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  1. Remember how Chris mentioned how Everyday Life originated with the stripped down and raw "Wedding Album" from about 10 years ago?


    Well, another collab between Avicii and Chris has leaked--the track is called Lethal Drug. I will not link to it nor share any leaks, but here's something I noticed. As you can see from this "best guess" at the lyrics if you haven't heard the song yet...



    Just look at this verse:

    "All summer we hung round'

    On the streets of our hometown

    Dreamed about us getting close

    Dressing in your wedding clothes"


    I really think Lethal Drug is more unused material from the "Wedding Album," which makes sense because the title "Love In A Lethal Dose" (which is another lyric in this song!) was first revealed in 2009 along with titles like Arabesque, Car Kids, Spanish Rain, and Cartoon Heart.


    For whatever reason Coldplay decided to give Lethal Drug to Avicii, with Chris still singing on the final version. But it's interesting to think about the song's shared origins with at least part of Everyday Life. :)

    Thank you ♥️

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  2. That album is really beautiful it has some memorable tracks on it not like any other album they did since MX




    Trouble in Town

    Daddy (who would ever thought that this gonna be one of our favorite songs off the album)




    Bani Adam

    Champion of The World

    Everyday Life


    Almost every track on the album is memorable with some great music on it.


    Thanks to Coldplay.

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  3. Daddy is a full song! :eek:


    Where do you have this from ?

    And if this is true yes, it is a bummer that we already heard the two longest songs. Disappointed that many songs are so short. So Daddy is not a voice memo after all ?



    It’s interesting that DADDY is a full song we will never know from it’s name if it’s a pop song or experimental one.

  4. @Essam Hypnotized was only in 2017, even though its lyrics are worse than Everyday Life's, I think they've always made at least one beautiful touching song every era. Don't forget O, UWTB, etc.


    None of the them in the same level as fix you..etc EL is the closest one if it’s not on the same level

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  5. First of all we have two endings one for sunrise and one for sunset


    Second of all I don’t care if they released it as a single or not it doesn’t matter to me. the song is very beautiful and touching and I loved it. I think it’s been a long time since Coldplay made a really beautiful and touching song with a good lyrics.

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  6. What I think is that the sun and moon don’t represent the concept of the album it’s just a symbol. Like flower of life in AHFOD The album was about togetherness and not giving up etc it wasn’t about Flower of Life, It wasn’t the concept of the album it was a symbol that they liked it and liked what it meant. I think the sun and moon only represents time and the common thing that happened in 22 November 1919 and will happen in 22 November 2019 is the eclipse so I guess they’re trying to get us back in time in this way or something like that. It’s only a theory so we’re not sure of anything yet. The funny thing is that in The Scientist Video he tries to get back in time and the video made in black and white and in the discerption it has the sun and moon symbol

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  7. So I searched about Original Dixieland Jazz Band I found that there’s a guy called Edwin “Daddy” Edwards he was the Trombonist. In the source code there’s a song called Daddy it may be a reference to him. I think the album is a tribute to that band it’s the first ever band to record a jazz and creating jazz as new musical genre of music. In 1919 the band made a tour in London I think that’s why Coldplay choose 1919.



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