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  1. 6 minutes ago, LeftrightleftArchi said:

    Hey I made a quick remaster of The Race and mashed it up with the outro of Oceans (if anyone wanted an idea of where it could be on the GS tracklisting). Anyone interested in listening? 

    According to a documentary featurette the that was sadly taken down, it was supposed to be the second song after O. There are also pictures of the original cover art with this tracklisting but i'm guessing it's just fanart influenced by this tracklisting from the documentary.


  2. 12 minutes ago, sa_spurs_tx said:

    Our band just updated their Facebook and cover photo .. 😳😬😅

    A slightly modified AHFOD logo with a spacey looking background 🤷🏽‍♂️  The color palette is also in a different order.

    Their Twitter as well..  isn’t the 20th anniversary of parachutes a week from today?


    i must say the new website design looks horrible. no otherway of putting it.

  3. 9 hours ago, lennyrott1 said:

    Coldplay Twitter posting article about Everyday Life being a potential contender for the Grammy's album of the year, which would be nominated well over a year the album came out... not sure if it's eligible? 

    I think EL is an amazing album. It covers a ton of genres really well and has an interesting, timely concept to it that mostly comes thru. BUT it got mixed-positive reviews and would be up against some incredible records this year that I think do an even stronger job conveying messages: Run The Jewels 4, Fionna Apple's Fetch The Bolt Cutters, 1975's Notes on a Conditional Form, Nick Cave's Ghosteen, Perfume Genius, Charli XCX. I don't mean to sound anti-Coldplay, but I think the Grammy's has been doing slightly better job awarding and pushing more alternative artists, particularly artists of color and female artists. At some point Coldplay becomes a legacy band that deservedly gets nominations but the optics of dumping even more awards on them when there's so many deserving & new diverse artists? I don't see it happening.



    An award? For Everyday Life? Bruh i'm still sad that the album basically has 0 nominations or awards but like perhaps this one is what you say its hinting at...

  4. I recently obtained some pretty good isolated live vocal mixes from a couple of shows and here's one of them. I chose HFTW because it's one of those songs where it's interesting to hear how they use pre recorded vocals. Normally in regular shows they would mute chris' mic on the chorus but in this version they have both playing kinda how like viva la vida does it. The prerecorded track on the chorus is the same vocal line they have used for the entire AHFOD tour. 

    I would love it if you guys shared your thoughts on this!

    HFTW Chris Vox solo.mp3

    will on hftw.mp3

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  5. On 10/7/2017 at 4:40 PM, RealRece said:


    I still can't believe this all happened. I've been shaking since it happened because I'm still so extremely happy. Chris said a lot to me while he wasn't singing! He would say things like "f***ing beautiful" or "it's so badass that you're doing this" among other really kind and heartfelt comments. It was the best thing in the world. I love Chris so much




    I don't even know where to begin! This night was the best night of my life! As Julie (my friend who I took with me) and I were walking into the field after the doors opened, we were approached by Ben, the lead designer of the tour (I can't remember his official title, my apologies) He came up to us and asked about our posters and where we were from and if we've been before, etc... then he asked us if we've heard about the fan introduction videos, and I told him that I thought that they were absolutely amazing and would be awesome to be in one! Then he asked us "Well, do you guys want to do the video?" So we both just looked at each other in shock and instantly said "yes!" He then took us backstage into a production room where we rehearsed the intro video and as we finished, we walked back out to the floor. From that point, we walked to go get some merchandise, because, of course why not? As Alina Baraz and Tove Lo were performing, we got super excited as the anticipation just kept building up and up (pun intended) then our intro video came on and everyone around us was freaking out as we were on the screen! Coldplay came out to the stage and it was just pure magic the whole time. Julie and I headed over to the C-Stage a few songs before the band came over and to the left of us was a few teenagers who were freaking out as they saw us and were like "oh my gosh it's them guys, it's the people from the intro!" And then... just pure... I don't even know how to describe it! The band came up the C-Stage and I held my signs up high (Guy Berryman came up first and smiled at Julie's and my signs!) and then Chris walked up and read my sign and waved but mouthed "let me think about it" and so I was like "oh that's totally fine!" I would have been okay if I didn't go on stage, but... fate had it I would in a moment! It was funny too because I felt so bad because a guy behind me yelled at me to put down my signs. (He comes into play later) So I put them down and the band start playing "In My Place" and end it with a tribute of "Free Falling" then Chris Martin goes to Will Champion (the drummer) and starts having a chat with him. They're nodding to each other and everything and then Chris announces that Will will be singing the next song! (Which was "Don't Panic") and Will almost never takes lead vocals! Then after the song changed... the sheer excitement kicked in so hard. Chris announced to the crowd "we've got this young man here with a beautifully written sign who would like to play a song for us" and the rest is all explained in the videos. He said a lot more before he actually introduced me but it was so crazy. The dude who yelled at me about the signs ended up apologizing. Sweet guy. In the end, none of this was planned. It was all sheer luck and just the best thing ever.



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    This is based on the assumption the Ben you were talking about was the video director since he asked for you guys to do the video. He passed away a few weeks ago at the time of writing.

  6. I know this is a rather simple question that is probably easy to answer but I just want to make sure. What type of videos and audio fall under the "official" or the off limits list? I know releases such as Live 2012 are not allowed to be uploaded but what about a show such as the Austin City Limits show recorded in 2005 and other TV broadcasts? 

    Thanks in advance.


    Found some more clips of the Barcelona show in this documentary after going through a forum thread from 2010. There are clips from Viva La Vida, Fix You and Lost and some other songs! There are also some funny interviews. A good watch if you haven't already. It's also really helpful if you wanna learn how to cook an apple pie (good job jonny)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVjvmvKigmw (IF ONLY IT WAS IN BETTER QUALITY!!!)

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  8. 3 hours ago, I ran away said:

    I remember it too. It was scrapped due to sound problems in Barcelona, it was said.

    Yeah there were massive problems throughout the night. Apparently some of the PA's were stuttering. Chris talked about it once and said they were amazed by how loud the crowd was not knowing they were yelling "we can't hear you!". 

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  9. The production company who worked with Coldplay to film Live 2003 and the also officially unreleased but widely available Canada 2006 film also filmed the Barcelona 2009 show. The company is "Done and Dusted Productions" and taking a look online you can find a listing for their work for Live 2003 and the Barcelona show which is where I found it.

  10. Cool. I have already started uploading some out of my backlog of coldplay stuff. Mostly HD versions and other common stuff that apparently most people don't have! Will post some more of the deeper cuts though. I wonder if there's there's any way for me to categorize them by era. Perhaps only the moderators can only do that...

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  11. Ch

    At a guess, I would say that

    • Midnight/Charlie Brown
    • Hymn For The Weekend

    are also from Tokyo Dome, given that they merge seamlessly into each other and the into Fix You, including 'overhanging' parts from the previous song into the next track.


    Happy to be contradicted though...




    Lloyd :)

    Charlie Brown is from Tokyo unsure about hymn. Check out the IEM recording from Tokyo that @Yasuko bought and released

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