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  1. So far this is my ranking: 1. Coloratura 2. People of the Pride 3. Human Heart 4. Higher Power / My Universe
  2. As far as I know most labels stopped doing that, stylistic choice maybe? One can only wonder.
  3. I wonder how much they already sold with pre-orders, hopefully a good amount.
  4. The live version is decent, I'll give you that and we bury this matter here 🤣
  5. The Army is massive, so I'm sure a good amount of them will check out Coldplay's catalogue and possibly become fans, specially because they can tell when a collab is genuine (Halsey) or a quick cash grab (Jason Derulo). But anyway, you check videos one by one? There's actually a website for that 💀
  6. BTS had broken the record for most views in a day multiple times, this will be a landslide.
  7. The song is not anywhere near as bad as Someting Just Like This so I wouldn't say it's sad. Coloratura deserved those possible +50M views though.
  8. Lady Gaga and Blackpink's Sour Candy audio had 21,8 million views in the first day on YouTube. With that said: BTS have the biggest kpop fan base. Parlophone will give a major push since it's an official single and not a promotional. Coldplay will probably release a high budget video. I think My Universe is making 50 million on the first day at the very least.
  9. I did saw a few people on Facebook and Twitter speaking about it. We should get some very cool info tonight.
  10. MOTS II comes before My Universe. I think this album will flow really well in spite of the genre variety. They're basically taking the idea of Everyday Life and sharpening it while also making the album more commercially viable. Except for Coloratura, that will hurt the streams, so it was a smart decision letting that one have its own moment.
  11. the same ATRL insider who talked about Higher Power mentioned there's a solo version for the song
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