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  1. Look what I’ve found in the top ritgh corner of the poster there’s words on Arabic they’re not clear enough so I can’t translate it but the first two letters says: Children of Adam or also can be translated into Human


    Thanks to Coldplay Poland for that picture


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    Also noticed on the image file, it is called "OG_image". Wonder if OG is a reference to an name perhaps or just open graph/original but seems unnecessary to name the image file it as well.

    It maybe and I’m only guessing the first two letters of the name of the new album

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  3. This explains their frequent visits to Israel...

    They recorded in Jordan.

    Is the title Orphans, Daddy or Everyday Life?


    EDIT: the title is probably Trouble In Town

    They say on the source code a new song I think it’s gonna be neither orphan or Daddy or Everyday Life plus Trouble in Town so basically we now know three titles of the songs on the new album. I guess this track list for something they gonna appear on TV or radio and Trouble in Town maybe our first Single off the album

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  4. Maybe there are more trolls beside Kirboh on this forum and elsewhere.

    What if that poster about November 22, 1919 is fake and was made by 'fans'?

    What if the changing of the thumbnails to black and white was not made by Coldplay?

    What if nothing is really happening beside the shooting of a video clip at Malibu for some charity event?


    Anyhow the discussion on this forum was and still is intense and great fun!

    Wake up Christopher Nolan it’s highly unlikely

  5. Okay a list of the songs that have a moon and sun in the descriptions:


    The Scientist



    Violet Hill

    Life in Technicolor ii

    The Hardest Part

    A L I E N S

    So many questions in my mind now if you notice these are 8 songs like the 8 cycles of the moon now why these 8 songs in particular???? Any thoughts

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  6. I saw an interesting theory in the Discord. What if the album is called "1919"? Their poster doesn't say "22 November 1919", but rather "22 November, 1919". What if we're supposed to read this the same way as if it were to say "4 December, A Head Full of Dreams"?


    I mean, that Kirboh person's information, including "Fool's Gold", hasn't been proven right yet. All they did was predict that the teasers would start this week, but more people (including myself) did that based on the rumors of a November album release and the rumors of a surprise appearance with a the new single at Tidal Rock the Vote next Monday.

    There’s a movie in 1919 called Fools Gold, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the upcoming album or why that name and date in particular.

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