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  1. I found one entry of the CD-ROM in eil.com but it's 'out of stock' at the moment.

    "COLDPLAY Launch #50 (2001 US Interactive CD-Rom magazine
    with Chris Martin & Guy Berryman interview & a live performance of Shiver,
    in card wallet picture sleeve)."



    "Live performance". Maybe from Jo Whiley's Lunchtime Social? Or maybe could be a totally different live recording.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Sonny said:

    From what I see only Paradise, The Scientist, Yellow, Up & Up, Violet Hill, Life In Technicolor ii, The Hardest Part, and Aliens are in black and white. These are strangely specific, a song from each era and major ep release - excluding Ghost Stories.

    What about 'Magic'? Wasn't that video itself in b/w?

  3. It's so weird how fast this era was. The AHFOD era felt like an eternity as a relatively new Coldplay fan...


    To me the MYLOXYLOTO and AHFOD eras were a bit like one and the same thing (a pretty long era),

    while Ghost Stories was something like a little break between that. Like, hibernation before going back to the colorful things.^^

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  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRoXWmOAu6o

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRoXWmOAu6o


    Found a better quality, but it has a watermark... also HOW IN THE HECK DO SOME OF YOU FIND THESE THINGS?!

    My ears say "yes" but I need someone else to confirm this as I could be suffering from hallucinations at this point. :joy:


    The chord progressions sound the same. I'd say yes.

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  5. I don't know whether this has been posted here before: Coldplay - Phenomenon (Full Music Documentary)




    It's an interesting documentary about Coldplay's first three albums.


    Awesome! Thanks a lot.

    Btw, I spotted some rehearsal setlist from 2000 (or earlier) in the time frame 3:46. It contains these tracks:

    Bigger Stronger

    Careful Where You Stand

    Don't Panic

    Everything's Not Lost

    For You

    Help Is Round The Corner

    High Speed

    No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground

    See You Soon




    Such A Rush


    We Never Change


    You Only Live Twice



    Looks like they obviously planned to perform the other Safety tracks on tour as well ('No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground' and 'Such A Rush'),

    and also the 'Shiver' single b-sides!

  6. That's what I'm hoping for... I really need a higher quality version of Ode. I man, we have the cassette riped version and Bathmath's version, which is mono, sadly enough. I wonder where did he got that version, it's so much cleaner than the original rip.


    I wonder why the later dub was mono only. I'm sure that's from a demo cassette as well but used better tape playback equipment.

  7. I'd love a vinyl ersion of Safety EP and Ode/B+S. I was listening to The Blue Room the other night and the sound was so different back then, I mean, the quality of recordings and how they were mixed. It adds some mysticism to them. I can imagine those studios recording everything into tape and then converting that to digital, right?


    Yeah, I assume they worked more with analoge tape in the early years. Probably till up to Parachutes or Rush Of Blood.

    Somehow I think the period where they recorded the Safety EP and 'Deodorant' demo tape could be an era on its own (IMO).

    The Blue Room EP (minus the two re-used Safety tracks on there) has a more polished sound that is similar to what's on Parachutes.


    Btw I still hope the original CD master of the 'Ode To Deodorant'/'Brothers+Sisters' demo will come up sometime.

    Maybe as part of a rare tracks collection the band was speaking of lately?

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    It's out there but very expensive these days. As only about 200 CDs were pressed.

    I wish they would re-release it (for wider public), and also press it on vinyl together with the '98 demo tape 'Ode To Deodorant' / 'Brothers + Sisters'.

    Actually, I wonder if there's more recordings from that time. They sounded a bit different even long before the Blue Room EP.

    The earliest band recording might be the Panic EP, when they were called Big Fat Noises...

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  9. I easily bought one light globe by the Idena company few years ago and it's glowing every night in my room since then.

    The stand is made of plastic, not wood as the original Parachutes globe though. But I'm very happy with it.




    The original light bulb broke pretty quickly after a month or so.

    Then I swapped it with a bulb meant for fridges(!), luckily the lifespan of it is quite long.

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  10. I think February 4th of 2020 is a little too soon. I guess it's possible, but it's on a Tuesday (most major album releases are on Fridays) and I seriously wonder if they'd have the time to finish a brand new album so soon after focusing on 17 songs (Everyday Life + Flags) for the past year unless they pulled a Kid A+Amnesiac and worked on two albums simultaneously. Even April 2nd seems unlikely because it's just so soon. I would think they'd like to spend a good portion of the year finishing the new record. And 2024 is just so far off... that is NOT "coming soon" :joy:


    But they said they wanna release the next album 'as soon as possible'. Unless all the press and media wrote that headline(s) as clickbait?

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  11. Yeah for me it would have been interesting to see which items were available instead of being rich enough to buy them, the catalogue was amazing with stuff like the Parachutes globe in there :pensive:


    I bought a light globe somewhere else few years ago and I'm just fine with it. ;)

  12. My guess... Music Of The Spheres/Fragments For The Fans, a compilation or box set with studio outtakes from all previous eras of the band.

    Including songs from before Parachutes, like the Big Fat Noises' Panic EP and other odd things.

    Release in 2024. The picture might just indicate 'this is old (and dusty)', as are the recordings in the box set. ;)


    Actually I think 'Spheres' (different worlds) in this case could indeed mean the band's different eras.

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  13. I'm so confused about the part where the interviewer goes on about how 8 albums in 19 years isn't productive? What? That's an album every 2.5 years how in the world is that unproductive?


    I feel like this interview could have been so much more.


    Well, the interviewer, Jann Wenner, is the founder of Rolling Stone magazine.

    First issue of the magazine was in the late 1960s. So, apparently he's from the generation where artists released two albums per year.

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