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  1. Wow great idea! This is actually the reasoning why I've thus became so obsessive with heavily collecting their performances. I've only been into the band since 2015 with just listening to their songs from their main albums which went into getting to know their B-Sides/Demos/Unreleased etc. Finally, I must've came across a particular live performance that wow'ed me to the point where I wanted to grab hold of them since I liked how a song was played. In result, the last 2 years I've set a mission to quite literally collect every single performance of theirs... yes, all of them... every single performance since they've first formed lol. I've spent so much time in these 2 years with digging and logging information of what I have so far or what I seek and I swear I'm not even remotely close to even being 5% of the way.
    If I make the time I think you might see me make quite a few posts here in this thread sharing what I thought was remarkable, even in the slightest of ways. I'll start off my share of likings with a performance of Fix You!
    What I loved here was how he says "...and I will try to fix you" shortly after the timestamp 3:10. I'm sure there's an actual term for what this is called but I don't know it so my best explanation is that Chris sings those words in a chest voice yet executing it powerfully as opposed to how he normally sings this song. Usually he sings it in the same way as in the album or in this chest voice but not as powerful as he does here.

    Fix You (Live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2006)
    July 10, 2006


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