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  1. They just postponed the North American leg of the tour. They are suppose to announce the make up dates for summer 2011 at some point. Keep your tickets and wait for the rescheduled dates. I'm sure if you can't make the new date you'll be able to get a refund from ticketmaster. I'm in the same situation as you, as I was suppose to see them in NYC/NJ. However, the European leg of the tour is still on as scheduled.

  2. So I watched the Dvd yesterday, is it me or did they switch the order of the songs in which they appeared? I don't quite remember them starting with Get On Your Boots. Hmm...the beginning seems different to me. :thinking::confused:


    You're right, Breathe was the first song of this concert. U2 have a habit of not putting the full setlist on their DVD's. Usually the song or two that's omitted is on the bonus disc or an easter egg somewhere on the concert disc.

  3. i like stop for a minute, but i dont know why, its just quite catchy and i see the video every morning.


    i havent bought a Keane cd since i bought hopes and fears. i really liked that one but for some reason i never got around to buying other albums of theirs even though i have heard a couple of their other songs.


    so what album do you guys recommend me to buy next? i was thinking of buying night train just cuz its their newest thing right now.


    Don't get Night Train, get either of the other albums first. I'd recommend Under the Iron Sea.


    Just listened to Night Train for the first time and was really disappointed. This is the worst album/ep I've heard by a band I like in a long time. Clear Skies is good, but the rest is just cheesy/uninteresting pop music (IMO). Ishin Denshin gets my vote for worst song of the year. Glad some of you like, but I won't be wasting my time listening to this ever again (apart from Clear Skies). Now off to listen to some H&F.

  4. Tokyo Police Club announces Sophomore LP




    After bringing emo refugees and indie kids together with their first album, 2008's Elephant Shell, Toronto four-piece Tokyo Police Club are back with album number two. Champ is out June 8 courtesy of new label Mom + Pop-- listen to first single "Breakneck Speed" at their website right now.


    To support the record, the boys are touring the hell out of this summer, including stops at Coachella, Bonnaroo, along with a full set of U.S. dates with Passion Pit starting in June. Click on for the full itinerary:


    Tokyo Police Club:


    04-06 Waterloo, Ontario - Starlight

    04-07 St. Catharines, Ontario - Isaacs Bar and Grill

    04-08 Hamilton, Ontario - Rokbar

    04-09 Peterborough, Ontario - The Red Dog

    04-17 Indio, CA - Coachella Music Festival 2010

    04-27 Millvale, PA - Mr. Small's Theatre

    05-29 Neustrelitz, Germany - Immergut Festival

    05-30 Hamurg, Germany - Uebel and Gafaehrlich

    05-31 Berlin, Germany - Lido

    06-01 Koln, Germany - Luxor

    06-02 Munich, Germany - 59:1

    06-04 Amsterdam, Netherlands - Paradiso

    06-05 Brussels, Belgium - Botanique/Witloof Bar

    06-07 Manchester, England - The Ruby Lounge

    06-08 London, England - Scala

    06-09 Atlanta, GA - The Taberlacle *

    06-11 Manchester, TN - Bonnaroo

    06-12 Orlando, FL - Club at Firestone *

    06-13 Miami Beach, FL - The Fillmore *

    06-14 Tampa, FL - The Ritz Ybor *

    06-16 New Orleans, LA - House of Blues *

    06-17 Houston, TX - Warehouse Live *

    06-18 Austin, TX - Stubb's *

    06-19 Austin, TX - Stubb's *

    06-21 Dallas, TX - Palladium Ballroom *

    06-23 St. Louis, MO - The Pageant *

    06-25 Royal Oak, MI - Royal Oak Music Theatre *

    06-27 Philadelphia, PA - Mann Center *

    06-29 Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Park Bandshell *

    06-30 Manhattan, NY - Governor's Island *


    * with Passion Pit

  5. Tracklist announced: http://pitchfork.com/news/38193-national-announce-album-tracklist/




    To hear singer Matt Berninger tell it, Brooklyn indie royalty the National tend to have a tough time deciding what songs will make it onto their albums. Tracks once thought to be huge anthems will be completely abandoned, and the members of the band get really mad at each other. But somehow, they've once again finished with that process. High Violet, the new National album, now has a tracklist, and it's below.


    The album will be out May 10 in the UK and May 11 everywhere else via 4AD. The cover, above, is based on a Mark Fox sculpture called "The Binding Force".


    High Violet:


    01 Terrible Love

    02 Sorrow

    03 Anyone's Ghost

    04 Little Faith

    05 Afraid of Everyone

    06 Bloodbuzz Ohio

    07 Lemonworld

    08 Runaway

    09 Conversation 16

    10 England

    11 Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

  6. I found this press release written by Tom that was posted on the Editors forum. They narrowed down 20 songs to 9 for the most cohesive album. He did say the rest would come out in various ways, so it looks like we are getting a fair amount of new music in the near future!





    Here's the press release which is being sent out to Journalists now. The band asked for it to be posted to you guys here first.


    Please note, this has been written by Tom.



    In This Light And On This Evening


    Dear Listener,


    We’ve never really been a band than plans things; we’re not really the type of people who plan things full stop. Maybe we’re just drifting through life oblivious to stuff, I dunno, I don't really care, the fact is we cringe at the idea of sitting around talking about how our records are going to sound before we’ve started them. It’s a waste of time, get writing, get rehearsing, get recording and see what happens, the best laid plans will change forty times in the studio anyway. Making a more electronic record wasn't really the point, the point was to do things we hadn’t done before. It was the most natural thing in the world for us to look at moving our sound somewhere new, to write songs on different instruments, to record in different ways, so that in the end hopefully we’d have a record that feels different from what we’ve done before. Don't get me wrong, I see a great leap forward in both sound and song writing between The Back Room and An End Has A Start and I’m very proud of both records but In This Light And On This Evening is very much a new chapter for Editors. In my opinion the great bands evolve over the course of their careers and take risks…this album will alienate some Editors fans, it will split opinion…good.


    I started writing towards the end of touring An End Has A Start in the summer of 2008 and as the songs started to come they were sent out one by one via email to the rest of the band. Russ and Chris now live in New York, Ed is in Birmingham and I live in London. But despite the great distances between us this is the way we’ve always worked, even when living in the same house together in Birmingham, everyone attacking the songs individually before getting together in the rehearsal room. Once the time had come to rehearse these songs into shape for recording we had nearly 20, and joining us in the rehearsal room was Flood. Flood was vital to this record; he helped us take that feeling of playing the songs live into the studio. We set up with a full P.A. and recorded the songs as live as we could onto tape. Many of the mistakes and flaws which in previous records we’d have ironed out were left in - if the take had that special something, it was about the groove and the feeling, and it was about us getting that energy we naturally have when playing live on to the tape, even when stood behind synthesizers. It was a liberating approach for us, personally it gave me the confidence to stretch my vocals in ways I haven’t up until now, and I think all four of us felt unafraid to try whatever was in our heads, however foreign or silly the ideas may have first felt. It was fun. We laughed and smiled a lot……we are capable of this do you know!?


    But this is still a dark record, a record that sings of no God, a record of broken love songs, a record where the filthy city is so close you can smell it, taste it, a record of drunken violence, a record which has lost all trust in those in charge of our world. We must be four miserable people to make a record like this though right? I must be troubled to write words like these?....No, absolutely not, dark is interesting, dark is exciting, dark can be funny, there’s real life in the dark, real life IS dark, when an album feels like this the fragments of hope and love that do occasionally shine through shine through ten times brighter than they would normally do so. I am so fucking bored of people asking us why we’re so “dark”, or worse questioning our integrity for being this way, this is how we do it, it excites us to express ourselves like this, to be honest we don't even understand what the alternative is and the alternatives we can imagine are too boring for us to even consider.


    I hope you enjoy the record. We recorded nearly twenty songs and whittled them down to these 9 for the album, the other songs will come out in various ways over the coming months but these 9 songs we felt to be the best album, a record that flows from start to finish and a record that needs to be listened to as a whole, so I do hope you have the time to do so, maybe even more than once?


    Thanks for reading and listening,

    Be good,

    Tom Smith xx

  7. Not sure how official this is but....


    Tracklist for the new album out on October 12/13


    Editors - In This Light And On This Evening:

    1. In This Light And On This Evening

    2. Bricks And Mortar

    3. Papillon

    4. You Don’t Know Love

    5. The Big Exit

    6. The Boxer

    7. Like Treasure

    8. Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool

    9. Walk the Fleet Road




    Here is the translated version of the article I found on the Editors forum:


    Warm Syth apreggios open the new Editor's album, Tom Smith "London's become the most beautiful thing I've seen" sings, while the core of the piece slowly with gentle piano attacks and increasing bass playing approaches the summit. After three minutes then a tough break, the guitar is played loudly and distorted, the drums suddenly takes a lot of space, again a loud, dominant Synth motif. The opening piece makes clear that the editors with her third album "In This Light And On This Evening" have evolved significantly.


    The following "Bricks And Mortar" begins with a beat from the drum, in the first third of the song the keyboard play strongly reminds of the striking melody and the bass run of Joy Division "transmission", in the middle is choral singing from the off. But enough of the everlasting Joy Division comparisons, with this album you have new, more modern references. In the end, a huge Rave reference follows with the first single "Papillon" immediately, in the end, the album sounds terrifically electronic, in the end, the tape breaks out of Birmingham from her pattern rather stiff up to now – in any case, emotionalism is measured here more weakly. The length of the single pieces is striking also: up to the extremely hymnal final piece accompanied by sums » Drum the canal Road « all pieces are longer than four minutes, » Bricks and Mortar « is stretched even on 6,5 minutes. Likewise anew: the pieces complain less departure than ever before for themselves. Wenigher excitement, less Indiedisco Floor wrangling, less "Däng-Däng", more substance. Apart from with distorted organ, distorted Synthie and not at all distorted string player's arrangements equipped "You Don't Love" and the Manchester Rave single "Papillon" no clearly recognizable hits suggest themselves after the first three flows.


    Well possibly that the new, very interesting musical Zerissenheit of the editors also lies in the fact reasonably that guitarist Chris Urbanowicz and bassist Russell Leech live now in New York and the musical influence of that town – in spite of the entrance mentioned declaration of love has flowed in in London – onto the sound design of the editors. However, maybe it also lies at the choice of producer Mark "Flood" Ellis lie which has polished up earlier the careeKs of U2, Nick Cave and the bath Seeds, Nine Inch Nails, Erasure, The Killers, Sigur Rós and to many other successfully musically.


    In This Light And On This Evening « appears on the 9th October with Pias, the first impressions of the new pieces – off the short Album-Teasers verlinkten below – one can come along at the end of September: beside a lot of other tape and artists like Dananananaykroyd, Girls, meadow Revoir Simone, Simone White, Emiliana Torrini, Michael J. Sheehy and The Hired Mourners, Dinosaur Jr. and phantom Ghost the editors play on 26.09 a Showcase within the scope of the Hamburg Reeperbahnfestivals. See you down the line!

  8. The link won't work for me :( What does it say?!


    Bloc Party will release a brand new single 'One More Chance' on the 10th of August through Wichita Recordings.


    The new track was recorded in April with Jacknife Lee and mixed with Phillipe Zdar.


    'One More Chance' will be aired for the first time on Zane Lowe's Radio One show this Thursday 18th June.

  9. 1 Radiohead-Ok Computer vs. Coldplay- Parachutes

    2 The Beatles- Revolver vs. Radiohead- Kid A

    3 Radiohead - In Rainbows vs. jeff buckley- grace

    4 Muse- Origin of Symmetry vs. Oasis - Definitely Maybe

    5 Justin Timberlake - Futuresex/Lovesounds vs. Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes

    6 Keane - Hopes and Fears vs. Sigur Ros - Takk...

    7 The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club vs. Arctic Monkeys- Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

    8 Coldplay - A rush of blood to the head vs. U2 - Joshua Tree

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