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  1. CB

    Hi there - noticed that you mentioned you have 3 certificates from the Future Forest deal. Any chance I could purchase or borrow one? [email protected]

  2. My mamaw made some HORRID stuffing today. It was runny, and apple cidery.. gross there's a fact for ya oh and I bite my toe nails <3
  3. um woops I think people think I actually have some kind of obsession with pain I DONT! It was just a statement due to my sore nose peopleeeeeeeeeeeee HAPPY TOFURKEY DAY! WOOT!
  4. goodie goodie good well than it works. and thecomputer just lied to me. so yep woot
  5. oh no harm in that yep dat me g'nite
  6. what is it? it says file failed but it shows up on my computer... i only need 1 person to tell me so yeah this can be deleted soon
  7. hahahaha I know! They followed me to...a radiohead forum.. omg I know like in the picture thread theres me eating a battery :-?.......cause I was "bored" and then like 2 posts down theres another one of me..making a srunchy face...again cause I was "bored" I mean seriously. shoot me. ugh whatever I was like 13 and dumb and had no social life..and an obsession with coldplay. haha good times
  8. aww my old name! i miss it so....sort of :-D
  9. no no not for me cause ive pierced my...ears...nose and eyebrow..and the eyebrow did get infected but not horribly and my nose and ears never got infected..only sore..so i think im in the clear. but i still shouldnt do it anymore causeeee my body might give up and a complete infection might occur :-O ..thats not possible. ughimdumb.
  10. http://youtube.com/watch?v=tYnn51C3X_w shit. I must be easily amused. but this is HU-LARE-E-US
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