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  1. So I saw this theory about lp9. What you guys think ?
  2. Yeah but a better version of X&Y doesn’t mean a rework version or same stylistic era
  3. Absolutely not happening. they said they don’t like going back to other eras or lps
  4. We still have a couple of days till the iheart performance so.... maybe.... there'll be news
  5. Yea I don’t think this got something to do with lp9
  6. it's related to clothing and jewelry and marketing stuff
  7. wtf 😨 maybe the name of a new song....?
  8. so they finish working on lp9.........¿
  9. it's strange that they do this transition. the background picture on the website is like the background pic from music of the spheres thing. the colours are in a different order than in the ahfod era. and I agree that it shouldn't be long till they let us now the new lp because they've been working on it at the same time they did EL. remember that sunrise originally was meant to be part of lp9. In september we have the iHeart radio performance so maybe by then we will have something new (music-costumes-or whatever)
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