and before feb 8th I'll be traveling and won't be home so that they could send the ticket to my house, is it possible to get it on the very feb 8th in the Nokia space? I'm starting to get out of hope :sad:

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